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If you are looking for a serious dating site, I especially recommend Meetic. Nowadays, Meetic is one of the most used dating sites in France. But do you know how to use it well to maybe meet your other half?

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Meetic : A site to find love

Meeticone of the most popular dating sites in Europe. It is an online dating site that allows singles to meet, communicate and find love.

The registration to Meetic is quick and easy. You may wish to create a profile in minutes by providing basic information such as your name, age, gender and location. You can also add photos to your profile to show your appearance and your personality, but also more detailed information such as your hobbies, your character... which will make you stand out from thousands of users on the platform.

Once you have created your profile, you can search for singles in your area by using Meetic's search options. But also filter the results based on age, location, interests, hobbies and more, in order to find profiles that are compatible with yours.

Meetic has a feature of instant messaging for real-time communication, as well as in-person events to allow singles to meet in a relaxed and friendly environment. These events include parties, workshops, outings and trips organized by Meetic. Thanks to these events, users who are more apprehensive about virtual dating will be more apt to participate in these meetings, to make "real encounters".

This is a paid dating site, but you can sign up for free and test the basic features, but you will be limited quickly. If you want to access advanced features such as sending unlimited messages, searching profiles anonymously and viewing photos in large format, we advise you to subscribe to one of the subscriptions offered by Meetic. subscriptions offered by Meetic.

My opinion on the dating site Meetic

I think this is a great online dating site. I liked how easy it was to create my profile and search for singles in my area. The profiles are quite variedand the most is that most of the people present on the site are there to a serious relationship. It's a change from the profiles of other sites where you can meet "dishonest" people or for a one night stand.

The functionality of " Match "has been particularly useful for find profiles that are compatible with mine, and I also appreciated theinstant messaging functionality to communicate in real time with the most interesting profiles. What I liked in this dating site, they are especially the constructed conversations I was able to have with some users. I even found myself starting a daily conversation for a while with some of them.

I am aware that the fact that Meetic is paid may be an obstacle for some of you. However, it is also a guarantee of security for Meetic users: no more fake profiles!

I would recommend Meetic without hesitation to anyone who is looking for a serious encounter.

What is Meetic?

The dating site has been created in 2001 by Marc Simoncinia French businessman who made his fortune through Meetic.
According to Marc Simoncini, the idea for the site came to him during a dinner attended by three divorced friends, who told him how difficult it was for thirty-year-olds to meet partners. The idea of creating an online space dedicated to serious dating.

Since 2019, it is Matthieu Jacquier who is at the head of Meetic. Aware of the digital changes, since 2001, he has since given a real boost to the website by bringing innovations such as the chatbot: Clara, for real-time seduction advice.


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Subscription prices and rates

Meetic works on the basis of a subscription from 9,99€ / month.

  • Essential subscription

1 month : 19,99€ / month
6 months : 9,99€ / month (59,94€ for 6 months)

The Essential subscription on Meetic includes : Unlimited messages, access to your list of likes and from visits, filter those who can contact you and access to advanced search filters.

  • Prenium subscription

1 month : 27,99€ / month
6 months : 14,99€ / month
(or 89,94€ for 6 months)

The Premium membership on Meetic includes: Unlimited messages, access to your list of likes and visits, filter those who can contact you, access to advanced search filters, have an icon on your profile indicating that you are a premium member, see when your message is readas well as a boost your profile 5 times a month.

Duration of the subscriptionESSENTIAL subscription PREMIUM subscription
1 month19,99 €27,99 €
6 months9,99€ / month (i.e. 59,94€ in total)14,99 € / month (i.e. 89,94€ in total)
subscription meetic essentiel premium price

Meetic's features




IMG 9114



Contact filter

Call and Videos


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Other features are possible, however, they will be exclusively payingor reserved for Meetic accounts with a subscription. For example, the Love Notes, which are reserved for subscribed members, as well as the incognito modeor the boost of your profile.

How to register and connect to Meetic?


  • Step 1: Creation of your Meetic accountPlease fill in the requested information
  • Step 2: Confirm your registration by e-mail
  • Step 3: Complete your profile

Your registration is now complete!
By following these tips, you will have all the keys in hand to successfully register on Meetic.


For log in to your Meetic accountHere are the steps to follow:

  1. Launch the Meetic application on your smartphone or open the website on your computer by going to
  2. Once on the home page, press the " Log in "and enter your Meetic account details: your email address and the associated password.
  3. Congratulations, you are now connected to your profile Meetic !
    All you have to do is explore the different options of the application and start conversations with other users to find your ideal match. Good luck!

I don't remember my password, what can I do?

In case you have forgotten your password for access your Meetic accountSimply follow the steps below:

  1. When you log in, click on the link " Forgot your password? Click on "Reset Password" to reset your password.
  2. An email will be sent to you containing a link to change your password. Click on this link to access the change page.
  3. Change your password as desired, then log in to your account.

If you encounter a persistent problem, do not hesitate to contact the Meetic helpdesk for assistance.

Tips for the first message on Meetic

My advice for using Meetic

How to meet someone?

Meet people on Meetic may seem intimidating, but with a little effort and strategy, you may just meet THE person who will make your heart skip a beat!

  • Make sure your profile is an authentic and positive representation of yourself
  • Ask an intriguing question or make a funny comment on something mentioned in his profile
  • Continue the conversation by maintaining a positive attitude and showing genuine interest in the other person person.

Whether you are looking for a love story or simply to expand your social circle, whether you are gay or lesbian, or whether you are disabledMeetic is the best way to meet new people. Everything is possible in love!

If you want to know more: I don't meet anyone on Meetic, what can I do?

How do you show interest in someone?

Online dating varies from person to person. Liking the profile and sending a personalized message increases your chances of getting attention.

On MeeticWhen you send a message, it triggers a notification, allowing you to start a conversation and discover common ground before a possible face-to-face meeting.

Mention a shared interest and make sure your profile is complete with representative photos. In case of refusal, respect the user's choice without taking it personally.

How do I know if a message is read?

If you want to know if your messages have been read, it is necessary to have a Premium subscriptionwhich in its package includes an acknowledgement feature as well as a contact filter to decide who can contact you.

This benefit can help you understand if the person you are interested in has seen your message, so you can determine if they are also interested in you.

How to find a deleted message?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to recover a message permanently deleted on the platform. However, you can still view your undeleted conversations or messages in your message history.

For access your message historyyou can go to the " Messages "of your account.

How not to be seen when you are connected on Meetic?

If you are tired of feeling that everyone on Meetic knows when you are online and constantly checks your profile, it's time toactivate the incognito mode.

With a simple click, you become invisible to others users and you can view profiles without anyone noticing.

The incognito mode is available in two paid packages: the 24 hours incognito mode, for 1,99€.or the incognito mode for 1 month, for 9,99€..

How can I stop receiving emails from Meetic?

It is possible to no longer receive emails from Meetic while maintaining its profile by following one of the two following methods:

Unsubscribe from Meetic's email campaign

  • Open an email from Meetic
  • Click on the link " Unsubscribe The following is a list of all the information that you can find in the "Sender's Address" section
  • Confirm your unsubscription by clicking on " Unsubscribe
  • A confirmation of your unsubscription will be sent with the message "You have unsubscribed from [email protected]

Use a spam filter on your inbox

  • Open a spam email from Meetic
  • Click on the three small dots at the top left of the email (more)
  • Click on " Filter similar messages
  • Click on " Create a filter
  • Check the box " Delete
  • A confirmation message will be sent to the bottom left of your inbox
Delete a Meetic account and cancel a subscription

Delete your account

However, if you have found your other halfand no longer wish to receive emails from Meetic, make sure your account/profile is deleted.

To remove it, follow these steps:

  • Log in to your Meetic account on your computer with your login and password
  • Click on your profile picture, then on " My account
  • Click on " Delete my profile "which appears on the left side of the screen
  • Fill in your identity to delete your profile
  • An e-mail confirmation of deletion of your accountwill be sent to you.
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Is Meetic a scam? Are there fake profiles?

Meetiсone of the best dating sites in France, is known for its reliability and authenticity thanks to its verified profile system. The registration fees limit fake profiles and guarantee serious users. With a wide variety of profiles available, you have plenty of opportunities to find people who share your interests.

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Real users' opinions

metic 1 opinion
meetic trustpilot review 1

"Responsive site of good quality both in terms of design and writing to say nothing of the precision of the questions to define the profile of members which assumes a well digested knowledge in sociology, psychology and more generally in humanities." - JAMAL


The opinions about the site are very mixedLike any dating site. There are those who meet serious and committed people in the search for love. And there are those who for them, the profiles are not "sorted" enough, because too many choices on the application which can lead to a constant search for "better". It's well known, and especially when it comes to love, we always want better than what we have! And above all, you never know who you will meet! you never know who you'll run into !
However, this is not a problem specific to MeeticAll dating sites are facing this case.

The Meetic platform itself remains very well rated in terms of reviews, the majority likes the features of the site, and the ergonomics of it. Meetic remains accessible to a target of people who are not used to the digital era, thanks to the design of the site.

Meetic and their success

Meetic has always understood the importance of communication in the world of online dating. Their main marketing message is to make it easy for people with similar interests and values to meet each other and create authentic and lasting relationships.

To effectively communicate with their target audience, Meetic uses a variety of communication channels. They have a strong online presencee, especially on social networks to reach a wider audience and share success stories of couples formed through their platform. Also on successful TV spots that since the beginning are thought for the single person in search of love or other. These TV spots focus on a humorous tonevery often good atmosphere. Campaigns that give you the banana!

Thanks to these advertising campaigns, Meetic's reputation is well known throughout Europe.


Meetic is a well-established online dating site that strives to be in constant innovation to help users make genuine and lasting connections.
Whether you're looking for true love (yes, with a capital "A") or just to chat, Meetic is the ideal site to meet people!

How to suspend your account on Meetic?

For put a pause on your meetings and put your Meetic account on hold for a while, here are the steps to follow:

For users of the mobile version of the site:

- Log on to and go to the " Parameters "under the tab " Me "
- Then select " Suspend my profilel "

If you are using a computer:
- Go to the section " My account "
- Click on " Assistance "then choose the option " Hide my profile "

After confirming your choice, your profile will be invisible to other users.

ATTENTION: By choosing this option, your account will be made unavailable for the period of time you decide. It will not be a total suppression of this one. You will remain registered on the site, with your personal information already present on your profile.

Learn more: Suspend your account on Meetic

Why can't I log into my account?

If you are having trouble connecting to Meetic, it may be due to a connection problem on your part or a problem with the Meetic platform itself. Here are several reasons why you may not be able to connect:

- Your Internet connection may be the cause of your problem. Make sure you are connected to the internet and that other websites are working properly.

- If you do not have confirmed your registration by e-mailyou will not be able to log in. After creating your account, you will need to receive a confirmation email to activate your account. Check your email for this confirmation email from Meetic and click on the link to validate your account.

- Make sure that your credentials (username, e-mail or password) are correct. If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it by clicking on the link " Forgot your password? "on the login page.

- If your account does not comply with Meetic's terms of useit could be suspended or deleted. If this is the case, Meetic will send you an e-mail to inform you of the violation of the terms and conditions.

- The problem can also be caused by a platform bug.

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How to unsubscribe and cancel your Meetic account?

If you wish to unsubscribe from a Meetic account premium, here are the steps to follow:

- Log in to your account from a computer
- Click on your profile picture and go to the " My account
- In this section you will find an option to manage your subscription
- Select this option and cancel the automatic renewal

It is important to do so within 24 hours of your payment and up to 48 hours before the end of your subscription. Once the cancellation has been successfully completed, you will receive a confirmation e-mail and will be able to continue to use your subscription until it expires.

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How to identify someone connected on Meetic?

There are several methods to know if someone is connected on Meetic. The first method is to check the " they just logged on ". This section shows all users who have logged in or renewed their connection within a certain period of time.

Another method is to use the " New search ". This will show the most recently connected profiles, including those that are currently online.

If you want to know if a person is currently logged on to MeeticYou can click on his profile. Near the top, there will be a section indicating the time of their last login. If the last login was within the last few minutes, it is likely that the person is currently online.

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How to hack Meetic to get a free subscription?

It may seem attractive to look for a way to hack a free subscription on Meeticbut the risks must be taken into account.

Hacking into someone's account or attempting to access Meetic's payment system is not only illegalbut it can also expose your personal information to hackers and you expose you to the risk of identity theft or fraud.

In addition, the use of these illegitimate methods may result in your own Meetic account being banned.
It might be better to explore other ways to access Meetic, such as using a friend's account or looking for discounts or promotions offered by the site.

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Why did someone's profile disappear?

If a potential partner disappears from your Meetic dating site or applicationThis can be due to various reasons.

The person was blocked: The individual may have been blocked by the site for inappropriate behavior or in violation of the Meetic.

Profile deleted or suspended: It is possible that the person has deleted their profile or Meetic has suspended them for inactivity or abuse of features. Or, the person has chosen to suspend their account.

Hidden profile: It is possible that the person has hidden their profile or made it invisible.

Profile deemed incorrect: If the profile first appeared on the application, but then disappeared, it may be due to inappropriate content or suspicious behavior.

It is also possible that the person has blocked your Meetic accountwhich may explain why you can't see it anymore.

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What is a circled profile on Meetic?

Profiles surrounded on Meetic are profiles with specific badges and symbols that testify to their seriousness and their qualificationThis allows other users to know that these profiles are genuine.

On the platform Meetiche There are several types of symbols that are associated with these circled profiles for indicate their level of reliability. These symbols guarantee the quality and veracity of the information on these profiles.

Men also have access to specific badgessuch as the badgethe green crown and the padlockwhich attest to the quality of their profile and their seriousness on the platform.

These badges are an important indicator for other users who are looking for reliable and trustworthy profiles.

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Why does a man who claims to be sincere keep going on Meetic?

It is easy to assume that a man who is in contact with Meeticdespite its claim to be sincere, is right in search of attention or entertainmentbut in reality there are several understandable reasons to its actions.
Perhaps he simply enjoys flirt and seduce potential partners, or perhaps he does not find the sexual satisfaction he is looking for in his current relationship and that he so look for privacy elsewhere. It is also possible that he simply likes meet new people and that he uses these sites to broaden your horizons.

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How do I know who has seen my Meetic profile?

The section " Visits The "View" button at the top right of your profile will allow you to view your visits.
However, access to the list of your received visits is limited to Premium or Essential subscribers from Meetic.

If you don't have a Meetic subscription, either Essential or Premium, the list of your received visits will be blurred. You will not be able to identify the people who have viewed your profile.

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