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Dating Applications

The application Kik is very popular with young people and young adults, who can easily communicate with other users thanks to its fluid messaging. It gives them the opportunity to make friends with new people, as well as help them find potential partners.

Why choose Kik for your online dating ?

  • A dating application very popular with young people
  • Convenient messaging for easy communication
  • The opportunity to make real friends and meet new people

Who is the Kik application for?

Kik is for young people and adults who want to connect with others and build new relationships online.

Active members

912 000



Average age

20-30 years old



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  • Easy communication, easy to use.
  • Free download on all systems and devices.
  • A huge Kik community around the world.
  • Automatic update when changes are made.
  • Regular updates and added new features.
  • Possibility of blocking people if necessary.


  • The users are mainly young people and adults
  • The sexting is very common
  • If it falls into the wrong hands, it can be catastrophic
  • The young people may be exposed to a explicit content to a very early age


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