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Rencontres Trans dans les Pays de la Loire: best venues


by Vanessa Charles


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The Pays de la Loire region, with its departments like Loire-Atlantique, Maine-et-Loire and Sarthe, is a vibrant epicenter for the trans community. Cities such as Nantes, Angers and Le Mans offer a mosaic of places where diversity and self-expression are celebrated.
These spaces offer enriching encounters, authentic exchanges and moments of freedom and joy for the trans community.

illeCompany nameTypeDescriptionAddressNeighborhood
NantesLe Plein SudBarNantes' oldest gay bar, famous for its relaxed atmosphere and delicious cocktails.2 rue Prémion, NantesDowntown
NantesLe Petit MaraisClubA popular club for gay & friendly clubbers, known for its varied music and electrifying atmosphere.15 rue Kervegan, NantesDowntown
NantesLe KaleidoscopeBarStylish, cosy bar, perfect for intimate get-togethers, with an interesting selection of wines and beers.9 rue Paré, NantesDowntown
AngersL'Entre 2Bar GayA friendly bar, ideal for genuine encounters in a relaxed atmosphere.90 rue LionnaiseSaint-Jacques-Nazareth
AngersThe New YorkerDance Club/Gay BarVibrant space combining dance, music and gay bar, perfect for a lively evening.1 Rue du Commerce, 49100 AngersDowntown
Le MansLe BabyloneClubIconic gay club open since 2005, popular with the LGBT community.151 rue Nationale, 72000 Le MansDowntown
Le MansMojito RoyalBarA friendly, relaxed bar, ideal for intimate get-togethers.3 rue du Rempart, Le MansDowntown
Le MansDelta SaunaSaunaLibertine club offering a discreet and secure experience for the trans community.263 Boulevard Carnot, Le MansPeriphery
Transgender dating in Pays de la Loire

Meet local Transexuals Pays de la Loire

Nantes city

Nantes : A blend of conviviality and festivity

Meet a person trans in Nantes ? It's possible, and easy too! The city is full of warm, welcoming places for the trans community.

Le Plein Sud, a haven of conviviality


Le Plein Sud, Nantes' oldest gay bar, is known for its warm and welcoming atmosphere, offering the perfect venue for relaxed trans encounters.
Imagine yourself enjoying a tasty cocktail in a relaxed atmosphere, where Didier and Jean-Luc welcome you with open arms. The atmosphere is so warm that barriers come down, facilitating genuine encounters. Evenings are frequently lively, providing the ideal setting for exchanging glances, words and, why not, numbers? What's more, its location is perfect, right next to the magnificent Château des Ducs de Bretagne.

Le Petit Marais, a feast for the eyes


This bar is the ideal place for those looking to immerse themselves in a festive, electrifying atmosphere, conducive to joyful, spontaneous trans encounters. It's not just a bar, it's a space where celebration and joie de vivre reign supreme. You'll find a diverse, open-minded clientele ready to party the night away. Meeting new people is made easy by the friendly atmosphere and incredible energy of the place.

Kaleidoscope, a corner of paradise


With its stylish, cosy setting, Le Kaleidoscope is perfect for more intimate get-togethers, where respect and conviviality are the order of the day. The bartenders are super friendly, and the place offers a fine selection of wines and beers to accompany your discussions.
If you'd like to extend your evening on the terrace, plaids are available. It's the ideal place for a quiet evening, where meeting a trans person comes naturally, in the comfort of your own home.

Angers: Welcoming and diversified spaces

Come and discover trans encounters in Angers. This city, rich in diversity, offers a range of bars and clubs where the LGBT community, including trans and transvestite people, can meet in a warm and welcoming environment.

L'Entre 2

lentre2 angers

L'Entre 2 in Angers is renowned for its warm atmosphere and open welcome, facilitating trans encounters in a respectful and pleasant environment.
Imagine a place where conviviality reigns supreme and where every trans or transvestite feels welcomed with open arms. With a perfect score of 5.0, it's clear that L'Entre 2 is more than just a bar: it's a haven of peace and authentic exchange. You'll meet open-minded people, ready to share their experiences in an atmosphere of respect and diversity.

The New Yorker

lenewyorkais angers

The New Yorker stands out for its vibrant energy, mixing dance club, gay bar and music venue. This venue is a true celebration of diversity, attracting a diverse trans clientele thanks to its electric atmosphere and unforgettable evenings. With a rating of 2.8, it offers a unique experience for those looking to immerse themselves in LGBT culture, meet trans people or simply enjoy a colorful evening out.

Le Mans: Freedom and Diversity

In search of trans encounters in Le Mans ? This city is full of vibrant, inclusive places where diversity and self-expression are celebrated.

Le Babylone

photo Bab facade

Le Babylone, an iconic gay club in Le Mans, is proving to be a haven for trans encounters. Since 2005, the club has been a meeting point for the LGBT community, offering a space where transsexuals, ladyboys and tgirls can meet in complete freedom.
The magic of Le Babylone lies in its electric ambience, conducive to both self-fulfillment and socializing. The music is varied, oscillating between current hits and timeless classics, attracting an eclectic, open-minded clientele. Le Babylone is not just a place to party, it's also a space of freedom and respect, where everyone can be themselves without fear.

Mojito Royal

2021 07 30

Mojito Royal, another must-visit establishment in Le Mans, offers a unique and welcoming atmosphere for the trans community. Located at 3 rue du Rempart, this bar stands out for its conviviality and relaxed atmosphere. This bar offers a less formal setting for trans encounters, known for its conviviality and tasty cocktails.
It's the perfect place to relax, chat and meet trans people in a less formal setting than a club. Mojito Royal is known for its tasty cocktails and friendly staff, making it the perfect place for a first meeting or an evening out with friends.

Club Libertin en Sarthe : Le Delta Sauna


The Delta Sauna offers a discreet and intimate experience, ideal for those looking to explore more intimate relationships within the trans community.

Pays de la Loire, A Region of Encounters for the Trans Community

The Pays de la Loire region, with cities such as Nantes, Angers and Le Mans, is a rich and diverse home for the trans community. These places, each with its own unique character, offer spaces of freedom, respect and conviviality, enabling trans people to flourish and forge meaningful links.
The region stands out for its open-mindedness and its ability to offer memorable experiences to those seeking authentic and joyful encounters.

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