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Profile visits on Meetic: understand everything and know who has seen your profile


by Vanessa Charles


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On Meetic, the visit of your profile, as well as that of others, is counted and recorded, as soon as someone clicks on your profile.

But then you must be wondering who can see my profile? This might allow you to contact them and approach them...

In this article, learn all about profile visits on Meetic.

Who can see my profile on Meetic?

All the people registered on Meetic (sex that attracts us) can see your profile.
Thanks to this visibility, you will have more opportunities to meet the one you love.

For singles 50 years and older, your profile will be seen by users of Disons demain and Zweisam automatically.

Note: In order for these users to no longer have access to your profile, simply uncheck the corresponding box in the "My account" section, then "Notifications" and finally "Alerts".

How do I know who has seen my Meetic profile?

Vous pourrez voir vos visites dans la rubrique « visites » en haut à droite de votre profil.
La consultation de la liste de vos visites reçues, est réservée aux abonnés Premium ou Essentiel de Meetic.

Si vous ne possédez pas un abonnement Meetic, qu’il soit Essentiel ou Premium, la liste de vos visites reçues est floutée, vous ne pourriez donc pas voir qui a vu votre profil.

How many visits to my profile?

Si vous voulez savoir combien de visites, vous avez reçu, Meetic a mis en place un système de compteur automatique.
You will find this above the "Visits" icon, which will be counted each time a user clicks on your profile.

Les visites sur Meetic : simple et efficace pour recontacter votre âme-sœur

You just saw the man/woman of your life? You have just liked this person, and you want to see if he/she has seen your profile or not?

Take out a Meetic subscription to view a specific profile, si vous voulez consulter le nombre de visites que vous avez reçues sur votre profil, vous pouvez le voir directement sans posséder un abonnement.

Approach the person, use a little humor: you know that he or she is already interested in your profile. You have everything to gain!

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