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Rencontre Trans à Beauvais: Must-see places


by Vanessa Charles


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Le meilleur site pour rencontrer des transsexuelles à Beauvais

Testé et approuvé par mes soins et surtout mes lecteurs de la communauté LGBT à Beauvais, il est incontournable pour faire des rencontres trans sans prise de tête !

As Vanessa, expert in dating and seduction, I take you on a tour of the most welcoming places for the trans community in Beauvais.

EstablishmentTypeShort presentationAddressNeighborhood
LE MIX'BAR (closed)Mixed barVibrant mixed bar, balanced between gays and straights, ideal for diverse encounters.3, rue de Clermont, 60000 Beauvais-
The ForumRestaurantFriendly, inclusive café-bar, perfect for meetings in the LGBT community.18 Pl. Gambetta, 80000 Amiens-
Transgender dating in Beauvais

Where to meet trannies in Beauvais?

The Forum

2022 07 31

The Forum in Amiens isn't just a bar, it's a celebration of diversity.
When you walk through its doors, you enter a world where every trans person can feel at home. Whether you're looking for a casual brunch or a lively evening out, Le Forum has what it takes.

NameThe Forum
Address 18 Pl. Gambetta, 80000 Amiens
Phone number03 22 92 44 45
Opening hours and daysMonday to Sunday, 10 a.m. to 11 p.m.
Website or social networking pageNot specified
Opinion (with source)1,154 reviews
Score out of 53.6
Details of "Le Forum" in Beauvais

LE MIX'BAR (closed)

Imagine a place where diversity is celebrated at every table corner. MIX'BAR in Beauvais is that kind of place. Here, differences intermingle to create a unique atmosphere. You'll find a clientele as varied as the colors of the rainbow, with a balanced proportion of gay, straight and, of course, trans people. The place is perfect for those looking to meet trans people in a friendly, non-judgmental setting. Theme nights are the icing on the cake, offering a clubbing experience enriched by the presence of guest DJs. The Millésim 2022 plaque in the Petit Futé is not there by chance: it testifies to the quality and popularity of this venue. So, if you're looking for surprising encounters, LE MIX'BAR is the place to be.

NameLE MIX'BAR (closed)
Address3 Rue de Clermont, 60000 Beauvais
Phone number 03 44 79 15 26
Opening hours and daysclosed
Website or social networking pageclosed
Opinion (with source)Not specified
Score out of 5Not specified
Details of "LE MIX'BAR" in Beauvais

Must-See Areas in Beauvais to Meet the Trans Community

Beauvais, with its charm and diversity, offers several neighborhoods that stand out as prime meeting places for the trans community. Here are five must-see neighborhoods:

Downtown Beauvais :  The heart of Beauvais, where history meets modernity, is a place where people meet and socialize. With its cafés, bars and lively streets, the city center is the perfect place for spontaneous encounters and moments of sharing.

Quartier Saint-Jean : Known for its artistic and bohemian ambience, the Saint-Jean district is a crossroads of diversity. Its quaint little streets and welcoming establishments make it a prime location for the trans community.

Quartier Argentine : Dynamic and evolving, Beauvais's Argentine district is a place where youth and cultural diversity are palpable. Its many bars and meeting places make it an ideal place for lively evenings and enriching encounters.

Notre-Dame du Thil district: With its calmer atmosphere and green spaces, the Notre-Dame du Thil district offers a more relaxed setting for meetings. It's the ideal place for those looking to connect in a more serene atmosphere.

Voisinlieu district: Voisinlieu, with its unique blend of tradition and modernity, attracts a diverse population. Its parks and cafés are popular meeting places for authentic encounters and enriching exchanges.

Beauvais: A place for encounters and diversity

Beauvais is proving to be a real meeting place for the trans community. Whether in the dynamic downtown area, the bohemian atmosphere of the Quartier Saint-Jean, or the vibrant youth of the Quartier Argentine, every corner of this city offers a unique opportunity for connection and discovery. Establishments like LE MIX'BAR and Le Forum testify to the richness and openness of the city, offering spaces where everyone can express themselves freely and make meaningful encounters.

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