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Meetic or Adopte Un Mec : Heart or Reason?


by Vanessa Charles


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meetic adopteunmec comparison

To remember: Meetic vs Adopte Un Mec

Meeticfounded in 2001, is a global leader in online dating with a diverse user base, offering options for serious, long-term relationships.
Adopte Un Mec, launched in 2007, mainly targets a young audience (18-35), with a unique concept where women "adopt" men. Meetic has a larger user base and a balanced gender distribution, while Adopte Un Mec is free for women and uses a "charm" system for interactions.

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Today, we're comparing two online dating giants: Meetic and Adopte Un Mec. One, an international veteran with a serious reputation, the other, a challenger with a fun, youthful concept. What are their differences? Which one to choose? That's what we're going to find out.

Meetic vs Adopte Un Mec comparison

CriteriaMeeticAdopte Un MecDifference
Demographics and target audienceDiversified, with 25-34 year-olds in the majorityYoung, 18-24 years old Meetic more diverse in age
Features and InterfaceMessaging, advanced searchSupermarket concept, everyday charmsAdopte Un Mec has a unique concept
Cost and subscriptionsPay-as-you-go, various subscriptionsFree for women, paying for men with charmsAdopte Un Mec free for women
Security & PrivacyHigh securityHigh securityEquivalent
Matching efficiencySerious dating, 6 million couplesYoung people, serious or funMeetic more focused on long-term relationships
User ExperienceUser-friendly interface, easy registrationFun interface, shopping experienceAdopte Un Mec more fun
Support and Additional ServicesCustomer support, paid eventsNo member-to-member eventsMeetic offers more services
Diversity and InclusivenessGlobal diversityTargeting young adultsMeetic more diversified
Testimonials and success storiesMany success storiesPopular with young peopleMeetic with long-term success
User base and ActivityLarger base, balanced activityFewer members, younger audienceMeetic has a broader base

Differences between Meetic and Adopte Un Mec

The key difference lies in the target audience and concept. Meetic attracts a broader, more mature audience, while Adopte Un Mec focuses on a younger audience, with a fun "supermarket" concept for women. In terms of demographics, Meetic is more diverse, while Adopte Un Mec targets the 18-35 age group.

Should you choose Meetic or Adopte Un Mec?

Choose between Meetic and Adopte Un Mec depends on your goals and preferences. If you're looking for serious, long-term relationships with a large user base, Meetic is your choice. For a more youthful, playful experience, and if you're a woman who appreciates free access, Adopte Un Mec is ideal.

Subscription price comparison

MeeticAdopte Un Mec
FreeFree (women)
1 month: €19.99 / €29.90 (Teddy Bear)
3 months: €59.97 (€19.99/month)3 months: €26.65/month (Ninja)
6 months: €59.94 (€9.99/month)6 months: €19.99/month (Adventurer)
12 months : Not availableNot available

Demographics and target audience

Meetic has a diverse audience, attracting all ages, while Adopte Un Mec focuses on young adults. Meetic is best suited for serious relationships at all ages, while Adopte Un Mec is more appropriate for 18-35 year olds looking for more casual or serious encounters.

Features and Interface

Meetic offers a classic dating interface with messaging and advanced search. Adopte Un Mec, on the other hand, offers a unique "supermarket" concept where women choose the men. This makes Adopte Un Mec more fun and interactive.

Cost and subscriptions

Meetic offers a variety of paid subscriptions for all, while Adopte Un Mec is free for women, but paid for men, with a "charms" system for interactions. This makes Adopte Un Mec more attractive to women.

Security & Privacy

Both sites offer a high level of security and confidentiality, with few notable differences in this area.

Matching efficiency

Meetic is renowned for matchmaking that leads to serious, long-term relationships. Adopte Un Mec, on the other hand, is suitable for both light and serious encounters, especially among young people.

User Experience

The user experience on Meetic is friendly and focused on simplicity. Adopte Un Mec offers a more dynamic and playful experience, particularly appreciated by a younger audience.

Support and Additional Services

Meetic offers customer support and additional services such as paid events, while Adopte Un Mec focuses primarily on the online experience.

Diversity and Inclusiveness

Meetic is more diverse in terms of demographics and geography. Adopte Un Mec, while popular, is more restricted to a young, French audience.

Testimonials and success stories

Meetic has a long history of success in forming lasting couples. Adopte Un Mec is well received by young people, but its long-term success is less well documented.

User base and Activity

Meetic has a broader, more diverse user base, while Adopte Un Mec attracts a younger, smaller audience.

Similarities between Meetic and Adopte Un Mec

  • French audience : Both sites have a strong presence in France.
  • Safety : Both offer a safe environment for meetings.
  • Orientation Towards Serious Dating : Despite their differences, both aim for serious encounters.

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