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If you have sexual desires that seem too unusual or embarrassing to share with those around you, you may feel fearful of being mocked or judged for your darkest desires. Fetlife is here to help you explore them freely and safely.

This online dating site offers a safe and protected platform for people who wish to express their sexual fetishes without fear of judgment. You will find on this site a community of open and tolerant members, ready to share their experiences and to realize your wildest fantasies.

Discover what you can find on Fetlife:

  • A community of open and supportive members
  • The ability to express your darkest desires without fear of ridicule or judgment
  • Partners who share the same fetishes and interests

Do not hesitate to register on Fetlife and discover all the possibilities of meeting

Active members

2 921



Average age

26-38 years old



I register for free ->


  • Huge user base, with approximately 7 million members
  • Almost all features available for standard members
  • Large variety of fetishes and kink
  • Mobile application and browser compatible with smartphones available


  • Website interface sometimes outdated
  • Lack of matching algorithm
  • Most users are reluctant to show their face



With nearly 6 million users, Fetlife is one of the biggest BDSM websites. Want to share your desires, and discuss your fetishes? Fetlife is for you!

The site is more like a BDSM-themed social network, than a dating site. Thanks to Fetlife find the craziest and most common fetishes.
Whether you like bondage, role play or oral sex, and many others... on Fetlife you'll be able to talk about it freely in conversation groups dedicated to these fetishes.

I really like the fact that each fetish has its own discussion group. There are no judgments or taboos on this site. You can talk freely about your desires whether they are particular or not. And why not make new acquaintances and indulge other desires.

This is an opportunity to discover the world of BDSM...

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FetLife is an online social networking site for adults who are interested in BDSM, fetish, and other alternative sexual activities and relationships. The site was created in 2008 by John Baku and is often described as the Facebook of the BDSM world.

FetLife members can create a profile, add friends, join groups and chat with other like-minded people. The site also lets you post photos and videos, as well as local BDSM events.

The site is accessible free of charge, but members can also choose to take out a paid subscription to access additional features, such as access to exclusive events, videos...

FetLife is known as a safe and inclusive online space for people who practice BDSM, fetish and other alternative sexual practices. However, members must abide by the site's rules of consent and safety, and respect the limits and choices of other members.

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Promo code

It is possible to find promo codes for the FetLife website by searching online on sites specializing in offers and discounts.

Many sites regularly offer promo codes for paid subscriptions to FetLife, offering discounts. To find these promo codes, it is often sufficient to search for online coupon sites or visit discussion forums dedicated to BDSM activities and fetishes.
You can also subscribe to FetLife's newsletters and social networks to stay informed of current promotions.

However, it is important to exercise caution when using promo codes online. It is advisable to check the reliability of the site offering the promo code before using it, to avoid any fraud or breach of online security. It is also advisable to read the site's terms and conditions carefully. FetLife before using a promo code, to avoid any confusion or inconvenience.



The site Fetlife is partly free. Only a few features, such as access to exclusive events and videos, will have to be paid for.

Rates for these features are not excessive. They cost €5 per month.
The advantage of this "subscription" is that you don't have to make a commitment over several months.

Subscription durationPrice
1 month subscription5.00 € / month


The functionalities of Fetlife to help you discover or discuss your desires...


In this category, explore everything that's happening on the site in real time, whether it's a comment, a photo, or a video, everything will be posted here!
The "Friends & Following"You'll be able to see what your friends and followers have posted.
The "Kinky & popular"You'll see which posts are most popular with members.
The category "Fresh & Pervy"You'll see the latest comments, photos and videos.
The "Stuff you Love"It will show you all the posts you've liked.


The home page is a bit like Facebook's home page: you'll find all the photos and comments of the people you follow, as well as your own photos...


The group option will show you the most popular discussion groups on the site, as well as the latest ones. You can also find photos and videos of a particular fetish using the search bar.


It is possible to find BDSM events near you, but also online.
You can also organize your own events.




Find your desires, and discover them using a fetish category. This will help you to find discussion groups, photos and videos in a category in particular.


Thanks to this function, you can chat with a member for a private conversation.


Mobile application

There is no FetLife mobile app per se, but members can easily add a shortcut to the site to their homepage on their smartphone or computer. This feature is available for iOS and Android users, as well as for web browser users on computers.

Once the shortcut has been added, members can access FetLife quickly and easily from their home screen, just as they would with a traditional mobile application. What's more, by adding the shortcut to their home page, members can receive notifications directly to their phone or computer, so they can stay in touch with their FetLife account activities.

Although not a dedicated mobile application, adding a shortcut to the home page is a practical solution for members who want to access FetLife quickly and easily wherever they are. It also allows members to benefit from the portability of a mobile application, while retaining the full user experience of the FetLife site.


How to register on Fetlife ?

To register on Fetlife, all you have to do is :

- Go to site
- Click on "Registration"
- Then fill in the requested information (age, username, email, password, gender, preferences, sexual orientation, phone number...).

To qualify for a certified account, you'll need to add a profile photo and have it verified with a copy of your ID, or by the site itself if you don't want to share this information.

How to delete my Fetlife account ?

In order to delete my account permanently or just suspend your account, just : CLICK HERE.
You will only have to choose if you just want to disable it or delete it.

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