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Rencontre Trans à Melun : Cap sur les Lieux Tendance


by Vanessa Charles


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The best site to meet transsexuals in Melun

Tested and approved by myself and, above all, by my readers in the LGBT community in Melun, it's a must for headache-free trans dating!

Looking for unforgettable encounters with trans people in Melun? You've come to the right place! In this dynamic and welcoming city, there's no shortage of opportunities to meet and interact with the trans community. Let me guide you through the best places to expand your social circle.

EstablishmentTypeShort presentationAddressNeighborhood
The LaboBarGay bar with a warm atmosphere, celebrating diversityChâtelet/Les Halles, ParisChâtelet/Les Halles
Cud Night BarBarIntimate and festive gay bar, perfect for meetings3rd, Paris3rd
Bears' denBarFriendly, diverse atmosphere, ideal for networkingBeaubourg, ParisBeaubourg
Transfer (closed)BarElegant, intimate, welcoming bar, ideal for meeting trans peoplePalais Royal/Musée du Louvre, ParisPalais Royal/Louvre Museum
RaiddBarFamous gay bar, electrifying atmosphere, drag showsBeaubourg, ParisBeaubourg
Fox Club (closed)Bar/Club/Social ClubUnique mix of bar, club and pub, warm and welcoming atmospherePigalle, ParisPigalle
FreedjBarDynamic gay bar with modern decor, varied theme evenings.Beaubourg, ParisBeaubourg
Between two WatersBarIntimate, serene gay bar, ideal for quiet encounters.Oberkampf/Parmentier, ParisOberkampf/Parmentier
Le Dépôt
Parisian nightlife institution, underground atmosphere, regular events.
Arts & Métiers/Ramb
Not specified
Transgender dating in Melun
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Where to meet Trans women in Melun ?

The Labo, a magnet for the Trans community


The Labo, located in the heart of Châtelet/Les Halles in Paris, is much more than just a gay bar. It's a real crossroads where trans people find a warm, inclusive atmosphere.
Here, diversity is celebrated through themed evenings, drag shows and cultural events. The atmosphere is electric, subtly blending elegance and casualness. Whether you're looking for new encounters or just a fun night out, The Labo is the ideal place to immerse yourself in the trans world of Paris.

NameThe Labo
Address37 Rue des Lombards, 75001 Paris
Phone number01 40 28 02 52
Opening hours and daysOpen until 03:00
Notice4.0/5 (2,400 reviews)
Details of "The Labo" in Melun

Cud Night Bar, an Oasis for the Trans Community

the cud

Cud Night Bar, nestled in the 3rd arrondissement of Paris, is a real gem for the trans community. This establishment has a knack for creating an intimate yet festive environment. With its lively music and avant-garde decor, Cud is the perfect place for those looking to meet trans people in a sophisticated yet relaxed atmosphere. Evenings here are lively and full of surprises, offering an unforgettable experience for all who pass through its doors.

NameCud Night Bar
Address 12 Rue des Haudriettes, 75003 Paris
Phone number 01 53 01 00 00
Opening hours and daysopen from 11:30 p.m. to 6:00 a.m.
Notice3.7/5 (429 reviews)
Details of Cud Night Bar in Melun

Bears' den


Located in the lively Beaubourg district of Paris, Bears' den stands out as a privileged meeting place for the trans community. With its friendly atmosphere and diverse audience, ranging from young adults to the more mature, this bar offers an ideal setting for authentic, relaxed encounters. The space is set up to encourage exchanges and connections, making Bears' den a must for those looking to expand their social network in a respectful and inclusive environment.

NameBears' den
Address 6 Rue des Lombards, 75004 Paris
Phone number01 42 71 08 20
Opening hours and daysFrom 4 p.m. to 2 a.m.
Notice4.2/5 (300 reviews)
Details of the "Bears' den" in Melun

Raidd, a Unique Experience for the Trans Community

paris leraid

Raidd, located in the lively Beaubourg district, is a famous gay bar that attracts an eclectic crowd, including the trans community. The place is known for its electrifying atmosphere, with drag shows and a famous shower dance show. Raidd is the ideal place for those looking to mingle in a festive, open atmosphere. Evenings are hosted by talented DJs, creating the perfect setting for socializing, dancing and memorable encounters.

Address 23 Rue du Temple, 75004 Paris
Phone number01 53 01 00 00
Opening hours and daysFrom 6 p.m. to 4 a.m.
Notice2.9/5 (600 reviews)
Details of the "Raidd" in Melun

Freedj, a meeting place for the Trans community

Located in the heart of Beaubourg, Freedj is a renowned gay bar that also serves as a meeting point for the trans community. The bar boasts a dynamic atmosphere, modern decor and lively music. Freedj is known for its varied theme nights, talented DJs and, above all, for its inclusive, friendly atmosphere. It's the ideal place for those looking to meet trans people in a fun, unpretentious setting.

Address35 Rue Sainte-Croix de la Bretonnerie, 75004 Paris
Phone number01 48 04 95 14
Opening hours and days6 p.m. to 3 a.m. / Friday Saturday closing at 4 a.m.
Notice3.3/5 (500 reviews)
Details of "Freedj" in Melun

Entre deux Eaux, a Haven of Peace for the Trans Community

entredeuxeau 1

Entre deux Eaux, located in the Oberkampf/Parmentier district, is a gay bar offering a more intimate and serene atmosphere, ideal for the trans community.
This venue is perfect for those seeking a quieter, more personal environment for socializing.
With its elegant decor and subdued lighting, Entre deux Eaux creates an atmosphere conducive to conversation and relaxation. It's an oasis in the city, where encounters take place naturally and respectfully.

NameBetween two Waters
Address45 Rue de la Folie Méricourt, 75011 Paris
Phone number01 43 57 76 46
Opening hours and daysopening 15h00 closing 00h00 saud weekend 02h00
WebsiteNot specified
Notice4.5/5 (2 reviews)
Details of "Entre deux Eaux" in Melun

Le Dépôt


Le Dépôt, located near Arts & Métiers/Rambuteau, is more than just a gay bar, it's an institution in the Parisian nightlife world. Renowned for its underground ambience and wild parties, Le Dépôt attracts a diverse clientele, including the trans community. With its large dance floor, more intimate spaces and regular events, it's the perfect place for those looking to meet new people in an energetic and liberating setting.

NameLe Dépôt
Address10, RUE AUX OURS 75003 PARIS
Phone number01 44 54 96 96
Opening hours and daysOpen until 08:00
Websitewebsite / instagram
Notice2.6/5 (31 reviews)
Details of "Le Dépôt" in Melun

Fox Club (temporarily closed)

Located in Pigalle, the Fox Club is a unique blend of gay bar, social club and pub.
This venue offers a warm and welcoming atmosphere, perfect for those looking to meet trans people in a relaxed setting. The Fox Club stands out for its diversity and openness, offering a safe space for all. Whether you're looking for a quiet evening out or a lively social event, the Fox Club is the destination of choice for making meaningful connections.

NameFox Club (temporarily closed)
Address109 Rue des Haies, 75020 Paris
Phone numberNot specified
Opening hours and daysTemporarily closed
Notice3.0/5 (2 reviews)
Details of the "Fox Club" in Melun

Transfer (closed)

Transfer, located near the Palais Royal and the Louvre Museum.
This bar, renowned for its relaxed atmosphere and elegant setting, is the perfect place for those looking to meet trans people in a refined and welcoming environment. The evenings at Transfert are renowned for their intimate, friendly atmosphere, offering a safe space for meetings and exchanges. It's a place where diversity is celebrated, and where everyone can feel free to be themselves.

NameTransfer (closed)
Address 3 Rue de la Sourdière, 75001 Paris
Phone number01 42 60 48 42
Opening hours and daysclosed
Details of "Transfer" to Melun

Must-See Areas in Melun to Meet the Trans Community

1. Beaubourg

A vibrant and culturally rich neighborhood, Beaubourg is a favorite spot for the trans community. With lively bars like Raidd and Freedj, it's a neighborhood where diversity is celebrated around every corner.

2. Châtelet/Les Halles

Known for its boundless energy and cosmopolitan atmosphere, Châtelet/Les Halles attracts a diverse crowd. The Labo, a popular gay bar, is located here, offering a welcoming setting for trans encounters.

3. Le Marais

Historically the heart of Paris' LGBT scene, Le Marais is a must-see. This trendy district is packed with gay-friendly cafés, boutiques and bars, providing the perfect environment for trans encounters.

4. Oberkampf/Parmentier

A dynamic neighborhood known for its young, alternative spirit. Oberkampf/Parmentier, with places like Entre deux Eaux, is an ideal spot for those seeking a more relaxed, intimate atmosphere.

5. Pigalle

Pigalle, famous for its sultry past and vibrant nightlife, is now a neighborhood of choice for the trans community. Establishments like the Fox Club offer a safe and entertaining place to meet new people.

Your Passport to Enriching Trans Encounters near Melun

By exploring Melun's vibrant neighborhoods and establishments, you now have all the keys to unforgettable trans encounters. Whether in the cultural effervescence of Beaubourg, the trendy atmosphere of Le Marais, or the intimacy of Oberkampf/Parmentier, every corner of this city abounds with opportunities to connect with the trans community. Remember, open-mindedness and respect are your best allies in these adventures. So don't hesitate, dive into the Melunaise experience, and let yourself be surprised by the wealth of encounters you'll have.
Melun awaits you with open arms, ready to offer you unrivalled moments of joy and sharing.

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