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Rencontre Trans à Caen: Hidden Nuggets


by Vanessa Charles


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Le meilleur site pour rencontrer des transsexuelles à Caen

Testé et approuvé par mes soins et surtout mes lecteurs de la communauté LGBT à Caen, il est incontournable pour faire des rencontres trans sans prise de tête !

Rencontre, trans, Caen ces mots définissent une expérience riche et diverse dans la ville normande.
In Caen, the trans community finds a haven in vibrant, welcoming places, where everyone can freely express their identity and make meaningful encounters.

EstablishmentTypeShort presentationAddressNeighborhood
Bar L'ApollonBarIdeal bar for trans meetings, intimate and exuberant atmosphere16 Rue Varignon, 14000 CaenDowntown
Bar L’Aqueerium (fermé)BarQueer and feminist bar, inclusive space with activities and themed evenings41 Rue du 11 Novembre, 14000 CaenNot specified
Phoenix DiscothequeDiscotheque/ClubGay-friendly temple of the night, electrifying atmosphere 86 Rue de Bayeux, 14740 Thue et MueLigueil district
Sémaphore BarBarGay-friendly student bar and relaxed meeting place44 rue du bras, CaenUniversity district
Le 23 (closed)BarOld gay-friendly bar, welcoming atmosphere23 rue Ecuyere, CaenDowntown
Lieux de rencontre transgenre à Caen
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Where to meet trannies in Caen ?

Bar L'Apollon

L'Apollon, an ideal venue for trans encounters in Caen, embodies more than just a bar. It's a microcosm of diversity, where the trans community can come together and celebrate. With its refined cocktails and intimate yet exuberant ambience, L'Apollon offers a setting conducive to meetings and exchanges. The backroom, discreet and intriguing, adds a dimension of mystery and seduction to the experience. Here, respect and freedom are the order of the day, making everyone feel welcome and valued.

NameBar L'Apollon
Address 16 Rue Varignon, 14000 Caen
Phone number02 31 93 00 82
Opening hours and daysDu lundi au jeudi de 17h00 à 02h00
Du vendredi au samedi de 22h00 à 03h00
Website / Social networkwebsite
Reviews (Google)4.2/5 (61 reviews)
Détails du « Bar L’Apollon » à Caen

Phoenix Discotheque

V7 daylight sign assembly

La Phoenix Discothèque, a gay-friendly temple of the night in Caen, is the place to be for those looking to meet trans people in an electrifying atmosphere. Under Anthony's expert guidance, this club beats to the rhythm of contagious energy. The vibrant, colorful dance floor is a paradise for swaying and meeting open-minded, welcoming people. The atmosphere, both warm and exuberant, creates the perfect setting for spontaneous and memorable encounters. La Phoenix Discothèque is a must for those looking for an unforgettable night out in Caen.

NamePhoenix Discotheque
Address 86 Rue de Bayeux, 14740 Thue et Mue
Phone number 06 95 22 36 24
Opening hours and daysvendredi 23h4-06h00
samedi 23h00-07h00
Website / Social networkinstagram
Notice4,3/5 (91 avis)
Détails du « Phoenix Discothèque » à Caen

Sémaphore Bar

image 10

Le Sémaphore Bar, a gay-friendly student bar in Caen, is a welcoming place where the trans community can feel at ease and meet new people. With its relaxed and friendly atmosphere, this bar is a privileged meeting point for students and young professionals. Diversity and inclusion are the watchwords here, creating a space where everyone can mingle and interact freely. The evenings organized at Sémaphore Bar are the perfect opportunity to make new friends and, why not, find love.

NameSémaphore Bar
Address44 Rue de Bras, 14000 Caen
Phone number 02 31 39 08 57
Opening hours and daysDu lundi au samedi de 20h00 à 03h00
Website / Social networkFacebook
Notice4/5 (300 avis)
Détails du « Sémaphore Bar » à Caen

Bar L'Aqueerium (closed)

2020 09 17

L'Aqueerium, a queer and feminist bar in Caen, is a true ode to diversity. This bar, run by an association, is a space where trans people can not only meet up, but also take part in themed activities and evenings. The atmosphere is warm and inclusive, encouraging everyone to be themselves without fear. The bar thus becomes a place for sharing and discovery, where identities meet and respect each other in a festive and committed atmosphere.

NameBar L’Aqueerium (fermé)
Address41 Rue du 11 Novembre, 14000 Caen
Coordonnées[email protected]
Opening hours and daysClosed
Website / Social networkFacebook
Détails du « Bar L’Aqueerium » à Caen

Le 23 (closed)

Le 23, a gay-friendly bar located in the heart of Caen, stands out as a favorite venue for trans encounters. With its welcoming atmosphere and relaxed setting, this bar is perfect for those looking to socialize in a non-judgmental environment. Evenings here are lively, offering an ideal atmosphere for bonding and sharing convivial moments. The friendly staff and warm ambience of 23 make it a place where you quickly feel at home, fostering genuine and memorable encounters.

NameThe 23rd
Address23 rue Ecuyere, Caen
Phone numberNot specified
Opening hours and daysNot specified
Website / Social networkNot specified
NoticeNot specified
Détails du « Le 23 » à Caen

Places to meet the trans community in Caen

Here are 5 must-see neighborhoods in Caen to meet the trans community:

Downtown : Caen's city center, with its many LGBTI+ friendly bars, restaurants and nightlife venues, is an ideal area in which to meet the trans community. Establishments such as the bar L'Apollon and the now-defunct Le 23 have marked this area as a mecca for Caen's queer culture. Strolling through the lively pedestrian streets of the center is a great way to meet new people in a relaxed atmosphere.

Ligueil district: The Ligueil district, located between the city center and the train station, is home to numerous LGBTI+ associations. You can bump into members of the trans community at events or by visiting premises such as those of the Outrans association. The district's bohemian, trendy atmosphere makes it a popular spot.

University district : Around Campus 1 of the University of Caen, the university district is home to many queer students. The Le Sémaphore bar, popular with students, is renowned for its gay-friendly atmosphere. Student parties on campus are also an opportunity to meet the trans community in a relaxed atmosphere.

Venoix district: Venoix, a working-class neighborhood to the northeast of Caen, is home to the Maison des Femmes, an association dedicated to gender minorities. It organizes meetings and exchanges with trans people in a militant and committed environment.

Quartier Grâce de Dieu : Grâce de Dieu, north of Caen, is a dynamic neighborhood with several LGBTI+ friendly bars, restaurants and tearooms. The area's relaxed atmosphere and social mix make it an ideal place for daily encounters with the trans community.

Caen, a welcoming and enthusiastic Normandy town for the trans community

Caen offre de nombreux lieux et quartiers pour permettre des rencontres riches et singulières avec la communauté trans. Bars, associations, événements, le tissu LGBTI+ foisonnant de la ville crée un environnement propice à l’épanouissement et à l’expression libre des identités de genre. Flâner dans les rues, participer à la vie associative ou festive, chacun peut trouver à Caen un cadre chaleureux pour des moments de partage et des rencontres significatives.
La diversité et la convivialité animent cette ville normande résolument tournée vers l’accueil bienveillant de toute la communauté trans.

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