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Happn is an online dating platform that stands out thanks to its innovative concept. It introduces you to users you've met in real life, giving you the opportunity to discover connections you might otherwise have missed:

  • Innovative online dating: Happn allows you to meet people online in a different and original way.
  • Connections close to your home: The site takes into account the preference of many people for dating people close to home, rather than traveling long distances to meet people.
  • Real-life preferences and encounters: Happn is all about real preferences and real encounters.
  • The ability to receive messages: The application also allows you to receive messages from people who interest you.
  • A mode of invisibility: For those looking for a little more discretion, Happn has an invisibility mode that allows you to hide your location for a period of time.

If you are looking for an innovative and easy way to meet people online, Happn is for you.

Active members

156 000



Average age

21-35 years old



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  • Chance meeting function: this dating application gives a boost to chance meetings thanks to its "cross your path" function, which lets you know which people you may have met during your day.
  • Quick profile creation: it is easy to quickly set up a profile on this dating application.
  • Attractive users: users of this dating application are generally attractive.
  • Charms cost money: charms cost money on this dating application.
  • Available on iOS and Android: this application is available on iOS and Android.
  • Interesting conversations: if you met earlier in the day, this dating app can make for an interesting and exciting conversation.
  • Workplace Connection: this dating app can connect you with people from the same workplace or company, making it easier to verify a questionable profile.
  • Like in secret: it is possible to like a profile in secret on this dating application, so that people don't know who liked it until they are interested in you too.


  • Too many users: this dating application can be invasive due to too many users.
  • Ignored messages: on this dating application, messages usually do not lead to real dates because they are often ignored.
  • No dating for small-town residents: on this dating app, singles from small towns don't "meet" many people.
  • Matching based on proximity: on this dating application, matching is based only on proximity and nothing else.
  • Uncomfortable situation: on this dating app, it can be difficult and uncomfortable to find yourself in an awkward situation if things go south.
  • Proximity-based matches: on this dating app, matches depend on proximity and not personality, which can make the experience exciting or extremely frustrating.



Happn is an interesting dating application that's different from all the others I've tried out. I like the concept of meeting people I've met in real life, which adds a dimension of spontaneity and closeness to online dating.

The application's interface is easy to use and intuitive, making navigation pleasant and fluid. I particularly like the geolocation feature, which lets me see the profiles of people in my vicinity. The application's features are also very useful.

I appreciate the opportunity to "crush"I can also use the chat function to chat with them. However, I find that the app can sometimes lack profiles, especially if you live in a less populated city.

I think that Happn is an interesting and innovative dating app worth a try if you're looking to meet singles near you.


Happn is an online dating application that stands out from other dating sites thanks to its unique concept: it enables users to meet people they've come across in their daily lives. The application uses geolocation to find profiles of people you've met within a 250-meter radius of you.

The application works simply and intuitively. Once you've downloaded the app and created your profile, you can view the profiles of people you've bumped into on the street, in a café or in other places you've visited. If you're interested in one of these profiles, you can send them a "crush"to let him know you're interested.

If the person in question also sends you a "crush" you can then chat with her in the application's integrated messaging system. The application also lets you flag profiles that you're not interested in, so that you can propose profiles that better match your criteria.

Happn offers a different, original online dating experience, based on real, spontaneous encounters.

Promo code

If you're interested in using Happn to find dates, you can get a discount with a coupon code. They'll give you extra discounts or benefits on Happn subscriptions, as well as those paid-for features.

There are several ways to find promo codes for Happn. First, you can check online coupon sites, which often offer promo codes for dating apps like Happn. You can also check Happn's social networking pages to see if promo codes are available for subscriptions.

Once you've found a promo code for Happn, you can use it when taking out a paid subscription on the site. When checking your subscription, you'll be prompted to enter the promo code to benefit from the discount.

It is important to note that promo codes for Happn may have expiry dates and restrictions on their use. So be sure to check the promo code's terms and conditions before using it to make sure it's still valid and meets your needs.

Subscriptions & Rates

Although with the paid version you might just meet your better half, Happn offers a Premium subscription as well as paid features, so you can meet the people you're really interested in.

Premium subscription

The Premium subscription offers many benefits such as:

  • an ad-free application
  • Receive up to 10 FlashNotes per day
  • Access to a variety of exclusive features
  • Go to the list of people who Liked them
  • Set Invisible mode to navigate the application without being seen
  • Hide some personal information
  • Go back to view past profiles quickly
  • Enjoy 5 one-hour video calls.


  • 12 months: €109.99 (€9.17 per month)
  • 6 months: €64.99 (€10.83 per month)
  • 1 month: €27.99
Subscription durationPrice
12 months109,99 € (or €9.17 / month)
6 months64,99 € (or €10.83 / month)
1 month 27,99 €


Boost is a feature designed to optimize your meeting experience by giving your profile greater visibility. By activating this feature, your profile will be prioritized for a limited time among all active users around you who match your preferences. To take advantage of this feature, you can purchase Boosts individually or in packs, available in a dedicated store.


  • 10 Boosts: €55.99 (€5.60 per boost)
  • 3 Boosts: €17.99 (€6.00 per boost)
  • 1 Boost: €7.99
Number of BoostsPrice
10 Boosts55,99 € (or €5.60 per boost)
3 Boosts17,99 € (or €6.00 per boost)
1 Boost7,99 €


FlashNote is a feature that lets you send a personalized message to a member before you even "Crusher". This feature is a great way to get noticed by the person you like so much.


  • 20 FlashNotes: €19.99 (€1.00 each)
  • 10 FlashNotes: €11.99 (€1.20 each)
  • 3 FlashNotes: €4.99
Number of FlashNotesPrice
20 FlashNotes19,99 € (or €1.00 each)
10 FlashNotes11,99 € (or €1.20 each)
3 FlashNotes4,99 €


Happn offers a wide range of features to help you find your nearest and dearest.


Happn uses geolocation to find profiles of people you've met in real life, allowing you to contact them and perhaps start a relationship.


You can create your own profile by adding photos, basic information such as your age and profession, and a brief description of yourself.


If you have a Crush on someone, it means you're mutually interested. You can then start chatting with that person.


FlashNote is a unique feature of Happn which lets you send a personalized message to a happner before you even "Crusher". This feature is a great way to get noticed by the person you like so much.


Boost is a feature that speeds up your dating experience by increasing the visibility of your profile. When you activate Boost, your profile will be given priority viewing for a limited time by all other active users around you who match your preferences.

Invisible mode

Invisible mode lets you browse the application without other users knowing you're online. This is a useful feature if you don't want to be noticed or bothered by constant notifications.

Notification Center

The Notification Center allows you to see all the interactions you've had on the app, such as likes received, messages received, Crush, FlashNotes, etc.

Mobile Application

Happn is a popular dating application that is only available on mobile platforms such as smartphones and tablets. This means that you need to download the app to your device to use it.

One of the advantages of using Happn exclusively on the mobile application is its ease of use. The application's interface is designed to be intuitive, with easy-to-understand featureseven for novice users. What's more, the mobile application is optimized for use on the move, so you can stay connected and keep up to date. continue to meet people wherever you are.

Another major advantage of the mobile application Happn is its geolocation feature. Using this feature, the app shows you profiles of people you've bumped into in real life, giving you the chance to meet people with whom you have geographical similarities. This unique feature also helps you avoid long distances and facilitates face-to-face meetings.

Social networks & Contacts

For any questions, please refer to the platform directly via their contact form.


How to register on Happn?

It is possible to download the Happn application on your smartphone or tablet by visiting the App Store or Play Store.
Then you can log in to the application using one of the following accounts: Facebook, cell phone number, Google account or Apple account if you're using an iPhone.

You can then create your own profile!

How do I add and delete photos on my profile?

At the time of your registration on Happn via Facebook, some of your photos are automatically imported into your profile. If you register with your phone number, you'll need to import a photo yourself.

You can change your photos at any time by clicking on your profile photo, then pressing the button in the top right-hand corner of the screen.
To delete a photo, press the "x" button at the bottom right of each photo. If a thumbnail is empty, you can add a photo by pressing the "+" button, which lets you choose a photo from your phone album, your camera, or from your Facebook or Instagram accounts.

Please note that your first photo must be a photo of your face to guarantee the authenticity of your profile and reassure other users of your identity.

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