Can a man desire a woman who does not please him physically?


by Vanessa Charles


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A question that divides people's opinions: can we desire someone whose physical appearance does not attract us? Is physical attractiveness a requirement for desire? In this article, we will examine these questions and see what psychology and studies have to say about physical attraction and love desire.

Why doesn't he like me physically?

The concept of desire is complex and can be defined in different ways. In the case of a man who desires a woman he does not like physically, it is not necessarily a question of looks, but more likely the intensity and depth of his feelings for her. This article will attempt to answer the question "Why doesn't she like me physically?" by addressing the main factors that can influence a man's perception of her looks.

First of all, it is important to understand that physical preferences are very personal and individual. Every man has characteristics or attributes that he looks for in a woman and these can vary greatly from person to person. For example, some men find characteristics such as height, weight or general appearance to be very attractive in a woman while others look for more subtle aspects such as intelligence, loyalty and a sense of humor. In addition, tastes and preferences often change over time and may also be influenced by cultural or social factors.

Then there is also the fact that certain physical characteristics may be more attractive to one man at certain times in his life than to another. For example, a man who is older may find a younger woman more attractive than an older woman. Similarly, some men may find characteristics particularly attractive in a woman they would not have previously considered attractive. It is therefore possible for a man to find a woman sexually attractive without actually liking her physically.

Finally, it is important to remember that feelings of love are very complex and are not limited to a particular physical appearance or characteristic. Some men may find a woman very attractive because of her human qualities such as her intelligence, compassion or ability to understand their emotional and psychological needs without needing to be physically desirable. There is therefore a wide range of factors that can influence a man's perception of physicality and this may explain why some men feel the need to desire a woman who is not physically attractive to them.

How to attract a man who is not physically attracted to you?

Relationships between men and women can be complex. Many people wonder if a man can desire a woman he doesn't like physically. This article proposes to answer this question by studying how to attract a man to whom one does not like physically.

It is quite possible for a woman to seduce a man, even if he does not like her physically. While it is true that physical beauty is important, there are other things that men appreciate in a woman. Therefore, it is possible for women to attract their attention and interest by focusing on these other attributes.

The first thing men like about a woman is her sense of humor. Men love it when a woman can make people laugh and has a good sense of humor. This can be a great advantage for a woman who is not physically appealing to a man, as she can then get his attention and show him that she is an interesting and entertaining person to be with.

In addition, men also like confidence in a woman. A woman who is confident and knows what she wants can be very attractive to a man. If a woman is not very confident, she can always learn to cultivate this quality in order to feel more confident and show men that she is capable of making decisions and leading her life.

Finally, men also appreciate a woman's unique personality. Men look for people who have their own identity and interesting personalities. Thus, it is important for a woman who is not physically attractive to cultivate her individuality and develop her own personality in order to attract the attention of the opposite sex and retain their interest.

In conclusion, while physical beauty is important to relationships between men and women, there are other ways that women can attract their attentions and interests by focusing on those other attributes such as humor, self-confidence and unique personality. The three points mentioned above can be very helpful in helping those who are not physically attracted to them find the love they need.

Is it possible to have sex without physical attraction?

The issue of physical attraction has been a topic of debate for years. Many people believe that looks play an important role in relationships, while others believe that it is possible to fall in love without that physical attraction. But can you love someone without being physically attracted to them? Is it possible for a man to desire a woman who is not physically attractive?

There are many different opinions on this subject and it is difficult to make a clear decision on the issue. On the one hand, some argue that physical attraction is essential to building a romantic relationship, as it provides the foundation for the emotional and affective attachment between two people. Without this physical connection, it is more difficult to make a lasting commitment to someone. In addition, when you are not physically attracted to your partner, you may feel uncomfortable or uneasy when sharing intimate moments together and this can hinder the development of feelings.

However, others argue that physical attraction is not the only characteristic that defines a romantic relationship. Indeed, many consider that romantic feelings can arise independently of any physical attraction and that it is possible to feel love for another person without feeling a particular physical attraction for them. In this case, the feeling of love can be built on more spiritual or intellectual foundations, such as mutual respect or the depth of the conversations between the partners. These qualities are often more important than the physical aspect and can allow couples to create lasting bonds based on a great complicity and emotional intimacy.

It is therefore difficult to decide on the question: can a man desire a woman who does not please him physically? The answer will depend on the point of view and personal convictions of the individuals concerned. Some think that the physical aspect counts more than any other factor, while for others it is the depth of feeling that is most important. Whatever the case, each person must choose his or her own path and find what best corresponds to his or her personal vision of the couple and his or her own sentimental aspirations.

In conclusion, it is obvious that a man's physical preferences are individual and can vary considerably from one man to another. Thus, while some men may be attracted to particular physical traits, others may be more open to other characteristics, such as character or intelligence. Ultimately, physical attraction may be subjective and not the only source of desire in a relationship between a man and a woman.


1. What is desire?

Desire is a feeling or emotion of wish or will that prompts action for the achievement of a thing.

2. Can we desire someone we don't like physically?

Yes, we can indeed desire a person even if we don't physically like them. This feeling can be stronger than physical attraction and can stem from deeper feelings like love, affection or respect.

3. Can a man desire a woman who is not physically attractive to him?

Yes, a man may very well desire a woman who is not physically attractive to him. Sometimes men have deeper feelings for a woman and are willing to overlook her physical appearance.

4. What types of relationships are possible in this type of situation?

There are different types of relationships possible depending on the nature of the feelings shared between the people involved. These relationships can be friendly, romantic or other.

5. What are the consequences for the relationship?

The consequences depend on the type of relationship and the feelings shared between the people involved. A relationship based on respect and trust may be more lasting than one based solely on physical desire.

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