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Rencontres Trans à Bordeaux: Trendy venues


by Vanessa Charles


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Le meilleur site pour rencontrer des transsexuelles à Bordeaux

Testé et approuvé par mes soins et surtout mes lecteurs de la communauté LGBT à Bordeaux, il est incontournable pour faire des rencontres trans sans prise de tête !

Meeting trans people in Bordeaux is not only an enriching experience, it's also a discovery of the diversity and openness of this magnificent city. I'm Vanessa, your expert dating and seduction guide, and I'll take you to the most dynamic places in Bordeaux where the trans and LGBT community thrives.

EstablishmentTypeShort presentationAddressNeighborhood
Coco LokoBarLively bar and nightclub, perfect for trans, gay and LGBT parties with a variety of themes.3 Rue Duffour Dubergier, 33000 BordeauxDowntown
Le Trou Duck (closed)BarFriendly LGBTQ+ bar with terrace, ideal for relaxed afternoons and after-work sessions.33 Rue Piliers de Tutelle, 33000 BordeauxDowntown
Streo Klubs (fermé)ClubVibrant club offering a variety of musical ambiances for the trans, gay and lesbian community.15 rue de Candale, 33000 Bordeaux, FranceDowntown
Zig Zag CaféBarEclectic bar with a wide range of activities and a warm atmosphere for the LGBT community.73 Cours de l'Argonne, 33000 BordeauxVictory
BB25BarA gay-friendly bar combining tolerance, quality cocktails and good music in a warm setting.25 Rue Bouquière, 33000 Bordeaux, FranceHyper Centre
Ultra KlubsClubBordeaux's biggest LGBT nightclub, known for its crazy atmosphere and themed evenings.22 Pl. André Meunier, 33000 Bordeaux, FranceSaint-Michel
TraxxBarGay cruising-bar focused on trans encounters, offering themed parties in a welcoming atmosphere.38 Bis Rue Arnaud Miqueu, 33000 BordeauxDowntown
Buster cruising-barBarBar with transvestite entertainment, known for its sexy, friendly atmosphere.34 rue de Cursol, 33000 BordeauxDowntown
The ShineClubClub dedicated to transsexual encounters with a variety of musical ambiances and a festive atmosphere.3-5, rue Cabanac, 33000 BordeauxDowntown
Lieux de rencontre transgenre à Bordeaux

Meet local Transexuals Nouvelle-Aquitaine

Bordeaux city

Where to meet trans people in Bordeaux?

Coco Loko, the vibrant heart of Bordeaux nightlife


Coco Loko isn't just a bar, it's a nightlife hub for trans people, ladyboys, shemales and all those who cherish diversity. Here, every night is a celebration of freedom and self-expression. With a variety of themed evenings, from festive quizzes to DJ nights, Coco Loko is the perfect place to make friends and more in a joyful, unprejudiced setting.

NameCoco Loko
Address3 Rue Duffour Dubergier, 33000 Bordeaux
Phone number06.
Times and daysOpen every day from 6 p.m. to 2 a.m.
WebsiteFacebook Coco Loko
Notice3.9/5 (Google Reviews)
Détails du « Coco Loko » à Bordeaux

Zig Zag Café, a cocktail of entertainment and diversity


Zig Zag Café stands out for its inexhaustible energy and warm welcome to the trans and LGBT community. It's a sparkling mix of culture, with events like Lives Acoustic, film screenings, and even improv theater. It's the ideal place for those looking to meet trans people in a lively, culturally rich setting.

NameZig Zag Café
Address 73 Cr de l’Argonne, 33000 Bordeaux
Phone number05.
Times and daysTuesday to Sunday, 4 p.m. to 2 a.m.
WebsiteFacebook Zig Zag Café
Notice4.2/5 (Google Reviews)
Détails du « Zig Zag Café » à Bordeaux

BB25, a gay-friendly space full of charm

BB25 is much more than a community bar; it's a sanctuary of tolerance and respect. With its cosy ambience and quality cocktails, it's the perfect place to relax and meet interesting people. Whether it's an intimate chat or a lively evening, BB25 welcomes everyone with equal warmth, making it a must for Bordeaux's trans community.

Address 25 Rue Bouquière, 33000 Bordeaux
Phone number05.
Times and daysTuesday to Thursday 2 pm to 6 pm, 11 pm to 4 am; Friday and Saturday 11 pm to 4 am
Notice4.1/5 (Google Reviews)
Détails du « BB25 » à Bordeaux

Ultra Klubs, an exhilarating trans experience

ultraklubs bordeaux

Ultra Klubs is a vibrant nightclub, famous for welcoming the trans and LGBT community. With a giant dancefloor and a stage for breathtaking shows, this venue promises memorable nights. Whether it's a dance party or a drag show, L'Ultra Klubs is the place to meet in an electric, inclusive atmosphere.

NameUltra Klubs
Address 22 Pl. André Meunier dit Mureine, 33800 Bordeaux
Phone number06.
Times and daysThursday to Saturday, 01 a.m. to 07 a.m.
WebsiteFacebook L'Ultra Klubs
Notice3.8/5 (Google Reviews)
Détails du « L’Ultra Klubs » à Bordeaux

Traxx, a sanctuary of freedom and discovery

letraxx bordeaux 1

Traxx, with its 400 m² dedicated to cross-dressing parties, is more than just a bar: it's a place of freedom, expression and encounters. The warm atmosphere envelops you from the moment you enter. Attentive hosts Stéphane and Patrice make sure everyone feels at home. Regular theme evenings ensure a fresh atmosphere, perfect for meeting the trans person of your dreams in a relaxed and welcoming setting.

Address 38 bis Rue Arnaud Miqueu, 33000 Bordeaux
Phone number05 56 44 03 41
Times and daysMon - Tue: 3pm - 8pm, Wed - Thu: 3pm - 3am, Fri - Sat: 3pm - 5pm
WebsiteFacebook Traxx
NoticeNot specified
Détails du « Traxx » à Bordeaux

Buster cruising-bar, the epicenter of trans encounters


Buster offers a unique experience. Trans parties are vibrant and full of life. The military-industrial decor creates a cozy yet dynamic atmosphere. With professional DJs and entertainers, Buster is the perfect place to socialize, flirt and relax in a friendly, open-minded environment. This is where French and English speakers meet, creating a fascinating cultural mix.

NameBuster cruising-bar
Address 34 Rue de Cursol, 33000 Bordeaux
Phone number06 88 51 91 21
Times and daysTue - Sat: 22h - 02h, Sun: 19h - 02h
WebsiteFacebook Buster
NoticeNot specified
Détails du « Buster cruising-bar » à Bordeaux

Le Shine, where trans encounters sparkle

leshine club bordeuax 1

Le Shine is a club designed specifically for transsexual encounters, a place where celebration and love shine brightly. Its four rooms, with a variety of atmospheres from British pop to world rhythms, offer the ideal space to relax and bond. After a long day, Le Shine welcomes you into its colorful arms, promising unforgettable encounters in a warm, festive setting.

NameThe Shine
Address3-5, rue Cabanac, 33000 Bordeaux
Phone number05 56 84 89 23
Times and daysThu - Sat: Midnight - 07h
WebsiteFacebook Le Shine
NoticeNot specified
Détails du « Le Shine » à Bordeaux

Le Trou Duck (closed)

letrouduck bar

At Trou Duck, relaxation is the watchword. This welcoming bar is a haven for the LGBT community, offering a soothing terrace and a warm atmosphere from 2pm. Whether you're looking for a relaxing after-work get-together or a place to spend a quiet afternoon, Le Trou Duck is the ideal place for authentic, unadorned encounters.

NameLe Trou Duck
Address33 Rue Piliers de Tutelle, 33000 Bordeaux
Phone number05.
Times and daysOpen every day from 6 p.m. to 2 a.m.
WebsiteFacebook Le Trou Duck
Notice4.3/5 (Google Reviews)
Détails du « Le Trou Duck » à Bordeaux

Stereo Klubs (fermé)

Stereo Klubs is where music and diversity meet. This club dedicated to the trans, gay and lesbian community offers an immersive experience with its different musical moods. Pop, dance, electro, techno... there's something for everyone. It's the perfect place to dance into the wee hours and meet some fascinating people.

NameStereo Klubs
Address 15 Rue de Candale, 33000 Bordeaux
Phone number08.
Times and daysWednesday to Thursday from 11 pm to 7 am, Friday to Saturday from midnight to 7 am
WebsiteFacebook Stereo Klubs
Notice3.8/5 (Google Reviews)
Détails du « Stereo Klubs » à Bordeaux

Must-See Areas in Bordeaux to Meet the Trans Community

La ville de Bordeaux, riche de sa diversité culturelle et de son ouverture d’esprit, abrite plusieurs quartiers dynamiques où la communauté trans et LGBT peut se retrouver et s’épanouir.
Voici cinq quartiers incontournables à Bordeaux pour faire des rencontres enrichissantes au sein de cette communauté :

  1. Downtown Bordeaux
    The beating heart of Bordeaux, the downtown area is a privileged meeting place for the trans community. With its many bars, cafés and nightlife venues such as Coco Loko, Le Trou Duck and Traxx, this district is a veritable crossroads of diversity and acceptance.
  2. Saint-Michel district
    Known for its cosmopolitan atmosphere and vibrant markets, the Saint-Michel district is a place where diversity is celebrated. It's home to establishments such as L'Ultra Klubs, offering a safe and festive space for the trans and LGBT community.
  3. Victoire district
    The Victoire district, with its young, student atmosphere, is a dynamic place where the trans community easily finds its place. Establishments like Zig Zag Café offer a welcoming setting for lively evenings and authentic encounters.
  4. Chartrons district
    Although not specifically mentioned for the establishments listed, Chartrons is renowned for its bohemian, artistic atmosphere. This area is ideal for meetings in a quieter, more cultural setting.
  5. Bastide district
    Located on the right bank of the Garonne, La Bastide is a rapidly evolving neighborhood. It attracts a young and diverse population, making it a promising location for the trans community in search of new places to meet and express themselves.

Bordeaux: An ideal city for the Trans Community to meet and grow

Bordeaux is a veritable cultural and social crossroads, teeming with places and neighborhoods where the trans and LGBT community can flourish. Whether in the bustling Centre-Ville, the cosmopolitan diversity of Saint-Michel, the youthful energy of Victoire, or the bohemian atmosphere of Chartrons, the city offers an inclusive and dynamic setting for all. Establishments like Coco Loko, Le Trou Duck, Stereo Klubs and many others are havens for meeting and sharing, celebrating diversity in all its forms. Bordeaux is not only a city of history and culture, it's also a vibrant place where the trans community finds its place, forges bonds and shares unique moments. This city is a reflection of a society on the move, welcoming and open to diversity, making Bordeaux a privileged place for the trans and LGBT community to meet and flourish.

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