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Rencontres Trans à Nice: Where to go out?


by Vanessa Charles


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The best site to meet transsexuals in Nice

Tested and approved by myself and, above all, by my readers in Nice's LGBT community, it's a must for headache-free trans dating!

The city of Nice, with its Mediterranean charm, proves to be a real place for trans encounters.

EstablishmentTypeShort presentationAddressNeighborhood
Le GlamClubDynamic LGBT club offering Drag Queens parties, parades and karaoke in an electro or disco atmosphere.6 Rue Eugène Emmanuel, 06300 Nice-
Le CouloirBarIconic LGBT bar offering crazy afterwork sessions for the trans community in Nice.1 Rue Alberti, 06000 Nice-
Malabar Station (closed)BarTrans-friendly bar with cruising area, relaxation area and terrace, ideal for festive evenings and get-togethers.10 Rue Bonaparte, 06300 NiceDowntown
La Cave WilsonCabaretGay cabaret in a retro 30s atmosphere, featuring cabaret shows, singers and drag queens.16 Rue Gubernatis, 06000 Nice-
Le SixClubGay-friendly club with an intimate atmosphere during the week and a more festive atmosphere on weekends, perfect for cruising.6 rue Raoul Bosio, 06000 Nice-
Eagle NiceSaunaCruising bar for male encounters, with a virile atmosphere and a variety of facilities for a unique experience.18 rue Emmanuel Philibert, 06300 Nice
Transgender dating in Nice

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Where to meet trannies in Nice?

Glam, a colorful LGBT club


Let's face it, if you're looking for the beating heart of trans nightlife in Nice, Le Glam is the place to be. This establishment is a veritable melting pot of LGBT culture, where shemales, ladyboys and trans people rub shoulders in an electric atmosphere. Imagine dazzling Drag Queens parties, colorful parades and karaoke where everyone can express their unique voice. The atmosphere is a skilful blend of disco and electro, creating a space where everyone, whatever their orientation, can feel fully welcomed. Glam is more than just a club, it's a world where celebration and acceptance reign supreme.

NameLe Glam
Address 6 Rue Eugène Emanuel, 06300 Nice
Phone number04 93 87 29 67
Times and daysFri-Sun, 11pm-4am
Reviews (Google)3.3/5 (114 ratings)
Details of "Le Glam" in Nice

Le Couloir, a warm and friendly transient bar


Le Couloir is the small, intimate bar where Nice's trans community likes to meet.
For over two decades, this venue has been a pillar of LGBTQ+ life on the French Riviera. Every evening, starting at 6pm, Le Couloir hosts afterworks where sharing and meeting new people are the watchwords.
We come here to drink, nibble and, above all, to bond. The atmosphere is both contemporary and festive, a perfect mix for evenings of encounter and seduction.

NameLe Couloir
Address 1 Rue Alberti, 06000 Nice
Phone number04 93 85 43 90
Times and daysDaily, 6pm-1am
WebsiteLe Couloir Nice
Reviews (Google)3.7/5 (20 ratings)
Details of "Le Couloir" in Nice

La Cave Wilson, a gay cabaret where art meets diversity

cave wilson nice lgbt

La Cave Wilson is that rare gem where the ambiance of the 30s blends perfectly with the gay cabaret spirit. This unique venue attracts a diverse crowd, including a large trans community. Imagine a retro decor, cabaret shows featuring singers and drag queens, all accompanied by delicious charcuterie plates and selected wines. Here, encounters take place in an elegant, relaxed setting, conducive to exchange and seduction. La Cave Wilson is not just a bar, it's a veritable theater of life, where encounters take place to the rhythm of music and artistic performances. 

NameLa Cave Wilson
Address 16 Rue Gubernatis, 06000 Nice
Phone number04 93 27 28 72
Times and daysMon, Thu-Sun, 6pm-0.30am
Reviews (Google)4.3/5 (48 ratings)
Details of "La Cave Wilson" in Nice

Le Six, the festive reference for Nice's LGBT scene

Le Six stands out as an emblematic establishment of Nice's gay-friendly nightlife. With its decor combining modernity and baroque touches, it's the place to be for night owls in search of festive evenings and trans encounters. The music is as varied as the clientele, oscillating between electro, house, disco and oriental sounds. What's special about Le Six? Its sensual shower shows, which add a touch of exuberance to an already electrifying atmosphere. It's a place where diversity is celebrated, where encounters happen naturally, in a setting that's both intimate and festive.

NameLe Six
Address 6 Rue Raoul Bosio, 06300 Nice
Phone number04 93 62 66 64
Times and daysTue-Sat, 10pm-5am
Reviews (Google)3/5 (220 notes)
Details of "Le Six" in Nice

Eagle Nice, the place to be for men's encounters

L'Eagle Nice is the secret spot for straightforward male encounters. If you're a fan of a more manly, no-holds-barred atmosphere, this cruising bar is for you. With its dark decor and varied facilities including a labyrinth, booths and even a Saint André cross, the Eagle offers a unique experience. Tuesday black-out evenings plunge the place into darkness, creating a mysterious and exciting atmosphere. It's a veritable temple for men seeking spontaneous, uninhibited encounters. L'Eagle also promises discretion and total freedom.

NameEagle Nice
Address 18 Rue Emmanuel Philibert, 06300 Nice
Phone number04 93 26 35 30
Times and daysDaily, 10pm-3am
Reviews (Google)4,0/5
Details of the "Eagle Nice" in Nice

Malabar Station (closed)

malabar station nice

Welcome to Malabar Station, the bar where Nice's trans community loves to gather for memorable evenings. Nestling close to the LGBT center and Place Garibaldi, Malabar Station is a landmark venue for lovers of relaxed, libertine partying. What can we say about its cruising area, inviting terrace, and always festive atmosphere? It's the perfect place to sip a drink in good company and meet local transvestites and transsexuals. With a variety of themed evenings, this bar offers the ideal setting for enriching exchanges and festive moments. The welcome is warm, and the atmosphere a true call to freedom and the celebration of diversity.

NameMalabar Station
Address 10 Rue Bonaparte, 06300 Nice
Phone number09 51 18 53 52
Times and daysDaily, 6-10 p.m.
WebsiteMalabar Station Nice
Reviews (Google)4.2/5 (365 ratings)
Details of the "Malabar Station" in Nice

Must-See Areas in Nice to Meet the Trans Community

Nice, with its Mediterranean charm and cultural diversity, offers several vibrant neighborhoods where the trans community finds a place of choice. Here are five must-see neighborhoods in Nice for enriching and festive encounters within the trans community:

Old Nice: The historic heart of the city is also a favorite meeting place for the trans community. With its picturesque alleyways and lively squares, Vieux Nice is a perfect blend of culture, art and nightlife. The bars and clubs here are welcoming and diverse, offering themed evenings and atmospheres to suit all tastes.

Le Port : Nice's Port district, with its slightly more relaxed atmosphere, is another meeting point for the LGBT community, including trans people. The terraces of the cafés and bars around the port are great places to relax and socialize, where it's easy to make connections in a lively, picturesque setting.

The Promenade des Anglais: This famous boulevard along the Mediterranean Sea is a place to stroll and relax, where diversity is celebrated. The bars and clubs along the Promenade offer magnificent views and an ideal setting for relaxed, romantic encounters.

Le Carré d'Or : This chic, trendy district of Nice is known for its luxury boutiques and high-end restaurants, but it's also a place where the trans community finds its space. The area's bars and clubs offer elegant evenings and meetings in sophisticated surroundings.

Libération – Borriglione : This more residential and authentic neighborhood offers a different, more local atmosphere, but just as welcoming to the trans community. The neighborhood's cafés and small bars are friendly meeting places, where you can enjoy a quieter, warmer atmosphere.

Nice: A place of Diversity and Trans-Fulfilling Encounters

Nice stands out as a veritable showcase of diversity, offering an ideal setting for authentic and enriching trans encounters.
Whether in the lively lanes of Vieux Nice, along the wonderful Promenade des Anglais, or in chic neighborhoods like Carré d'Or, the city sparkles with possibilities for the trans community.
Establishments such as Le Glam, Le Couloir and Malabar Station are just a few examples of the many places where a warm welcome and festive spirit prevail. As a result, Nice is not only a prime tourist destination, but also a privileged meeting place for the trans community, where respect, diversity and joie de vivre are to be found around every corner.

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