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Rencontre Trans à Orléans : Lieux Phares


by Vanessa Charles


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Hi, it's Vanessa, your guide to the vibrant world of dating in Orleans, with a special focus on the fabulous trans community. Orléans, a city of history and diversity, offers unique places to meet trans people, ladyboys, and members of the LGBT community. Let's dive into this exciting exploration together!

EstablishmentTypeShort presentationAddress
L'AtelierBarA crossroads of diversity, modern and welcoming, ideal for the trans community.203 rue de Bourgogne, Orléans
The 80BarElectrifying atmosphere, warm welcome to the trans community.264 rue de Bourgogne, Orléans
Le Bel Air Club (closed)BarA microcosm of joy, welcoming to trans and diverse people.44 rue du Poirier, Orléans
Le Coin GourmandBarCombining gastronomy and conviviality, an intimate setting for the trans community.10 place du Vieux Marché, Orléans
Le K-ube bar (closed)BarIntimate atmosphere, welcomes diversity with a focus on authenticity.2 rue d'Alibert, Orléans
Le Saint Patrick (closed)BarRustic charm, warm ambience, ideal for authentic trans encounters.19 rue de la Lionne, Orléans
Le Saint Patrick (closed)BarKnown for its warm ambience and inclusive welcome, a meeting place for the trans community.1 rue de Bourgogne, Orléans
Transgender dating in Orleans
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Where to meet trans people in Orléans?


2016 10 08

L'Atelier, a bar on rue de Bourgogne, stands out as a crossroads of diversity and self-expression. It's a haven for trans people, transvestites and anyone looking to meet unique individuals in a modern yet welcoming atmosphere. L'Atelier is more than a bar: it's a space where authenticity and acceptance reign supreme. With a variety of themed evenings and an inclusive welcome policy, it's the ideal place to bond, relax and immerse yourself in an atmosphere of freedom and joy.

Address203 Rue de Bourgogne, 45000 Orléans
Phone number02 38 53 08 27
Opening hours and daysFriday 17:00-01:00 Saturday 17:00-01:00 Sunday ClosedMondayClosed Tuesday 17:00-01:00 Wednesday 17:00-01:00 Thursday 17:00-01:00
NoticeNot specified
Details of "L'Atelier" in Orléans

The 80

Le 80, also on Rue de Bourgogne, is famous for its electrifying, trans-friendly atmosphere. Here, ladyboys, shemales and tgirls come together in a setting where partying and conviviality are the order of the day. Le 80 is a bar where every evening is a celebration of diversity, offering the perfect venue for memorable encounters. The atmosphere is vibrant, the music lively, and the welcome warm. It's a place where barriers come down and the spirit of freedom is fully expressed.

NameThe 80
Address 264 Rue de Bourgogne, 45000 Orléans
Phone number06 63 84 45 00
Opening hours and daysTuesday to Saturday, 5:00 p.m. to 3:00 a.m.
Notice10 reviews
Details of "Le 80" in Orléan

Le Coin Gourmand

2021 07 15

On Place du Vieux Marché, Le Coin Gourmand shines with originality and charm. It's not just a bar, it's an experience in itself, a place where trans encounters take on a gastronomic dimension. The atmosphere is warm and intimate, perfect for deep discussion and sincere exchange. The evenings organized here have a taste of exclusivity, with special attention paid to every detail. Le Coin Gourmand is the place where you can combine the pleasures of the taste buds with the joy of meeting trans, transvestite and LGBT people in an elegant and refined setting.

NameLe Coin Gourmand
Address10 Pl. du Vieux Marché, 45000 Orléans
Phone number09 82 46 40 49
Opening hours and daysMonday to Saturday 08:00 to 21:00
Notice208 notices
Details of "Le Coin Gourmand" in Orléans

Le Bel Air Club (permanently closed) 

Ah, the Bel Air Club on Rue du Poirier! It's not just a bar, it's a microcosm of joy and freedom. With its diverse and open-minded clientele, Bel Air Club is the place to be for trans people, tgirls and those who admire them. Imagine an atmosphere where every corner resonates with laughter and lively conversation, where music merges with the diversity of voices.

NameLe Bel Air Club
Address44 Rue du Poirier, 45000 Orléans
Phone numberClosed
Opening hours and daysclosed
Details of "Le Bel Air Club" in Orléans

Le K-ube bar (permanently closed) 


K-ube bar, located on rue d'Alibert, is known for its intimate atmosphere and diverse clientele. It's a place where the trans community feels at home, welcomed into a space where authenticity and diversity are the order of the day.

NameThe K-ube bar
Address 2 Rue d'Alibert, 45000 Orléans
Phone number02 38 53 34 28
Opening hours and daysclosed
Details of "Le K-ube bar" in Orléans

Le Petit Bouchon de la Lionne (permanently closed) 

Le Petit Bouchon de la Lionne, nestled on rue de la Lionne, is a unique bar. With its rustic charm and warm ambience, it's the perfect place for trans encounters in a more intimate, authentic setting.

NameLe Petit Bouchon de la Lionne
Address9 Rue de la Lionne, 45000 Orléans
Phone number07 84 35 35 13
Opening hours and daysclosed
Notice56 notices
Details of "Le Petit Bouchon de la Lionne" in Orléans

Le Saint Patrick (permanently closed) 

Finally, Le Saint Patrick, located on rue de Bourgogne, is an iconic venue for the trans community in Orléans. Known for its warm ambience and inclusive welcome, this bar is the ideal place to relax and meet interesting people.

NameSaint Patrick's Day
Address 1 Rue de Bourgogne, 45000 Orléans
Phone number02 38 53 42 22
Opening hours and daysclosed
Notice62 notices
Details of "Le Saint Patrick" in Orléans

Orléans' must-see neighborhoods for meeting the trans community

Orléans, with its rich history and cultural diversity, offers a number of neighborhoods vibrant with energy and openness, perfect for the trans community and those who wish to meet it. Here are five must-see neighborhoods:

Centre-Ville (rue de Bourgogne) : The beating heart of Orléans, this district is renowned for its lively nightlife. Rue de Bourgogne, in particular, is dotted with bars and clubs welcoming the trans community, offering a multitude of opportunities for enriching encounters and exchanges.

The Halles-Châtelet district: Modernity and tradition mingle in this neighborhood. Around the Halles Châtelet shopping center, you'll find friendly spaces where the trans community can gather in a relaxed, modern atmosphere.

Quartier du Vieux Marché : Historic and charming, this neighborhood is home to Le Coin Gourmand, a meeting place appreciated for its intimate atmosphere and diverse clientele.
It's the ideal place for authentic encounters.

Quartier Carmes : Known for its bohemian atmosphere and open spirit, Quartier Carmes is the place to be for those looking to connect with the trans community in an artistic and cultural setting.

Sainte-Catherine district: This neighborhood, with its winding streets and welcoming establishments, offers the perfect setting for relaxed, spontaneous encounters within the trans community. Le Petit Caprice, located in this neighborhood, is an example of the lively, inclusive atmosphere to be found here.

Orléans: A place for Trans encounters

Orléans is a region of diversity, an ideal place for trans encounters. From the vibrancy of Downtown to the intimacy of Quartier Sainte-Catherine, the city offers spaces where the trans community is celebrated and welcomed.
Bars like L'Atelier and clubs like Le Petit Caprice are symbols of this openness. Orléans invites rich, authentic experiences, combining diversity and conviviality in a respectful, vibrant setting.

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