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Rencontre Trans à Rennes : Cult Meeting Places


by Vanessa Charles


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Hello, I'm Vanessa, your guide to seduction and dating in Rennes. If you're looking to meet trans people in this beautiful city, you've come to the right place. Rennes is full of welcoming places where diversity and self-expression are celebrated. Follow me to discover these fabulous places!

EstablishmentTypeShort presentationAddressNeighborhood
Le BatchiGay clubAn essential club on the LGBT scene, ideal for lively evenings.34 rue VasselotCenter
L'Extaz (closed)Hetero-friendly barA welcoming bar for all, offering a place to meet and socialize.24 rue d'AntrainCenter
Là-bas Jour (temporarily closed)Gay-friendly barTrendy bar with dancefloor, ideal for themed evenings.36 bis rue Dupont des LogesCenter
ISKIS, Rennes LGBTI CenterAssociationSupport and activity center for the LGBTI community.6 Rue Saint-Martin, 35700 RennesCenter
El TeatroDiscothequeThree-level nightclub with house and electro ambience.3 Rue Saint-Guillaume, 35000 RennesCenter
The BengalPrivate clubElegant club offering an intimate and sophisticated setting for meetings.92 Rue Ange Blaize, 35000 RennesCenter
Transgender dating in Rennes
Rennes city

Where to meet trans people in Rennes?

Le Batchi

Le Batchi isn't just a club, it's a veritable institution for the LGBT community in Rennes, and a favorite venue for trans encounters. The atmosphere here is electric, with lively evenings where everyone can express themselves freely. Imagine a vibrant dance floor, colorful light shows, and upbeat music that sweeps you off your feet. Themed events are common, offering an open stage for trans people to shine. Whether you're looking for a wild night out or a more intimate get-together, Le Batchi is the place to make authentic connections.

NameLe Batchi
Address34 Rue Vasselot, 35000 Rennes
Phone number02 99 79 62 27
Opening hours and daysFriday to Saturday, 11:59 p.m. to 7:00 a.m.
Notice107 notices
Details of "Le Batchi" in Rennes

L'Extaz (closed)

L'Extaz is a bar that celebrates diversity in all its forms. It's the perfect haven for trans encounters in Rennes. The bar welcomes everyone, regardless of gender identity, making it an ideal place to socialize and meet trans people. The atmosphere is warm and friendly, with welcoming staff and an eclectic clientele. Themed evenings are regularly organized, creating a safe space for everyone to express their true identity. L'Extaz is more than a bar, it's a community where bonds are forged easily and naturally.

NameL'Extaz (closed)
Address24 rue d'Antrain
Phone number06 47 27 95 63
Opening hours and daysclosed
Notice25 reviews 3.4/5
Details of "L'Extaz" in Rennes

Là-bas Day (temporarily closed)

2021 08 09

Just a stone's throw from the city center, Là-bas Jour is the latest addition to Rennes' gay-friendly scene. The successor to L'Insolite, this bar offers a trendy space with a dancefloor where trans people can feel comfortable and free to be themselves. Themed evenings and DJ sets create a dynamic and welcoming atmosphere. It's the perfect place for casual or more intimate get-togethers. With its modern decor and friendly staff, Là-bas Jour is the perfect place to spend a memorable evening and, who knows, meet someone special.

NameLà-bas Jour (temporarily closed)
Address36 Rue Dupont-des-Loges bis, 35000 Rennes
Phone number09 50 56 21 76
Opening hours and daystemporarily closed
NoticeGay-friendly bar with dancefloor and DJ
Details of "Là-bas Jour" in Rennes

ISKIS, Rennes LGBTI Center


ISKIS isn't just an association, it's the beating heart of the LGBTI community in Rennes. For those looking to meet trans people, ISKIS offers a safe and welcoming space. Here, you'll find more than friends; it's a family. The association organizes regular events, workshops and discussion groups, offering unique opportunities to meet and exchange ideas. Whether you're looking for support, friendship or romance, ISKIS is the place to be if you want to immerse yourself in Rennes' trans community.

NameISKIS, Rennes LGBTI Center
Address 6 Rue Saint-Martin, 35700 Rennes
Phone numberNot specified
Opening hours and daysOpens at 18:30 until 21:30 on Wednesdays
Details of " ISKIS, Centre LGBTI Rennes" in Rennes

El Teatro

20211005 193444

El Teatro is a nightclub like no other in Rennes. The three-storey, beamed establishment is the perfect setting for a night of partying. For the trans community, it's a place of freedom where everyone can dance, laugh and meet new people in a festive and inclusive environment. The house and electro nights attract a diverse crowd, making every encounter here unique and exciting. El Teatro is the ideal place for those who want to escape the daily grind and immerse themselves in a night of encounters and discoveries.

NameEl Teatro
Address3 Rue Saint-Guillaume, 35000 Rennes
Phone number06 31 35 42 55
Opening hours and daysThursday to Saturday, midnight to 06:00 a.m.
Details of "El Teatro" in Rennes

The Bengal


Le Bengal, an upscale private club in Rennes, is the perfect setting for elegant and sophisticated trans encounters. This venue exudes luxury and exclusivity, offering an intimate setting for those seeking a more refined experience. Here, you can expect themed evenings and special events that attract a diverse clientele, including the trans community. Bengal is synonymous with class and discretion, making it the ideal setting for private meetings and intimate conversations. If you're looking to impress or be impressed, Le Bengal is the place to be.

NameThe Bengal
Address92 Rue Ange Blaize, 35000 Rennes
Phone number02 99 79 20 13
Opening hours and daysMonday to Saturday, 4 pm to 1 am
Details of "Le Bengal" in Rennes

Places to meet the trans community in Rennes

1. Downtown : The beating heart of Rennes, the city center is a melting pot of cultures and identities. This is where you'll find the majority of the bars and clubs mentioned, such as Le Batchi, L'Insolite, and L'Extaz. The area is known for its welcoming atmosphere and lively nightlife, making it a favorite meeting point for the trans community.

2. Thabor - Saint Hélier : This neighborhood, with its more relaxed atmosphere and green spaces, is ideal for those looking to meet new people in a quieter setting. The Thabor - Saint Hélier district is known for its diversity and open-mindedness, attracting a varied and inclusive clientele.

3. Quais de la Vilaine : The quays offer a romantic and picturesque setting for get-togethers. It's a place where people come to relax and enjoy the view of the river. Bars like L'Anathème, located near the quays, are popular gathering points for the trans community.

4. Rennes Sud : Although more residential, this neighborhood has seen an increase in popularity with the LGBT community, thanks to events and welcoming venues such as cafés and community spaces. It's an ideal place for those looking for more authentic encounters that are less focused on nightlife.

5. Old Rennes : Vieux Rennes, with its historic charm, is a meeting place for those who appreciate places with a touch of tradition. The district is packed with small boutiques, cafés and bars such as Little Délirium Café, offering a cosy and intimate setting for meeting the trans community.

Rennes, a place to meet and discover for the Trans community

Rennes, with its vibrant neighborhoods and inclusive venues, is proving to be a mosaic of cultures and opportunities for the trans community.
Whether it's in the dynamic downtown area, the peaceful atmosphere of Thabor - Saint Hélier, the romantic Quais de la Vilaine, the residential charm of Rennes Sud, or the picturesque Vieux Rennes, the city offers a veritable playground for enriching encounters. 

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