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What does the Surrounded Profile and symbols mean on Meetic?


by Vanessa Charles


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If you have a Meetic account, you may have seen symbols displayed on some profiles. Strange, isn't it? What do they mean? What are their uses?

Learn more about the badges and symbols that entitle you to a slightly special profile on the platform: an encircled profile picture!

What is a circled profile on Meetic?

profile surrounds meetic symbols

A circled profile is a profile with badges and symbols assigned to it.
There are several symbols on the Meetic platform.

They are a guarantee of a serious and qualified profile, so that other users can see that the profile is real.

Here are the types of badges you'll find on men's profiles mainly:

  • Badge,
  • Green crown,
  • Padlock.

The different types of circled profiles


The green crown on some profiles shows that the person has the premium pass.
This person therefore paid for a premium subscription, to get more features.
For example, it is possible to contact all the members or to set up a new have who read his private messagesand many other advantages.


Gentlemen, this badge is for you The Meetic badge is a guarantee of seriousness for a profile.
It's like a certification to let other members know that you're not a fake.

To obtain it, you must meet certain specific criteria:

  • Profile at least completed at 70 %
  • A photo validated by Meetic moderation teams
  • To have signed the "Single Gentleman's Charter
  • Have watched the tutorials on how to use Meetic

Ladies, you can then recommend a profile with a badge by leaving comments.

Lock on Meetic profile

You may also encounter the lock symbol on Meetic which means that the profile is locked.

There are several reasons for this lock to appear:

  • The profile was reported by another user
  • The person has sent inappropriate messages
  • The person has not been active for a long time
  • Person you have blocked yourself

It is possible that this type of lock prevents the user from connecting to the platform.

Profiles surrounded by badges, crowns and padlocks on Meetic: you know what to expect!

Do you want a profile that inspires confidence in others? Get badges and symbols for others, such as the green crown, or the Meetic badge for men.
A profile is a complete profile, with an eye-catching bio, and a photo of you au naturel, be yourself!

Be careful not to put a lock on your profile: it could mean that your account is blocked or has been suspended.

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