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We're a group of writers used to meeting people of all kinds on the internet. So we've put together a blog that will help you find love on the web, for a night or a lifetime. We'd like to introduce our readers to the different ways of meeting people on the internet.

We also want to share our experiences and answer your naughty questions for maximum pleasure without any embarrassment, because that's what sex is all about, being able to fulfill your desires whatever they may be.
We'll also be presenting news items and speeches based on these themes for your reading pleasure.

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Religion, lifestyle or special attractions important to you.


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From free sites to the most expensive monthly subscriptions, there's something for every budget.

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I had a lot of questions about my sexuality and I didn't dare discuss them with those around me, but thanks to you, I've found some answers and I feel less alone. Hats off to you

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As a lover of sex and online dating, I'm used to browsing from site to site, but I've never managed to find the rare pearl, but now I have!

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Lots of concrete information and great articles on the sex industry and its abuses, fascinating to read. Highly recommend.