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Dating site for gay men

Gaysrencontre is an online dating site dedicated to gay men looking for relationships, whether one night stands or serious. It provides a safe and friendly platform for like-minded people to connect and build relationships. Registration is free, but internal purchases giving access to additional features are available. The site's interface is simple and easy to use, even for those new to online dating.

Active members




Average age

20-35 years old



I register ->


  • Easy registration
  • Simple and convenient interface


  • Credits a little expensive

gaysrencontre home site


I would like to share my experience with Gaysrencontrea dating site for gay men. I tried this site by registering as a man, out of curiosity and to understand how this type of platform works.

First of all, I have to say that registering on this site is quite intuitive, clear and rather quick. I liked the simplicity of the process and the fact that I didn't have to spend hours filling in forms.

The site's interface is also very easy to get to grips with. Even without being a technology expert, I was able to navigate smoothly and quickly access the different sections of the site. I found the home page and options well organized, allowing me to explore profiles and interact with other members without any difficulty.

Finally, I was pleasantly surprised by the many features offered by the site, such as the advanced search. This has enabled me to filter profiles according to my criteria and find people who share my interests. This makes the search for potential partners much more efficient and targeted.

In summary, although I am not the main target of this site, my experience with Gaysrencontre was positive. The site is well-designed, simple to use and offers many features to help members find what they're looking for.

gaysrencontre accueil


Gayrencontre is an online dating site specially designed for gay men looking for partners, whether for a one-night stand or a serious relationship. The site offers a safe, user-friendly platform for like-minded people to connect and network.

The registration on Gaysrencontre is completely free, allowing anyone to join the community and start browsing other members' profiles. However, the site also offers internal purchases that give access to additional features, such as profile highlighting, access to advanced search options and unlimited communication with other members.

The interface is designed to be simple and relatively easy to use. Menus and options are clearly laid out, allowing members to navigate the site without difficulty. Whether you're new to online dating or already have some experience, you'll quickly find your bearings on Gaysrencontre !


Promo Code

I have to admit that, for me, one of the disappointing things about Gaysrencontre is that they unfortunately do not accept promo codes. I feel a certain frustration at not being able to benefit from discounts on the purchase of credits, as this could have motivated me more to invest in the site's premium features.

I can't help thinking of all those people, like me, who are hesitating to take the plunge, and who might be convinced by a small discount. I'm sure this would encourage many members to buy credits and take full advantage of the experience offered by Gaysrencontre.



On GaysrencontreThere is no subscription system as such, but rather credit purchases. Credits are the site's internal currency, giving you access to various benefits, such as exchanging messages with other members. To acquire credits, go to the "Buy credits" section.

Credit packs are available in different quantitiesThe higher the number of credits included in the package, the lower the cost per credit. A flirt will also cost you one credit.

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The prices

Gaysrencontre offers several credit packages:

CreditPack 8CreditPack 25CreditPack 45CreditPack 100CreditPack 250
Number of credits8 credits25 credits45 credits100 credits250 credits
Price10.00 € 1.25 per credit27.50 € 1.10 per credit47.50 € 1.05 per credit95.00 € 0.95 per credit225.00 € 0.90 per credit
gaysrencontre offers credits


Advanced search

Thanks to GaysrencontreOur advanced search tool makes it easy to find potential partners matching your selection criteria. You can specify the age, location, physical appearance and profession of the people you wish to meet. This practical feature not only saves you time, but also makes it easier to find people who match your expectations.

gaysrencontre recherche avancee

My Matches!

I liked this rather amusing feature. In the " My Matches! "Press "Play Now".

gaysmeet my matches

You'll see the profile photos of several members appear, and with the help of two buttons, you choose which ones interest you (with the green button) and which ones don't (with the red button).

gaymeet my matches play now

And if the person you've found interesting also finds you interesting, it's a match made in heaven!


The "FavoritesThe "Add to list" function lets you add members to a personalized list for easy retrieval at a later date. This ensures that you don't lose sight of the profiles that have piqued your interest among the multitude of profiles available. It's a practical option for keeping track of members you like, and for reconnecting with them at a later date.

gaysrencontre favorites

Online Members

On GaysrencontreYou can see the members who are currently online. This can be useful, because by communicating with members connected at the same time as us, exchanges can be quicker and smoother, which can certainly make finding love easier!

gaysrencontre members online

Who saw your profile?

When a member visits your profile on the site, he or she is registered in the "Who saw your profile" . This can be a good indicator of other members' interest in your profile, and may eventually lead to new connections or interactions.

It is therefore important to keep an eye on this section so as not to miss out on opportunities to meet new and interesting people on the site. !

gaysrencontre who saw your profile

Social networks & Contact

Gaysrencontre is not currently present on social networks, which can be seen as a disadvantage in terms of visibility and interaction with a wider audience.

A presence on social networks could not only bring the site to a wider audience, but also keep members informed of updates and the addition of new features. However, it is possible that the platform has specific reasons for not being present on social networks.


If you have a problem, please contactan FAQ is availableIt contains 18 questions.

However, if you want to get in touch with them, there are three different ways to do so.

gaysrencontre faq

Contact form

The Gaysrencontre you have provided a contact formwhich allows you to contact them easily. All you have to do is choose the subject of your question, the message and even the possibility of adding an attachment.

gaysrencontre contact us

E-mail and Telephone

Alternatively, you can send your problem or question to the following e-mail address:

[email protected]

Or call them Monday to Thursday from 10:00 to 16:00 on the following number: 0031 85 130 18 65


Finally, if you prefer to communicate by mail, the Gaysrencontre can be found at the following address

BD Technologies AG


Baarerstrasse 82
6300 Zug

Mobile application

I think it's a shame that Gaysrencontre has no mobile app. It would have been so much more practical to take and send photos quickly and easily. I sometimes feel a bit limited in my exchanges, especially when I'm out and about. I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels this way.

A mobile app would also make message exchanges much smoother, and I'd be able to keep in touch with interesting people anywhere, anytime. It would bring a certain comfort and spontaneity to my conversations. I can't help thinking of all the missed opportunities and moments when I couldn't respond quickly because of this lack of application.


Is Gaysrencontre free?

Yes, registration for Gaysrencontre is free. However, internal purchases are available to obtain credits, which can be spent to obtain numerous benefits.

How do I register with Gaysrencontre?

gaysrencontre inscription

To register on Gaysrencontreyou must :
1. Go to the site by typing "Gaysrencontre"on your browser
2. Once on the home page, choose whether you're looking for a young man or a mature man, enter your date of birth, city, username, city and password.
3. Finally, complete the registration by validating the information you have just entered.

And you're now registered!

How do I unsubscribe from Gaysrencontre?

gaysrencontre delete account

You must follow these steps to unsubscribe from Gaysrencontre:
1. Connected to GaysrencontreClick on "My account" in the top right-hand corner.
2. Go to the bottom of the page and click on "delete my account".
3. Check off the reason for your deletion, and explain, if you like, what they can improve. Then confirm by clicking on "Delete account" again.

And there you are!

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