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I love a girl in a relationship and she loves me too: how to do it?


by Vanessa Charles


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Many of us have experienced or are experiencing this tricky situation: being attracted to someone who is already in a committed relationship. Your feelings are intense, and to complicate matters, she seems to share those same feelings. But how do you move forward in this complex situation without hurting anyone's feelings? Here are a few tips to help you make sense of it.

What to do when you like a girl in a relationship?

Love has no warning. It shows up without warning, even when the person who makes your heart beat is already committed elsewhere. So how do you manage this emotional whirlwind?

  • Take a step back. Before anything else, it's essential to take a moment to take stock of your feelings. Are they fleeting or profound? Is it simply physical attraction, or sincere love?
  • Be honest with yourself. Do you really want to embark on an adventure that could potentially hurt several people?
  • Respect the existing relationship. It's crucial to understand that you're not the only actor in this story. If your feelings are real, you wouldn't want to cause her or her partner any pain.
  • Start a conversation. If, on reflection, you're convinced of the sincerity of your feelings, the best thing to do is to discuss them openly with her.
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How do I know if she really loves me, when she's already in a relationship?

It's important to distinguish between simple attraction and true love. Here are a few indicators that might help:

  • His attitude towards you. She seeks your company, checks up on you, and is particularly attentive?
  • She shares her feelings. If she confides in you about her doubts and feelings towards you, it's a sign that she's serious.
  • Observe non-verbal cues. Body language can often speak volumes. Frequent glances, close proximity and tender gestures are all clues.

How do I get her to leave her boyfriend for me?

This is a delicate question. Encouraging someone to leave their current relationship can have serious consequences. However, if you are both convinced that your love is true :

  • Express your feelings. Don't hide your feelings. She needs to know the intensity of your feelings.
  • Avoid squeezing it. She may need time to reflect on the situation and make a decision.
  • Be there for her. Show her that you're a partner she can trust, and support her through good times and bad.
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How do I know if she's interested in me?

To discern her interest in you, try to initiate a dialogue and observe her receptiveness. If she's open and continues the exchange, that's promising. What's more, her actions, such as seeking your gaze or standing close to you, can reveal an attraction.

How do I let her know I'm interested in her?

Expressing your interest can take many forms. If openness seems bold, opt for sincere praise, or suggest friendly activities.

I know she's interested in me, but how do I know if I'm interested in her too?

Defining your feelings may require some introspection. Ask yourself if you're comfortable in her presence and if you'd like to share more time with her. Imagining yourself together over the long term can also shed light on your attraction to her.

She's in a relationship, how do I know if I'm ready to date a girl in a relationship?

If you're considering a relationship with someone who's already committed, first consider whether you're comfortable with the complexity. Also consider the possible implications. If you still have doubts, perhaps it's best to think things through before you act.


Love is complex and every situation is unique. It's important to respect everyone involved, communicate openly, and make thoughtful decisions. Whatever you decide, make sure it leads to happiness and well-being.

Vanessa Charles

A (very) close friend of Cupid and a true lover of relationships of all kinds, I am the main editor of Give Me Date. I answer your questions about couples, sexuality and dating and I test dating sites to give you a subjective opinion on how to find love or meet new people.

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