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Rencontres Trans Grand-Est: top venues


by Vanessa Charles


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The Grand Est region, with its vibrant cities like Metz, Strasbourg, Mulhouse, Nancy and Reimsoffers a rich and diverse panorama for the trans community.
These cities, each with its own unique character, offer a variety of places where diversity is celebrated, providing spaces for trans people to meet and share.

CityCompany nameTypeDescriptionAddressNeighborhood
MetzTHE PLACEDiscothequeVibrant discotheque for lively evenings.20 rue aux OursOld town
MetzTHE CHERRYBarFriendly atmosphere, hosts LGBTQI+ events.19 place Saint JacquesOld town
MetzLa PaletteGay barLGBTQ+ community bar, open and inclusive.11 rue des ParmentiersOld Town
StrasbourgThe Queer SofaBar GayStrasbourg's first LGBT-friendly venue.20 Rue des Couples, 67000 StrasbourgStock exchange
StrasbourgThe Golden GateBar-clubGay-friendly bar-club with terrace, friendly atmosphere.63 rue du Fossé-des-Tanneurs, StrasbourgPetite France
StrasbourgLe Z BarNight barFriendly gay bar with theme nights, smoking room and backroom.9 rue de la Course, StrasbourgStation area
MulhouseThe Spart BarBar/ClubPrivate bar and club with a festive, inclusive atmosphere.50 rue de l'Arsenal, 58100 Mulhouse, FranceDowntown
MulhouseLS'BarBarCosy, elegant bar for quiet evenings.18 rue de la Loi, 68100 MulhouseDowntown
MulhouseClub Libertin City ZenClub LibertinLuxurious, discreet relaxation area for the trans community.8c Quai d'Oran, 68100 MulhouseClose to the river
NancyLa PlaceBarA friendly, inclusive bar celebrating diversity and self-expression.7 Place Stanislas, NancyStanislas
NancyThe PinocchioBarIntimate atmosphere, perfect for personal, authentic encounters.9 Place Saint Epvre, NancySaint Epvre
NancyPrelud' BarBarElegant and welcoming, it attracts a diverse clientele.4 rue Gustave Simon, NancyGustave
ReimsThe tie-breaker datesBar AssociatifThe beating heart of LGBT life in Reims, a place to meet and exchange ideas.25 rue du Jard, ReimsDowntown
ReimsL.Bee BarBarFestive bar with cocktails and karaoke, a vibrant, inclusive atmosphere.69 Pl. Drouet d'Erlon, 51100 ReimsDowntown
Transgender meeting places in Eastern France

Meet local Transexuals du Grand Est

metz city

Metz: conviviality and diversity

Metzwith its cultural and social richness, is a place made for trans encounters.
This historic city offers an ideal setting for the trans community to explore, meet and thrive.


lendroit discotheque metz

L'ENDROIT is a must-visit nightclub for those looking for nightlife excitement in Metz. Located on Rue aux Ours, this nightclub is a haven for the trans community, offering a space where freedom of expression is the norm. L'ENDROIT's vibrant music, twinkling lights and electric energy make it the ideal venue for memorable nights of dancing and stimulating encounters.


lecheri metz

LE CHÉRI, located at 19 place Saint-Jacques, is a bar with a welcoming, inclusive atmosphere, particularly popular with the trans community.
This establishment is renowned for its friendly atmosphere and special events, such as Rainbow Weeks and the LGBTQI+ Festival of Cultures. An ideal place for relaxed, authentic encounters in a respectful, joyful setting.

La Palette

laplette 1

Managed by the Couleurs Gaies association, La Palette is a cultural and social meeting point for diversity in Metz. The venue stands out for its openness and commitment to the trans community, offering a safe and inclusive space. With its exhibitions and concert evenings, La Palette is ideal for social and cultural gatherings, a true meeting point for diversity in Metz.

Strasbourg: Culture and openness

Meet trans people in Strasbourg can be an exciting adventure rich in discovery. Although the city doesn't shout from the rooftops about its openness to the LGBT community, it is full of discreet yet incredibly warm and welcoming places for trans people and their entourage. So let's embark on this urban exploration together!

Le Canapé Queer, a Warm Refuge for the Trans Community

lecanapequeer strasbourg

This bar is a reflection of Strasbourg's trans diversity, offering an ideal setting for joyful, free exchange. Imagine a place where diversity is celebrated, where everyone - transsexual, transvestite, tgirl or simple ally - can feel at home. The music is always upbeat, perfect for swaying or just chatting.

The Golden Gate, a corner of San Francisco in Strasbourg

legoldengate strasbourg

With its sunny terrace and unique decor, Le Golden Gate is a relaxed and welcoming place for trans encounters. Its sunny terrace is a real asset, and the interior, adorned with a replica of the famous bridge, will transport you elsewhere. It's the ideal place for trans people and those who admire them, offering a relaxed atmosphere and lively evenings.

Le Z Bar, A Trendy Spot for the Trans Community


Z Bar boasts a relaxed atmosphere and themed evenings, perfect for a lively, inclusive night out. With its relaxed atmosphere and themed evenings, it's the perfect place to let loose. The clientele is diverse and open-minded, making each evening unique.
Whether you're a regular or a newcomer, there's a place for you here.

Mulhouse: Intimacy and Elegance

Dating, trans, and Mulhouse - a dynamic combination for unforgettable moments. The city of Mulhouse, with its vibrant and inclusive atmosphere, is a place made for the trans community, offering spaces in which enriching bonds can be forged.



The LS'Bar, a real gem for trans encounters in Mulhouse, stands out for its intimate, welcoming atmosphere. The cosy, friendly atmosphere is ideal for quiet evenings or more intimate discussions. With its elegant decor and subdued lighting, LS'Bar offers the perfect setting for more personal encounters and enriching exchanges.

Club Libertin City Zen

cityzen mulhouse

This club is an elegant haven for those looking to meet trans people in a discreet and luxurious environment. This club is a haven of peace for those looking to meet trans people in an elegant and relaxed environment.
With its themed evenings, Club Libertin City Zen is the perfect place to relax, socialize and make memorable encounters. The friendly, professional staff ensures that every guest feels privileged and safe, fostering an ideal setting for authentic interactions.

The Spart Bar

spartbar mulhouse

With its mix of bar and private club, Le Spart Bar offers the ideal setting for trans encounters in a unique, open atmosphere. It's a place where the conviviality of a bar meets the charm of a private club. The decor, combining modernity and comfort, creates an environment in which the trans community feels valued and respected. The events organized here are designed to encourage interaction, with a touch of originality that makes each evening unforgettable.
Whether you're looking for a quiet drink or a night of partying, Le Spart Bar is the ideal place to meet trans people and widen your circle.

Nancy: Charm and authenticity

Must-see places in Nancyperfect for meeting trans people, cross-dressers or enjoying unforgettable experiences in an LGBT-friendly atmosphere.

La Place

laplace nancy

La Placea friendly, inclusive bar, stands out as a rallying point for Nancy's trans community. Imagine a place where everyone can freely express their identity, in a warm, non-judgmental atmosphere. With regular events and a diverse clientele, it's the ideal place to bond, share moments of joy and maybe even find love.

The Pinocchio

lepinocchio nancy

Le Pinocchio is the place to be. Known for its warm and cozy setting, Le Pinocchio is perfect for more personal and authentic trans encounters.
Trans and LGBT customers find a safe place to meet and share quality moments.

Prelud' Bar

Le Prelud' Bar is the place to be for those looking for a more refined, intimate atmosphere in Nancy. With its elegant decor and welcoming atmosphere, this bar attracts a diverse clientele, including the trans community. It's the perfect place to relax after a long day, immerse yourself in deep conversation, or simply enjoy an evening with friends. Their beverage selection lives up to their commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Reims: Festivity and Inclusion

Meet trans people in Reims is not just a possibility, it's a celebration of diversity and personal expression.

The tie-breaker dates

Les rendez-vous d'exaequo is the beating heart of LGBT life in Reims.
It's not just an association in Reims, but a sanctuary for the trans community.
Imagine a place where freedom of expression is not a luxury, but a norm.
Here, every Friday evening, the walls echo with laughter and lively discussion.
Groups such as 'Le genre en question' or 'Café poly' are ideal places to meet trans people and exchange views on both deep and light topics.

L.Bee Bar


With its cocktails and karaoke, L.Bee Bar is known for its festive and inclusive atmosphere, perfect for memorable trans encounters. This bar stands out for its ability to create an environment in which everyone feels welcome and valued. Diversity and open-mindedness are the watchwords, making every evening unique and unforgettable.

Grand Est, a region of Encounter and Inclusion for the Trans Community

The Grand Est region, with its emblematic cities such as Strasbourg, Metz, Mulhouse, Nancy and Reims, stands out as a place of encounter and inclusion for the trans community. Each of these cities offers a unique and welcoming atmosphere, where trans people can find spaces of freedom and expression.
From Strasbourg, with its historic charm and cultural dynamism, to Nancy and Reims, where conviviality and the diversity of meeting places blend perfectly, this region demonstrates its commitment to the trans community.
Metz and Mulhouse add to this mosaic with their own dynamic scenes, testifying to the richness and openness of the Grand Est region.
A true haven for the trans community, where respect, diversity and enriching encounters are the order of the day.

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