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I love another woman than my wife: how to do it?


by Vanessa Charles


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Love, the intense emotion that binds people together, can sometimes present itself in unexpected ways, presenting couples with complex issues. Perhaps you've found yourself in love with a woman other than your partner, and are wondering how to deal with the situation. This article offers you an understanding of love, ways to recognize and manage polyamory, and keys to dealing with jealousy.

What is love?

How do you define love?

Love is a powerful and mysterious force, difficult to define. For some, it's a deep, intimate bond; for others, it's a light-hearted feeling that brings joy and happiness. Some see it as an act of generosity towards a loved one.

Different types of love

There are many forms of love. Romantic, passionate, friendly, familial or spiritual. Each brings its own palette of emotions and experiences, and each couple is free to define love in its own way.

How can you tell when you're in love?

Telltale signs

Being in love is often accompanied by physical changes such as blushing or an accelerated heartbeat, but also by behaviors, such as the urge to be constantly with the object of one's affection or the persistent thought of it.

The consequences of a love affair

Loving another woman is not without consequences. It can influence both your personal life, with heartbreaking choices, and your professional life. The way society perceives you can also change.

How do you deal with polyamory?

How do you explain the situation to your wife?

The key is communication. You need to talk to her honestly, show empathy, reassure her of your current feelings towards her, and be open to feedback.

How to deal with jealousy ?

Jealousy is a natural feeling in polyamory. Accepting and dealing with this emotion is essential. You have to communicate, respect each other's feelings, and find a balance to satisfy everyone.

What should I do if I start having feelings for another woman?

It's crucial to recognize and accept how you feel. Then think about how you want to handle the situation. If you value your current relationship, talk frankly with your partner about your budding feelings for this other person.

What do I risk if I lie to my wife?

Hiding the truth from your partner can be detrimental and considerably weaken your relationship. She deserves to be treated with honesty and integrity. If she discovers your lie, it can lead to betrayal and resentment. That's why it's important to be truthful, even if it's complicated.

How can I manage my feelings for the other woman?

It's possible to deal with these feelings without acting impulsively. Ask yourself about your true intentions and be transparent with yourself. If you feel that these emotions outweigh those you have for your partner, a decision is called for.

How do I approach the subject with my wife?

During your discussion, keep your cool and be direct. Clarify your emotions and the reasons why you think she should know. Be attentive to her reactions and be prepared to answer her questions.

What should I do if my wife refuses to forgive me?

If she can't forgive you or wants to end the relationship after learning about the situation, respect her choice and move on. Maintain a respectful relationship and encourage her to make the best decision for herself. Finally, learn from the experience to avoid making the same mistakes.


Love is complex, and allowing yourself to feel for another person while in a relationship is an emotionally rich experience. The key is mutual communication, understanding and respect. It's always possible to find a way forward that suits everyone, and enjoy a fulfilling relationship.

Vanessa Charles

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