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by Vanessa Charles


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Introvert Dating Sites

iLove is a dating site that differentiates itself by its passion-based approach. It believes that successful relationships should be based on common interests and shared passions. Although iLove competes with many other similar dating sites, it seeks to set itself apart by offering a unique approach to finding love.

What you can expect from iLove:

  • A dating site based on passions
  • An innovative approach to finding love
  • A community of active and interesting members

By joining iLove, you gain access to a community of members who share the same interests and passions as you. This dating site is the ideal place to find people with whom you have something in common and who share your passions.

Why choose iLove ?

  • A passion-based approach: iLove believes that successful relationships are based on common interests and shared passions.
  • A unique approach: iLove stands out from other dating sites by offering a unique approach to finding love.

Active members

1 880 000



Average age

25-30 years old



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  • Easy deletion of user accounts at any time
  • Especially suitable for older users
  • Proposes partnership programs
  • Large customer support
  • Compliance with ethical standards on the platform


  • The price of iLove is high and can be more expensive than a monthly subscription.
  • The capabilities offered are simple and not totally comparable to other dating services.
  • Registration using Facebook does not work on the site.
  • The site has difficulty recognizing postal codes for specific locations.


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