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Rencontre Trans à Antibes: Lieux Populaires


by Vanessa Charles


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The best site to meet transsexuals in Antibes

Tested and approved by myself and, above all, by my readers in the Antibes LGBT community, it's a must for headache-free trans dating!

Today, I'm going to guide you through Antibes and the surrounding area, a city rich in diversity and opportunities to meet the trans community.
Whether you're looking for new friends, love, or just a fun evening out, Antibes and the surrounding area offers a wide range of options.

EstablishmentTypeShort presentationAddressNeighborhood
Le CouloirGay barCosy bar with a warm atmosphere, ideal for socializing.1 Rue Alberti, 06000 NiceDowntown
La Cave WilsonGay barJazzy atmosphere and wine tasting, perfect for a sophisticated evening.16 Rue Gubernatis, 06000 NiceMusicians
Morgan Cruising Bar GayClubAdult entertainment club with an electric atmosphere.3 Rue Claudia, 06000 NiceOld Nice
LE KLUBBERGay boxA dynamic nightclub, ideal for unforgettable nights.14 Rue Benoît Bunico, 06300 NiceLe Port
THE GLAMClubElegant and exclusive upscale club for refined encounters.6 Rue Eugene Emanuel, 06000 NiceDowntown
Club Le 7Gay barVibrant, dynamic gay bar with a relaxed atmosphere.7 Rue Foncet, 06000 NiceDowntown
Eagle BarGay barA gay bar with a relaxed atmosphere, ideal for sincere conversation.18 Rue Emmanuel Philibert, 06300 NiceLe Port
L'Oméga ClubGay boxGay-friendly disco with DJ, dance floor and full bar.8 Passage Emile Négrin, 06000 NiceJean Médecin
Rainbow BarGay barA bar renowned for its excellent cocktails and themed evenings.9 Rue Bonaparte, 06300 NiceLe Port
Les Bains-DouchesGay saunaA place to unwind, relax and meet new people.7 Rue Gubernatis, 06000 NiceMusicians
Transgender dating in Antibes

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Where to meet trannies in Antibes?

Le Couloir

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Le Couloir is more than just a gay bar; it's a sanctuary where diversity and self-expression are celebrated. Located in the heart of Nice, it offers a warm and welcoming atmosphere, ideal for trans people looking for authentic encounters.

NameLe Couloir
Address1 Rue Alberti, 06000 Nice
Phone number04 93 85 43 90
Opening hours and daysTuesday to Saturday
Website / Social networkwebsite
Reviews (Note out of 5)3,8
Details of the " Le Couloir"in Antibes

La Cave Wilson

cave wilson nice lgbt 1

Imagine a place where wine, music and conviviality come together to create the perfect atmosphere for enriching trans encounters. La Cave Wilson is that place. With its woodsy ambience and jazzy atmosphere, this wine bar is the ideal place for those seeking a more sophisticated experience. Here, you can enjoy an excellent selection of wines, accompanied by delicious charcuterie plates, while striking up conversations with interesting people. La Cave Wilson is not just a bar, it's a cultural meeting place where diversity is celebrated in elegant surroundings.

NameLa Cave Wilson
Address16 Rue Gubernatis, 06000 Nice
Phone numberNot specified
Opening hours and daysWednesday to Monday, 6:00 p.m. to 12:30 a.m.
Website / Social networkwebsite
Reviews (Note out of 5)4,0
Details of "La Cave Wilson" in Antibes

Morgan Cruising Bar Gay

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Morgan Cruising Bar Gay isn't just a club, it's an invitation to adventure and discovery. It's the place to be for the trans community and its admirers. With an electric atmosphere and bold design, this club offers a space where you can be yourself, without judgment or restriction. The music, always at the top of its game, creates a vibrant and dynamic atmosphere, ideal for dancing and exciting encounters. The staff are known for their warm welcome and discretion, guaranteeing a safe and enjoyable experience.

NameMorgan Cruising Bar Gay
Address3 Rue Claudia, 06000 Nice
Phone number04 93 86 86 08
Opening hours and daysOpens at 22:00 closes at 02:30 / Monday closed
Website / Social networkwebsite
Reviews (Note out of 5)3,7
Details of "Morgan Cruising Bar Gay" in Antibes


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If you're looking for an out-of-the-ordinary nightlife experience in Nice, LE KLUBBER is the place to be. This club is famous for its electrifying atmosphere and warm welcome to the trans community. With its modern decor and state-of-the-art sound system, you're sure to have a memorable evening. The staff, always attentive and respectful, ensure that every visitor feels valued and appreciated. It's the perfect place to leave your inhibitions at the door and dive into a night of dancing, socializing and fun.

Address14 Rue Benoît Bunico, 06300 Nice
Phone number06 15 10 96 22
Opening hours and daysCloses at 11:00, opens at 05:00 Sat.
Website / Social networkfacebook
Reviews (Note out of 5)4,5
Details of "LE KLUBBER" in Antibes


leglam nice club 1

LE GLAM is distinguished by its elegance and sophisticated ambience, making it a favorite spot for the trans community in Nice. The club is known for its luxurious setting and exclusive atmosphere, offering an unforgettable nightlife experience. The music is always carefully selected, creating the perfect atmosphere for refined encounters. GLAM is the ideal place for those looking to mingle in a chic yet welcoming environment, where respect and diversity are the order of the day.

Address6 Rue Eugène Emanuel, 06300 Nice
Phone number04 93 87 29 67
Opening hours and daysFriday to Sunday, 11:30 pm to 4:30 am
Website / Social networkwebsite
Reviews (Note out of 5)3.5/5 130 reviews
Details of "LE GLAM" in Antibes

Club Le 7

Club Le 7 is a vibrant and dynamic gay bar, renowned for its relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. It's a place where the trans community can feel comfortable and appreciated. The club offers an inclusive and cheerful space, ideal for relaxing, meeting new people and enjoying Nice's nightlife. With a friendly staff and a diverse clientele, Club Le 7 guarantees an evening full of surprises and rewarding encounters.

NameClub Le 7
Address 7 Rue Foncet, 06000 Nice
Phone number04 93 62 25 02
Opening hours and daysFriday to Saturday, 9:30 pm to 1:30 am
Website / Social networkwebsite
Reviews (Note out of 5)3,7
Details of "Club Le 7" in Antibes

Eagle Bar

2018 04 09

Eagle Bar is the place to go for those looking for a more intimate and personal trans dating experience. This gay bar, known for its relaxed and friendly atmosphere, offers the perfect setting for sincere and warm exchanges. With its eclectic music and comfortable surroundings, it's the ideal place to relax and get to know each other in a safe and welcoming environment.

NameEagle Bar
Address18 Rue Emmanuel Philibert, 06300 Nice
Phone number04 93 26 35 30
Opening hours and daysOpens at 22:00 and closes at 03:00 except Mondays closed
Website / Social networkwebsite
Reviews (Note out of 5)4,0
Details of the "Eagle Bar" in Antibes

L'Oméga Club


Omega Club is a veritable oasis for the trans community, offering an electric atmosphere where music, dancing and conviviality reign supreme. With its talented DJs, lively dance floor and full bar, this gay-friendly club is the perfect place for those seeking a vibrant, inclusive nightlife experience.

NameL'Oméga Club
Address 8 Pass. Emile Négrin, 06000 Nice
Phone number06 50 65 68 54
Opening hours and daysThursday to Sunday, 11:45 p.m. to 7 a.m.
Website / Social networkfacebook
Reviews (Note out of 5)4,3
Details of "L'Oméga Club" in Antibes

Rainbow Bar

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The Rainbow Bar is the place to be for trans encounters in Nice. Known for its excellent cocktails and themed evenings, this bar offers a cheerful atmosphere and a welcoming setting for all. It's the perfect place to unwind after a long day and enjoy an evening full of laughter and good times.

NameRainbow Bar
Address 9 Rue Bonaparte, 06300 Nice
Phone number06 65 55 43 89
Opening hours and daysOpens at 18:00
Website / Social networkinstagram
Reviews (Note out of 5)4,8
Details of " 9 Rue Bonaparte, 06300 Nice" in Antibes

Les Bains-Douches

Les Bains-Douches offers a unique experience in Nice, combining relaxation and the opportunity to meet new people in a serene, soothing setting. This gay sauna is the place to be for those looking to relax and meet new people in a respectful, discreet environment.

NameLes Bains-Douches
Address 7 Rue Gubernatis, 06000 Nice
Phone number04 93 80 28 26
Opening hours and daysOpens at 13:00 and closes at 21:00
Website / Social networkfacebook
Reviews (Note out of 5)3,5
Details of "Les Bains-Douches" in Antibes

Must-See Areas in Nice to Meet the Trans Community

Nice, a vibrant and diverse city, offers several must-see neighborhoods for those looking to meet and interact with the trans community. Here are five emblematic neighborhoods where culture, open-mindedness and inclusivity are in the spotlight.

1. Vieux Nice : Vieux Nice, with its narrow streets and lively squares, is the historic heart of the city. The district is famous for its lively nightlife and numerous bars and clubs. It's a favorite meeting place for the trans community, offering a perfect blend of tradition and modernity.

2. Le Port : Nice's Port district is renowned for its bohemian, artistic atmosphere. With its waterside cafés and art galleries, it's an ideal place for relaxed cultural encounters. The trans community finds a welcoming space and a magnificent setting for unforgettable evenings.

3. Jean Médecin : Jean Médecin, Nice's main shopping street, is a vibrant mix of boutiques, restaurants and bars. The area is perfect for those looking to combine shopping, dining and socializing. Its diversity and dynamism make it a popular meeting place for the trans community.

4. Downtown : Nice's Centre Ville is the beating heart of the city, offering a myriad of activities and meeting places. From lively squares to trendy restaurants and bars, this district is a melting pot of cultures, ideal for trans encounters in a modern, urban environment.

5. Musicians : The Quartier des Musiciens, known for its beautiful Art Deco architecture and quiet streets, is a haven of peace in the heart of Nice. Although quieter, this area attracts a trans community looking for a more serene, elegant atmosphere, perfect for more intimate, refined encounters.

Antibes: A place for encounters and diversity

Antibes and Nice are a true crossroads of diversity and a paradise for encounters within the trans community. From quaint neighborhoods like Vieux Nice to lively, modern spaces like Centre Ville, every street corner offers a unique chance for connection and discovery. Whether you're looking for the excitement of a lively nightlife or the tranquility of a more intimate setting, Nice embraces and celebrates diversity in all its forms.

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