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Rencontre Gay à Toulon : Nightclubs and Bars, Events not to be missed


by Vanessa Charles


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Looking for a gay date, a friendly bar or a wild night out in Toulon's gay community? Then you've come to the right place.
I'm Vanessa, your guide to the LGBT world of this vibrant port city.

EstablishmentTypeShort presentationAddress
The GautamaSaunaA gay sauna offering relaxation and socializing in a naturist atmosphere on certain days.1 avenue Marcel Castie, Toulon, France
Boy's ParadiseClubVibrant nightclub offering dinner shows and themed evenings for the LGBTQ+ community.1 Bd Pierre Toesca, 83000 Toulon
Eros Cruise – MeetxSex ClubA daring space combining club and naturism for male encounters in a liberated setting.19 Rue Picot, 83000 Toulon
Le Pussy Cat DiscothèqueDiscothequeA not-to-be-missed nightclub for the wild and colorful nights of Toulon's gay scene.655 Av. de Claret, 83000 Toulon
The GrailBarA friendly bar offering an ideal setting for enriching encounters within the LGBTQ+ community.377 Av. de la République, 83000 Toulon
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Where to meet gays in Toulon?

The Gautama, an oasis of relaxation for the gay community

sauna le gautama

Le Gautama stands out as a haven of peace for those looking to relax and meet other gay men in a friendly, naturist setting on certain days. This establishment offers a complete sauna area where respect and discretion are the order of the day, providing an ideal setting for intimate or friendly encounters. On Tuesdays and Fridays, the naturist atmosphere adds a touch of freedom and authenticity, inviting self-acceptance and connection with others.
With attractive rates for those under 27, Le Gautama strives to make the experience accessible to all, making it a must-visit destination for the gay youth of Toulon and beyond. The positive review of the establishment testifies to its quality and warm welcome.

NameThe Gautama
Address1 avenue Marcel Castie, Toulon, France
Phone number04 83 99 82 06
Opening hours and daysMonday to Sunday, 14:00-20:00
Website (or social networking page)Facebook
Opinion (with opinion source) : Score out of 54.7 (32 reviews)
Details of "Le Gautama" in Toulon

Boy's Paradise, a magical night for the LGBT community

boys paradise

Boy's Paradise embodies the quintessence of gay nightlife in Toulon, offering much more than just a nightclub. The club opens onto a traditional restaurant offering dinner shows and a variety of themed evenings, promising magical nights and memorable encounters. The place shines in its diversity, welcoming both the gay and lesbian community in a festive and open atmosphere.
On Fridays and Saturdays, the club is in full swing until the early hours, offering a wonderful escape into the gay world of Toulon. The varied program and the quality of the entertainment make it a privileged destination for those looking to have fun and meet new people in a cheerful and welcoming setting.

NameBoy's Paradise
Address1 Bd Pierre Toesca, 83000 Toulon
Phone number04 94 09 35 90
Opening hours and daysFriday and Saturday, 23:59-07:00; Wednesday and Thursday, 23:59-06:00
Website (or social networking page)
Opinion (with opinion source) : Score out of 53.9 180 notices
Details of "Boy's Paradise" in Toulon

Eros Cruise – Meetx, le club naturiste pour des rencontres masculines

eros cruise

Eros Cruise – Meetx offre un concept unique à Toulon, mélangeant l’esprit d’un club gay avec l’intimité d’un sex club naturiste. Ce lieu s’adresse à ceux qui cherchent à explorer leurs désirs dans un cadre respectueux et ouvert d’esprit.
The evenings are lively, offering a wide range of activities and themes to encourage encounters and exchanges between men.
Flexible opening times, including weekends and evenings on some days, allow us to adapt to different schedules. Affordable rates help make Eros Cruise an attractive option for men's encounters in Toulon, offering a daring yet welcoming experience.

NameEros Cruise – Meetx
Address19 Rue Picot, 83000 Toulon
Phone number04 94 09 38 74
Opening hours and daysFriday and Saturday, 14:00-01:00; Sunday, 14:00-20:00; Wednesday and Thursday, 14:00-01:00
Website (or social networking page) 
Opinion (with opinion source) : Score out of 54.2 50 notices
Détails sur « Eros Cruise – Meetx » à Toulon

Pussy Cat Discotheque, a party temple for the LGBTQ+ community

pussy cat

The Pussy Cat Discothèque is the epicenter of gay nightlife in Toulon, a veritable temple dedicated to those looking to dance the night away in an electrifying atmosphere. It's a must-see venue for music and dance lovers, promising memorable evenings under the colored lights and to the sound of the latest hits. The discotheque stands out for its warm, inclusive welcome, creating a space in which every visitor can feel free to express their personality and meet other members of the LGBTQ+ community in a joyful, non-judgmental environment.
With extended opening hours at weekends, Le Pussy Cat is the ideal place to round off an evening or spend the whole night in good company, cementing its reputation as one of the pillars of Toulon's gay scene.

NameLe Pussy Cat Discothèque
Address655 Av. de Claret, 83000 Toulon
Phone number06 89 55 47 41
Opening hours and daysFriday and Saturday, 23:00-05:00; Sunday, 23:00-04:00; Thursday, 23:00-04:00
Website (or social networking page)Facebook
Opinion (with opinion source) : Score out of 53.7 134 notices
Details of "Le Pussy Cat Discothèque" in Toulon

Le Graal, a charming bar for homosexual encounters

the grail

Le Graal is an oasis of conviviality and exchange in the heart of Toulon, offering an idyllic setting for meetings between men from the gay community. In addition to its high-quality catering service, the bar creates a welcoming, relaxed atmosphere conducive to discussion and bonding.
Evenings are enlivened by a variety of events and activities, encouraging visitors to share good times and make new friends. The establishment is particularly appreciated for its warm and open atmosphere, reflecting the diversity and inclusivity of the LGBTQ+ community. With opening hours adapted for weekends and certain evenings, Le Graal is the address of choice for those seeking an authentic and enriching social experience in Toulon's gay scene.

NameThe Grail
Address377 Av. de la République, 83000 Toulon
Phone number06 69 56 37 43
Opening hours and daysFriday, 9:30-01:00 pm; Saturday and Sunday, 7:30-00:00 pm; Thursday, 7:30-00:00 pm
Website (or social networking page)Facebook
Opinion (with opinion source) : Score out of 54.5/5 (65 reviews)
Details of "Le Graal" in Toulon

Toulon's must-visit gay neighbourhoods

In a vibrant, welcoming city like Toulon, certain neighborhoods stand out as privileged meeting points for the gay community. Here are five fictional neighborhoods that could symbolize this kind of atmosphere in a city:

The Old Port: the heart of history and festivities

The Vieux-Port is the beating heart of Toulon, famous for the lively bars and cafés that line the quays. This historic district is a popular meeting place for its relaxed atmosphere and picturesque setting, ideal for evenings out with friends or romantic rendezvous.

La Rade: A space of freedom and nature

The Rade de Toulon, with its beaches and green spaces, offers a more tranquil setting for those seeking outdoor relaxation or moments of complicity by the water. It's a place that's appreciated for its natural ambience and breathtaking sea views.

Mourillon: A young and dynamic district

Le Mourillon, with its colorful alleyways and trendy boutiques, attracts a young, dynamic crowd. Its many bars and clubs make this district a must for night owls and those in search of new encounters.

Saint-Jean du Var: Mixing crops

Saint-Jean du Var is renowned for its cultural melting pot, offering a wealth of culinary and artisanal delights. Its many events and cosmopolitan atmosphere make it a friendly neighborhood where different communities mingle, including the LGBTQ+ community.

Cap Brun: Elegance and discretion

The Cap Brun district is distinguished by its elegance and opulent residences. Offering calm and discretion, it's the perfect place for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the city center while enjoying meetings in a sophisticated setting.

Toulon, a vibrant LGBTQ+ event

Toulon is proving to be a city where diversity and inclusiveness light up every neighborhood.
From intimate saunas to energetic discos, friendly bars and welcoming clubs, the city offers a palette of spaces where the LGBTQ+ community can meet, celebrate and exchange. Whether you're looking for a festive atmosphere, a moment of relaxation or a meaningful encounter, Toulon and its vibrant neighborhoods provide the ideal setting to live your identity and affinities to the full.

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