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Profile visits on Meetic: understand everything and know who has seen your profile


by Vanessa Charles


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On Meetic, every time someone clicks on your profile, the visit to your profile and those of others is counted and recorded.

But then you have to ask yourself, who can see my profile? This might enable you to get back in touch with interested parties and approach them...

In this article, you will learn all about profile visits on Meetic.

Who can see my profile on Meetic?

All the people registered on Meetic (sex that attracts us) can see your profile. Thanks to this visibility, you'll have more opportunities to meet the one you love.

For singles aged 50 and over, your profile may be viewed by Disons demain and Zweisam users automatically.

Note: To prevent these users from accessing your profile, simply uncheck the corresponding box in "My account", then "Notifications" and finally "Alerts".

How do I know who has seen my Meetic profile?

You can view your visits in the "visits" section at the top right of your profile. Meetic Premium or Essentiel subscribers can only view the list of visits they have received.

If you don't have a Meetic subscription, whether Essential or Premium, the list of your received visits is blurred, so you won't be able to see who has seen your profile.

How many visits to my profile?

If you want to know how many visits you've had, Meetic has set up an automatic counter.
You'll find this above the "Visits" icon, which will be counted every time a user clicks on your profile.

Visiting Meetic: a simple and effective way to reconnect with your soulmate

Have you just seen the man/woman of your life? You've just liked this person, and you want to see whether he/she has viewed your profile or not?

Take a Meetic subscription to see a particular profile, if you want to see the number of visits you have received on your profile, you can see it directly without having a subscription.

Approach the person with a little humor: you know they're already interested in your profile. You've got everything to gain!

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