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Trans encounters in Haut-de-France: the best locations


by Vanessa Charles


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The Haut-de-France region, with its lively cities such as Lille, Amiens and Beauvaisis a privileged place for the trans and LGBT community. These cities offer a variety of places where diversity and authenticity are celebrated, providing spaces for the trans community to meet and exchange.

CityCompany nameTypeDescriptionAddressNeighborhood
LilleSilom BarBarSafe and welcoming bar for the LGBTQ+ community, warm and friendly atmosphere.32 Rue Jean Jaurès, 59000 LilleEuralille
LilleThe SlingClubGay men's club, bold industrial ambience, private cabins and bar.32 Rue Jean Jaurès, 59000 LilleEuralille
LilleUno's BarBarFun and relaxed bar, Lego counter, board games, table tennis and pétanque.385 Rue Léon Gambetta, 59000 LilleEuralille
AmiensThe ForumRestaurantFriendly, inclusive café-bar, perfect for meetings in the LGBT community.18 Pl. Gambetta, 80000 AmiensDowntown
AmiensRed And WhiteBarAn emblematic friendly bar in Amiens, a symbol of openness and diversity for over 20 years.9 Rue de la Dodane, Amiens, France, 80000Downtown
BeauvaisThe ForumRestaurantFriendly, inclusive café-bar, perfect for meetings in the LGBT community.18 Pl. Gambetta, 80000 AmiensDowntown
Transgender dating in Hauts-de-France

Lille city

Lille: A Mix of Conviviality and Audacity

LilleA vibrant and inclusive city for trans encounters, it's full of places where sharing and discovering each other make perfect sense.

Silom Bar, a haven of peace for the trans community

slom lille

In the heart of Lille, the Silom Bar is a welcoming space where respect and acceptance reign. Ideal for genuine encounters, this bar offers a friendly atmosphere where everyone can express themselves freely. Conversations are as colorful as the drinks served, and every encounter is a promise of personal enrichment.
It's a space where respect and acceptance are the watchwords, making Silom Bar a must for authentic and memorable encounters.

Uno's Bar, a place for fun and games

unosbar lille

With its Lego decor and playful atmosphere, Uno's Bar is the perfect place to relax, play and meet new people in a relaxed, fun atmosphere.
Imagine playing ping-pong or pétanque while meeting new people. The variety of games available creates a fun and relaxed atmosphere, ideal for breaking the ice and starting conversations. The bar offers a setting in which it's easy to mingle, share stories, and maybe even find love or new friendships. It's a place where people come to have fun, and often leave with unforgettable memories.

The Sling, a daring playground

lesling lille

For those looking for a more intense experience, Le Sling offers a bold atmosphere and a unique industrial aesthetic, conducive to bold and free encounters. Imagine private cabins, a video showroom, and a bar where every nook and cranny tells a story.
Subdued lighting, neon lights and leather stools create an intimate atmosphere conducive to getting closer. It's the perfect place for those seeking a more intense and direct experience, far from the beaten track.

Amiens : Diversity and conviviality

Trans dating in Amiens A city of diversity and acceptance. Come and discover the best spots in this dynamic city, where the trans and LGBT community finds a welcoming and vibrant scene.

The Forum

2022 07 31

The Forum in Amiens isn't just a bar, it's a celebration of diversity.
When you walk through its doors, you enter a world where every trans person can feel at home. Whether you're looking for a casual brunch or a lively evening out, Le Forum has what it takes.

Red And White, an icon of trans-friendly nightlife in Amiens

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The Red And White, a friendly bar in Amiens for over 20 years, is a must for the trans and LGBT community. This emblematic venue, located in the heart of the city, is more than just a bar: it's a symbol of openness and diversity. From theme nights to special events, every moment spent here is a celebration of identity and freedom of expression.
Emblematic and warm, the Red And White is a bar that has marked the history of the trans and LGBT community in Amiens. It's a place where conviviality and authenticity are always the order of the day.

Beauvais: A pleasant city for the Trans Community

In search of new trans encounter in Beauvais ? Come and discover Beauvais' most welcoming places for the trans community.

The Forum

2022 07 31

In the heart of Beauvais, Le Forum stands out as a warm and inclusive bar.
It's a place of free expression and acceptance, offering a relaxed atmosphere for all those looking to socialize in a respectful and friendly setting.

Hauts-de-France, a region full of encounters for the Trans Community

The Hauts-de-France region, with cities such as Lille, Amiens and Beauvaishas established itself as a special place for the trans community.
These cities offer a mosaic of places where diversity and self-expression are at the heart of interactions. In Lille, the vibrant nightlife warmly welcomes trans people, while Amiens offers more intimate and culturally rich spaces. Beauvais, with its unique charm, completes the picture with friendly, inclusive venues. Together, these towns in the Hauts-de-France form a dynamic and respectful environment, where the trans community can forge authentic links, share experiences and celebrate its diversity in complete freedom.

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