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How to find a deleted message on Meetic?


by Vanessa Charles


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If you have accidentally deleted or archived a private message, this can be problematic. Unfortunately, finding a permanently deleted message on Meetic is impossible on the platform. However, you can view your conversations or undeleted messages in your message history.

Let's learn how to do it and what to do about it!

how to find a deleted message on meetic

How to recover a deleted conversation?

You can consult your message history in the "Messages" section of your account.

If you or the person you had a conversation with has deleted a message or conversation, you will no longer be able to view it on your message list.
Fortunately, you can always know if they visit your profile...

how to find a deleted message on meetic 2

Why did a member's messages and visits disappear from my lists?

There may also be other reasons for no longer seeing messages from a member :

  • If a particular member's messages or visits have disappeared, he or she has either suspended or deleted their account. Maybe he found his happiness?
  • Probably the member concerned has been blocked by you or has blocked you.
  • Or, the moderation service deleted the member's profile because it did not respect the terms of use of the site A photo that contains nudity, or someone reported you for bad behavior. In short, the member in question clearly has problems logging into your account.

Moreover, you may find it interesting to know if the message has been read by your recipient or not.

Deleted or archived message on Meetic

In short, it is impossible to find your deleted conversation on Meetic, for security reasons. This may mean that the person concerned has suspended or deleted his or her account, or that it has been blocked by you or by the moderation teams of the Meetic platform.

You can always try to send a message back to the person, if Meetic allows it and you have access to their profile.

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