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My boyfriend tells me I'm good: what do I understand?


by Vanessa Charles


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There are so many ways to express feelings in a relationship. However, some expressions, such as "you're good", can sow doubt. So how should we interpret these words? Are they a sign of appreciation, desire or simply an inappropriate remark? Let's dive into this maze of meanings.

What does "T'es bonne" really mean?

The French language is full of nuances. Saying to a woman "T'es bonne" can, depending on the context, be taken as a compliment or an inappropriate remark. In general, it can mean that the woman is attractive, both in her physical appearance and in her way of being. But be careful, it all depends on tone, intention and timing. If it's a stranger in a bar, it's likely to be something more inappropriate.

Anecdote: On a trip to Paris, a foreign friend told me that a man had approached her in the street and said "t'es trop bonne" ("you're too good"). At first she was flattered, thinking it was a compliment on her outfit, until someone explained the heavier connotation of the remark.

Should I take it as an insult or a compliment?

It's not always easy to tell the difference between a compliment and an insult. Context is king. If your partner says this to you after a romantic evening, it could be his or her awkward way of expressing attraction. On the other hand, if it's on a first date, it could be a sign of a lack of respect. The most important thing is to know how you feel about it.. If it makes you uncomfortable, speak up.

My boyfriend tells me I'm good: what do I understand?

When does your partner tell you this?

Timing is everything. If your partner makes this remark during an intimate moment, he's probably expressing his satisfaction. But if the remark is made on the fly, in public, without any context, it could be perceived as inappropriate. Understanding the context is essential.

How do you respond to "t'es bonne"?

The reaction depends entirely on you and how you feel about the remark. If you appreciate the compliment, a simple smile or "thank you" might be enough. But if you find it inappropriate, let them know. It's essential that your partner understands your limits and your feelings.

Why is this expression so controversial?

This phrase often straddles the line between compliment and disrespect, hence its controversial nature. In a culture where the sexualization of the female body is omnipresent, it's crucial to be aware of the charge that certain words carry.

My boyfriend tells me I'm good: what do I understand?

It's common to look for signs and meanings in our partner's every word and gesture. After all, love and relationships are a territory filled with emotions, expectations and sometimes, misunderstandings. "You're good", such a simple phrase, yet it can evoke a multitude of feelings, doubts and questions. In this article, we'll explore what this phrase might really mean, and how you might interpret it.

My boyfriend tells me I'm good: what do I understand?

What does "You're good" mean?

As diverse as our cultures and languages are, the meaning of compliments and expressions can vary greatly. The phrase "t'es bonne" is often an expression of physical attraction, but it can also run much deeper.

Often, in the context of a relationship, this phrase is a simple and direct expression of attraction. However, its meaning can also extend to other qualities, such as confidence, the way a woman expresses herself or even her kindness.

Should I take it as an insult or a compliment?

It's crucial to consider the context. If the phrase is uttered in a loving, affectionate context, it's probably well-intentioned. However, if it's said in an inappropriate way or by someone you don't know well, it may be perceived as reductive or inappropriate. Listen to your intuition.

Is it a sign that he only sees my looks?

Not necessarily. While the remark may seem physically focused, it may also reflect an overall attraction. Perhaps he also admires your wit, your sense of humor, or other aspects of your personality. If you're concerned about this, talk it over with him.

Do all men feel the same way about this?

Each individual is unique. Not all men think the same way, just as not all women think the same way. Culture, upbringing and personal experience greatly influence the way someone expresses affection or attraction.


The expression "you're good" is a real headache. Between compliments, tactlessness and potentially inappropriate comments, it's essential to take into account the context and feelings involved. When in doubt, dialogue is the best way to clarify the situation. After all, love and mutual respect are at the heart of any fulfilling relationship.

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