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Trans encounters in the Île-de-France region: the best places to go out


by Vanessa Charles


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The Île-de-France region, with its cosmopolitan and lively cities, is a real delight for the trans community.
From Paris à Meauxthrough Courbevoie, Melun, Versailles and PuteauxThe region offers a wide variety of venues for enriching and authentic encounters for trans people.

CityCompany nameTypeDescriptionAddressNeighborhood
ParisLa ChampmesléBarHistoric bar famous for its open atmosphere.4 Rue Chabanais, 75002 Paris2ᵉ arr.
ParisLe Raidd BarBar-ClubExuberant bar with naked bartenders and dancers.23 Rue du Temple, 75004 Paris4ᵉ arr.
ParisL'Atlantide SaunaSaunaThe first mixed sauna in Paris, ideal for meetings.13 Rue Parrot, 75012 Paris12ᵉ arr.
CourbevoieFull MetalBarAn iconic gay bar, known for its no-reservations atmosphere.40 Rue des Blancs Manteaux, 75004 ParisMarshes
CourbevoieCOXBarLively gay bar with terrace, excellent cocktails, DJ and dance floor.15 Rue des Archives, 75004 ParisMarshes
CourbevoieThe Impact BarBarGay bar offering excellent cocktails and catering.18 Rue Greneta, 75002 ParisMontorgueil
MelunCud Night BarBarIntimate and festive gay bar, perfect for meeting new people.12 Rue des Haudriettes, 75003 Paris3rd rounding
MelunBetween two WatersBarIntimate, serene gay bar, ideal for quiet encounters.45 Rue de la Folie Méricourt, 75011 ParisRue Oberkampf and Avenue Parmentier
75011 Paris

MelunLe DépôtBarParisian nightlife institution, underground atmosphere, regular events.10, RUE AUX OURS 75003 PARISMarshes and
des Halles, 3rd arrondissement of Paris
VersaillesLes Caves Du Roi SoleilLounge barHistoric and modern ambience, theme evenings.5 Pass. de la Geôle, 78000 VersaillesVersailles
VersaillesDorian's PubPubCosy pub with coffee games, for relaxed get-togethers.Place Du Marche Notre Dame, 12 Rue André Chénier, 78000 Versailles, FranceVersailles
VersaillesPub O'ParisIrish pubBeer and whisky selection, sports evenings.15 Rue Colbert, 78000 VersaillesVersailles
PuteauxFreedjBarLively gay bar with basement dance floor, ideal for trans encounters.35 Rue Sainte-Croix de la Bretonnerie, 75004 ParisMarshes
PuteauxFull MetalBarGay bar renowned for its warm, inviting atmosphere.40 Rue des Blancs Manteaux, 75004 ParisMarshes
PuteauxSector XBarA friendly place to meet trans people.49 Rue des Blancs Manteaux, 75004 ParisMarshes
MeauxThai bathsSpa, Sauna, Gay BarA relaxing oasis for authentic encounters.5 rue du Dr Jacquemaire-Clémenceau, 75015 ParisVaugirard/Grenelle, 15th arrondissement
MeauxThe LaboGay barModern bar for enriching encounters.37 rue des Lombards, 75001 ParisChâtelet/Les H
MeauxLe DuplexGay barFriendly bar for unforgettable encounters.25 rue Michel Le Comte, 75003 ParisMarais, 3rd
Transgender meeting places in Île-de-France

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Paris: A buzz of life and diversity

In search of a trans meeting in Paris ? The City of Light also shines for its diversity and open-mindedness.
I'm Vanessa, your guide to the seductive and colorful world of trans dating in Paris.

La Champmeslé, A Historic Bar

lechampmesle paris lgbt

La Champmeslé, a historic bar that has been celebrating diversity for over four decades.
A veritable institution in the 2ᵉ arrondissement, this bar is known for its open, friendly atmosphere. Trans customers find it a safe and welcoming space.
La Champmeslé is the ideal place for authentic encounters in a warm setting, enriched by a variety of shows and entertainment.

Le Raidd Bar, L'Exubérance Parisienne

paris leraid Copy

Raidd Bar, the epitome of Parisian exuberance. With its spectacularly naked bartenders and waxed dancers, this bar offers a unique experience. Known for its cleavage-busting atmosphere, it attracts a diverse clientele, including trans people. It's the perfect place for those looking for a colorful evening and rewarding trans encounters.

L'Atlantide Sauna

2023 10 03

L'Atlantide Sauna, an oasis of relaxation and encounters. This first mixed sauna in Paris is a privileged meeting place for the trans community.
With its relaxing facilities and intimate ambience, it's the ideal place for more personal, discreet get-togethers.

Courbevoie: Urban and Modern Encounters

CourbevoieIt's not just a place, it's a bliss of cultures and identities where encounters take on a unique dimension.

Full Metal

2020 10 16

Full Metal is more than a bar, it's a symbol. Located not far from Courbevoie, it's a place where authenticity and diversity reign supreme. Here, the trans community finds a safe space to meet, exchange and celebrate.

COX, A Celebration of Diversity

2021 07 08

COX, located within easy reach of Courbevoie, is a celebration of life and diversity. With its inviting terrace and cocktails that awaken the senses, COX is the ideal place for those looking to expand their social circle within the trans community.
From DJ nights to happy hour, every moment spent here is a hymn to the joy and freedom of being yourself.

The Impact Bar, Elegance and Inclusivity

2022 07 04

Just a stone's throw from Courbevoie, L'Impact Bar is the perfect embodiment of elegance and inclusivity. This bar attracts a diverse clientele, offering the ideal setting for trans encounters in a relaxed yet sophisticated atmosphere. The bar shines with innovative cocktails and catering, offering an incomparable culinary and social experience.
Evenings spent here are synonymous with stimulating conversation and new friendships.

Melun: Conviviality and intimacy

In search of unforgettable encounters with people trans in Melun ? You've come to the right place! In this dynamic and welcoming city, there's no shortage of opportunities to meet and interact with the trans community. Let me guide you through the best places to expand your social circle.

Le Cud Night Bar, Une Nuit Animée

the cud

Cud Night Bar, nestled in the 3rd arrondissement of Paris, is a real gem for the trans community. This establishment has a knack for creating an intimate yet festive environment. With its lively music and avant-garde decor, Cud is the perfect place for those looking to meet trans people in a sophisticated yet relaxed atmosphere. Evenings here are lively and full of surprises, offering an unforgettable experience for all who pass through its doors.

Between Two Waters, A Haven of Peace

entredeuxeau 1

Entre deux Eaux, located in the Oberkampf/Parmentier district, is a gay bar offering a more intimate and serene atmosphere, ideal for the trans community.
This venue is perfect for those seeking a quieter, more personal environment for socializing.
With its elegant decor and subdued lighting, Entre deux Eaux creates an atmosphere conducive to conversation and relaxation. It's an oasis in the city, where encounters take place naturally and respectfully.

Le Dépôt, An Institution of the Night


Le Dépôt, located near Arts & Métiers/Rambuteau, is more than just a gay bar, it's an institution in the Parisian nightlife scene. Renowned for its underground ambience and wild parties, Le Dépôt attracts a diverse clientele, including the trans community.
With its large dance floor, more intimate spaces and regular events, it's the perfect place for those looking to meet new people in an energetic and liberating setting.

Versailles: Encounters in a historic setting

Looking to meet the trans community in the vibrant city of Versailles. Whether you're looking for a lively evening or a more intimate moment, these establishments will meet your expectations.

Les Caves Du Roi Soleil, A Unique Meeting Place

2023 05 25 1

In the elegant setting of Versailles, Les Caves Du Roi Soleil stands out as a privileged meeting place for the trans community. This lounge bar, nestled in an ancient building with exposed beams, offers a historic yet modern ambience, ideal for unforgettable encounters.

What makes Les Caves Du Roi Soleil so special is its unique blend of tradition and modernity. The themed evenings organized here are the perfect opportunity to meet trans people in a festive, open-minded setting. The cocktails, renowned for their excellence, add a touch of sophistication to your evenings, facilitating convivial and relaxed exchanges.

Dorian's Pub, Fun and Gamesx

sallehaut dorianspub

Dorian's Pub stands out as a favorite spot for the trans community in Versailles. The pub, located on Place Du Marche Notre Dame, offers a warm, lively atmosphere conducive to meetings and exchanges.

The relaxed atmosphere of Dorian's Pub is perfect for those looking to meet trans people in an unpretentious setting. On-site coffee games add a playful touch to the experience, facilitating social interaction in a friendly and inclusive spirit.

Pub O'Paris

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Pub O'Paris is a jewel of Versailles, a place where the trans community finds a warm welcome and a friendly atmosphere. This Irish pub, with its rich selection of draught beers and whiskies, is the ideal place for relaxed, authentic encounters.

What makes Pub O'Paris unique is its lively yet intimate atmosphere. The sports nights and games available offer plenty of opportunities to break the ice and strike up natural conversations. The ability to bring in outside food makes it the perfect place for a casual get-together where you can share your favorite snacks while getting to know each other.

Puteaux: Diversity and warmth

For those looking to make trans encounters in PuteauxYou'll need to discover Paris, the City of Light, which offers a multitude of opportunities.
This guide is your gateway to inclusive and dynamic spaces, where diversity and self-expression are celebrated.

Freedj, A Living Gay Bar

2020 01 30

Freedj, a lively gay bar, is an ideal place to meet trans people.
Known for its lively atmosphere, Freedj is an ideal place to meet trans people in a relaxed and lively setting.

Full Metal, Warm Encounters

2020 10 16

Full Metal is more than a bar, it's a symbol. Located not far from Courbevoie, it's a place where authenticity and diversity reign supreme. Here, the trans community finds a safe space to meet, exchange and celebrate.
This bar is renowned for its welcoming atmosphere, offering the ideal setting for trans encounters in a convivial atmosphere.

Sector X

2021 02 11 1

Secteur X, known for its conviviality, is the place to go for trans encounters in Paris.

Meaux: Trans encounters in a relaxed setting

If you're looking for rewarding encounters in the trans world at Meauxyou've come to the right place. In this article, I'll guide you through the region's best spots, where the LGBT+ community thrives in a spirit of freedom and respect.

Les Bains Thai, A Mixture of Spa and Bar

DSC 0005

Located in Paris, Les Bains Thai is a unique blend of spa, sauna and gay bar.
This venue is perfect for those looking to meet trans people in a relaxed, intimate setting. The saunas' warmth and soothing atmosphere encourage deeper, more meaningful conversations, ideal for forging lasting relationships.

Le Duplex

2022 07 04

Le Duplex, located in Paris, is known for its warm, welcoming atmosphere.
This gay bar is the perfect place to meet trans people in a relaxed environment. With regular events and a diverse clientele, Le Duplex offers a multitude of opportunities to make authentic connections.

The Labo, trendy atmosphere and attractive prices

2023 09 14

The Labo, nestled in the 1st arrondissement of Paris. This gay bar, with its hip atmosphere and attractive prices, is the ideal playground for those looking to meet trans people.
Its outdoor space and extended happy hour create the perfect setting for relaxed, cheerful exchanges.

Île-de-France, A Region of Diversity for the Trans Community

Île-de-France, with emblematic cities such as Paris, Versailles, Courbevoie, Puteaux, Meaux and MelunParis is proving to be a vibrant epicenter for the trans community. Paris, in particular, shines with its diversity and openness, offering a multitude of venues dedicated to celebrating and supporting the trans community.
Versailles, Courbevoie, Puteaux, Meaux and Melun are not to be outdone, offering welcoming and varied spaces, from convivial bars to lively clubs, where trans encounters are both enriching and authentic.
This region, rich in history and culture, is a haven for the trans community, offering safety, acceptance and a myriad of opportunities to connect, socialize and thrive.

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