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Whiplr is an adult dating application that caters to people looking for casual intimacy and dating. It focuses on current fetish practices and addresses non-committal relationships (NSA) with as little compromise as possible.

  • Whiplr is known for its "kinky" tendency and promotes and allows extreme sexual fetishes such as BDSM and other unusual practices.
  • If you're looking for an adult dating app that focuses on casual sex and fetish practices, Whiplr might be a great option to consider.

Active members

1 612 000



Average age

20-30 years old



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  • Simple registration process - Whiplr has a very simple registration process that will not tax the impatient aspiring member.
  • Easy to use interface - Whiplr dating app works for both iOS and Android mobile devices. It has a great interface that is easy to navigate and use.
  • Video chat - A unique feature is the availability of video chat, which is very rare in dating apps. Video interaction enhances the communication experience and allows users to talk face to face.
  • Security - Whiplr is safe to use. The app provides a secure connection that is not tied to social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram.
  • Free access for female members - Whiplr offers full access to female members for free. Male members can take advantage of special offers for a small fee.
  • Team of professional moderators - Whiplr maintains a team of professional moderators available 24/7 to assist the members of the application with any query, complaint and report they may have.
  • Account deletion - Whiplr provides a way to delete a user's account in case that member no longer wishes to use the application's facilities.


  • Whiplr is only available as a mobile application and its official website is generally inaccessible.
  • Only female members have full free access, male users have to pay small amounts.
  • The rates ofsubscription are a bit high compared to other dating applications.
  • Whiplr has a strict policy of not allowing nude photos in profile pictures, which can be a hindrance for some members.


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