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Down Dating
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For those who are looking for the love of their life, Down Dating is an online dating application that could be the ideal solution. Since its creation, this application has been very successful and now has millions of users worldwide.

Why use Down Dating?

  • Intuitive and easy to use: whether you are a beginner or experienced in online dating, you will appreciate the simplicity of using this application.
  • A large database: you have access to many profiles of people from all walks of life, which allows you to easily find people who match you.
  • Advanced features: the application offers you many options to refine your search and find the love of your life.

Who is Down Dating for?

Down Dating is for anyone who is looking to find love and develop a serious relationship. Whether you are single, divorced or widowed, you can use this application to contact

Active members

360 000



Average age

25-35 years old



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  • Your personal information is safe and secure
  • Down Dating is an accessible application even for beginners
  • It's a fast growing dating application
  • Advanced technology to hide your identity from your friends on Facebook
  • Provides additional features to make your profile visible
  • A varied choice of profiles
  • Accessible to all with free and paid versions
  • Personality tests and correspondence available


  • The matching process may not provide you with accurate results.
  • They offer you a free one-week trial, but their real goal is to convince you to sign up for their monthly subscription.
  • In some cases, the dating application is unable to determine the exact location of your mobile device. This can lead to the possibility of finding people who are not in your area.
  • Choosing your match can be confusing and overwhelming because of the large number of users.

Down Dating

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