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Rencontre Trans à la Ciotat: Destinations de Choix


by Vanessa Charles


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The best site to meet transsexuals in La Ciotat

Tested and approved by myself and, above all, by my readers in the LGBT community in La Ciotat, it's a must for headache-free trans dating!

Looking for enriching encounters with trans people in La Ciotat? You've come to the right place! I'm Vanessa, your expert dating and seduction guide, and I'm going to point you in the direction of the best places to meet trans people in La Ciotat and the surrounding area. Get ready for an exciting adventure!

EstablishmentTypeShort presentationAddressNeighborhood
Aux 3 GBarWarm and inclusive bar, hosting themed events.3 rue Saint-Pierre, 13005 Marseille, FranceLe Camas
L'Annexe BarBarModern bar renowned for its vibrant atmosphere and diverse welcome.7 rue Saint-Bazile, 13001 Marseille, FranceThe Reformed
The New CancanDiscothequeIconic nightclub with an electrifying atmosphere, open to all.3 rue Sénac de Meilhan, 13001 Marseille, FranceThier
La Mare au DiableBarIntimate bar offering a warm setting for themed evenings.1 chemin de Bon Rencontre, 13190 Allauch, FranceAllauch
Le K-rom - Bar-Club le Tassigny (closed)Bar-ClubCombining bar and club, known for its dynamic atmosphere.103 Avenue Mal Delattre de Tassigny, 13009 Marseille, FranceMazargues
Play BarBarTrendy bar with a modern ambience, attracting a young clientele.133 rue Breteuil, 13006 Marseille, FranceVauban
Transgender dating in La Ciotat

Meet Transgender people in PACA region

ville la ciotat

Where to meet trannies in La Ciotat ?

Let's start by exploring the most welcoming places where the trans community can meet and exchange ideas in a friendly atmosphere.

Aux 3 G

at 3G image

If you're looking for a warm and inclusive place, Aux 3 G is the place to be. Here, the atmosphere is relaxed and conducive to encounters. The space offers an intimate, welcoming setting where trans people and their allies can feel comfortable socializing and sharing good times. The bar regularly organizes themed events and evenings, creating a festive and inclusive atmosphere. The welcome is always warm, and you'll easily find someone to chat with over a drink.

NameAux 3 G
Address3 rue Saint-Pierre, 13001 Marseille, France
Phone number04 91 48 76 36
Times and daysFriday from 7pm to 12am, Saturday from 8pm to 1am
Notice4.9/5 (Source: Google Avis)
Details of "Aux 3 G" in La ciotat

L'Annexe Bar

lanexxe bar marseille

Located in the heart of Marseille, L'Annexe Bar is a vibrant place where diversity is celebrated. The establishment is renowned for its welcoming setting and diverse clientele, offering a safe space for trans people. The bar is distinguished by its modern decor and lively evenings, where you can relax and meet like-minded people. The team at L'Annexe Bar is known for its open-mindedness and warm welcome, making it a preferred venue for those wishing to expand their social circle in a respectful environment.

NameL'Annexe Bar
Address7 rue Saint-Bazile, Marseille
Phone number04 91 64 73 38
Times and daysWednesday to Sunday, 7 p.m. to 4 a.m.
Notice340 reviews
Details of " L'Annexe Bar" in La ciotat

The New Cancan

marseille bar newcancan

Looking for a wild night out and unexpected encounters? The New Cancan is your destination of choice. This iconic nightclub is known for its electrifying atmosphere and inclusive spirit. It's the perfect place for those who love to dance and mingle with a diverse crowd. With its upbeat music and breathtaking drag shows, The New Cancan attracts a diverse clientele, including trans people. It's a place where freedom of expression is celebrated, and where everyone can feel free to be themselves.

NameThe New Cancan
Address3 Rue Sénac de Meilhan, 13001 Marseille, France
Phone number04 91 48 59 76
Times and daystemporarily closed
Notice3.9/5 (Source: Google Avis)
Details of "The New Cancan" in La ciotat

La Mare au Diable

For those who prefer a more relaxed, intimate atmosphere, La Mare au Diable is the place to be. This welcoming bar offers a warm setting where trans people can meet in peace and quiet. La Mare au Diable stands out for its friendly atmosphere and varied themed evenings. It's a place where you can easily make friends and take part in enriching discussions. The staff is renowned for its inclusive approach and its desire to create a safe environment for all.

NameLa Mare au Diable
Address1 chemin de Bon Rencontre, 13190 Allauch, France
Phone number04 91 68 24 10
Times and daysFri-Sat: 11:00 PM-5:00 AM
NoticeNot specified
Details of "La Mare au Diable" in La ciotat

Le K-rom - Bar-Club le Tassigny (closed)

K-rom, although not specifically known for trans events, remains an interesting option for a night out in Marseille. Mixing bar and club, this establishment offers a dynamic atmosphere and lively music. It's an ideal place for those who like to dance and meet new people in a relaxed atmosphere. Don't hesitate to contact the bar to find out if they organize themed evenings or inclusive events.

NameLe K-rom - Bar-Club le Tassigny (closed)
Address103 Av. du Maréchal de Lattre de Tassigny, 13009 Marseille
Phone number06 61 45 19 01
Times and daysclosed
NoticeNot specified
Details of " Le K-rom - Bar-Club le Tassigny" in La ciotat

Play Bar (closed)

The Play Bar, located in Marseille's dynamic district, offers another option for a night out. Although information is unclear about events specifically dedicated to the trans community, this bar is known for its hip atmosphere and young, diverse clientele. It's a great place to socialize, dance and perhaps meet trans people in a relaxed, modern atmosphere.

NamePlay Bar (closed)
Address133 Rue Breteuil, 13006 Marseille
Phone number04 13 63 70 85
Times and daysclosed (closed)
NoticeNot specified
Details of the "Play Bar" in La ciotat

Must-See Neighborhoods in La Ciotat to Meet the Trans Community

La Ciotat, though smaller than some of its neighbors like Marseille, offers a variety of neighborhoods where the trans community can feel welcomed and valued. Here are five of La Ciotat's must-see neighborhoods for enriching encounters within this community.

Le Vieux Port :
The historic heart of La Ciotat, the Vieux Port, is a popular gathering place for locals and visitors alike. With its charming cafés and small bars, this area offers a picturesque and friendly setting for meeting people from all walks of life.

The Beach:
La Ciotat's beaches, especially those near the seafront, are relaxing places where diversity is celebrated. Here, you could meet trans people enjoying the Mediterranean sunshine, creating opportunities for relaxed, natural encounters.

Cœur de Ville :
La Ciotat city center, with its lively shopping streets and squares, is a dynamic place to live. It offers an urban atmosphere where cultural diversity is palpable, conducive to spontaneous encounters.

Le Quartier des Créateurs :
This neighborhood, known for its artists' studios and galleries, is a hotbed of creativity and individual expression. It attracts a diverse community, including trans people, who seek an inspiring and open environment.

The Calanques:
On the outskirts of the city, the calanques offer a natural and peaceful setting. It's an ideal place for those looking for a getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city, in a more intimate environment connected to nature.

La Ciotat, a place of diversity and enriching encounters

La Ciotat is a fascinating and diverse place for those looking to meet the trans community. Whether in the picturesque Vieux Port, on the sun-drenched beaches, in the vibrant heart of the city, in the artistic district or within the soothing calanques, every corner of this city offers a unique opportunity for connections and exchanges.
La Ciotat's richness lies in its harmonious blend of nature, art, urban culture and inclusive communities.
For those who aspire to authentic, respectful encounters, La Ciotat is an ideal playground, where diversity and hospitality are the watchwords.

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