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Lumen App
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Lumen is an online dating app specializing in mature people. It was launched in 2018 by UK-based Lumen App Ltd. This app provides a platform to find friends, make new connections and meet people from all over the world. With an interface designed specifically for people over 50, Lumen is free to download and use. To date, it has over one million users and has received over 9,000 positive reviews.

Reasons to download Lumen:

  • Meet new mature people
  • Create new relationships and find friends
  • Take advantage of a free online dating application specialized for people over 50

Important information:

  • Lumen is an online dating app launched by UK-based Lumen App Ltd in 2018
  • It is free to download and use
  • It has more than one million users and has received more than 9,000 positive reviews
  • It is intended for single men and women of mature age

Active members

7 806 400



Average age

50-55 years old



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  • Ease of use and friendly nature
  • Old age visibility features
  • Security and safety for all users
  • Fast and flexible help center and support
  • Reliable and realistic dating experience
  • Ability to connect and match people of various interests around the world
  • Regulation and filtering of user images and photos to confirm age and identity of members and detection and removal of fake members


  • Absence mechanisms to reach members without cell phones and provide an optimal experience
  • Limitation features to list and save favorites on the user's dashboard
  • Restriction access to the Lumen application for users under 50 years old

Lumen App

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