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Raya is an elitist dating site that aims to bring together a community of people who are recognized in their professional field. Since its inception in 2015, Raya has distinguished itself by providing quality service to its members.

The site is aimed at a targeted and demanding audience who wish to meet serious and authentic people. To ensure the quality and security of its users, Raya has established a strict selection process during registration. Only the most interesting and relevant profiles are retained, which makes it possible to create a community of reliable and invested members.

The numbers speak for themselves: with over 200,000 members worldwide, Raya has established itself as the benchmark for quality dating sites. Its community is diverse and cosmopolitan and includes people from all walks of life, including :

  • Celebrities
  • Creative
  • Influential personalities

Thanks to its advanced matching system and its powerful communication tools, Raya facilitates meetings between its members and gives them the opportunity to find love or simply to make new friends.

So, if you are looking for your soul mate or new connections, don't hesitate to register on Raya and discover all the possibilities offered by this exclusive dating site.

Active members

526 500



Average age

18-23 years old



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  • Strict security - You will not find your information disclosed on any news channel or blog.
  • Affordable - The premium membership is much more affordable than many other similar websites.
  • Singles - Members are singles and are likely to find love and like-minded friends online.
  • Easy to navigate - You can easily find sponsored profiles and famous people all over the platform.
  • LGBTQ friendly community - The community is LGBTQ friendly.


  • Raya is only accessible only to citizens of major cities, such as Los Angeles and New York, which limits the proximity of members.
  • Instagram is the only social media which is linked to the application.
  • To join the platform, authorization from moderators and references from current members is necessary.
  • Raya does not provide no matching algorithmThis limits the chances of finding a perfect partner.
  • The application is not available for Androidwhich makes it less convenient than other online applications.


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