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Dating Applications

The dating application S'More is new and works very differently from other dating sites. Instead of immediately seeing members' photos, you are encouraged to interact with them more before you can see them. This means that this dating app places more value on the character of the members than their physical attributes.

Why join S'More?

  • To meet singles who are judged primarily on their character and not on their physical appearance.
  • To enjoy a unique dating interface that encourages interaction and discovery of personalities before seeing the photos.
  • To be part of an online community of open and genuine singles.

Who is S'More for?

S'More is for singles who are looking to meet others based primarily on their character and personality, rather than their physical appearance. If you are looking for a dating application that values the character of its members, S'More could be for you. Don't hesitate to sign up and discover all that S'More has to offer!

Active members

954 000



Average age

20-30 years old



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  • If More stimulates a more intensive liaison between its users, as opposed to the superficial culture of profiles based solely on a single photo.
  • S'More members receive a public notoriety based on their attitude, which causes them to be more vigilant on how they present themselves on the application.


  • Geographical restriction - The app is limited to iOS users and is not available for Android devices.
  • Online platform - There is no application for desktop computers.


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