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Meetic or Tinder : Duel of the dating giants


by Vanessa Charles


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To remember: Meetic vs Tinder

Meetic and Tinder differ mainly in their target audience and objectives. Meetic targets an older audience (30-55), focusing on serious, long-lasting relationships, with features like profile verification and organized events Tinder, on the other hand, attracts a younger audience (mostly under 35), with a focus on quick, often lighter encounters, using geolocation and a "swipe" system for matches.

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When we compare Meetic and Tinder, we find ourselves faced with two giants of the online dating world, but with very different philosophies and audiences. On the one hand, Meetic, with its serious, mature approach, and on the other, Tinder, the symbol of fast, casual dating. So, which one to choose? Let's delve into the details.

Meetic vs Tinder comparison

Demographics and target audience30-55 years, serious relationships35 years, light datingMeetic targets an older, more serious audience, while Tinder attracts young adults looking for quick encounters.
Features and InterfaceCheck profiles, organize eventsSwipe system, geolocationMeetic offers a more serious experience, while Tinder focuses on speed and spontaneity.
Cost and subscriptions39.99 € - 49.99 € / month1.99 € - 26.99 € / monthMeetic is generally more expensive, but Tinder varies according to age
Security & PrivacyVerified profiles, strict privacy policyReliable profiles, geolocationMeetic focuses on profile verification, while Tinder uses geolocation for dating
Matching efficiencyAdvanced algorithms, thematic meetingsFast swipes, geolocation-based matchesMeetic favors thoughtful matches, while Tinder encourages quick, proximity-based encounters.
User ExperienceIntuitive interface, organized eventsErgonomic interface, entertaining experienceMeetic offers a more complete and serious experience, while Tinder is quicker and easier to use.
Support and Additional ServicesCustomer support, advice from dating coachesBasic supportMeetic offers more services and support than Tinder
Diversity and InclusivenessGeneral meetingGreat diversity, young targetMeetic is more generalist, while Tinder is more diversified, but focused on young adults.
Testimonials and success storiesStories of lasting relationshipsFast and entertaining encountersMeetic is associated with serious relationships, while Tinder is known for more casual encounters.
User base and ActivityLarge community, serious usersLarge, younger and more active communityMeetic has an older, more serious user base, while Tinder has a younger, more active one.

Differences between Meetic and Tinder

The main differences between Meetic and Tinder lie in their target audiences and approaches to dating. Meetic is ideal for those seeking serious, long-term relationships, while Tinder is better suited to those looking for quick, less formal relationships.


Should you choose Meetic or Tinder?

Choose between Meetic and Tinder depends on your dating goals. If you're looking for a serious relationship and are ready to invest in a platform that offers verified profiles and quality encounters, Meetic is for you. If, on the other hand, you prefer a more casual and fast-paced approach, with the possibility of meeting people close to home, Tinder is your best choice.

Subscription price comparison


  • Free
  • 1 month: €39.99 (Essential) / €49.99 (Premium)
  • 3 months : Not specified
  • 6 months: €24.99 (Essential) / €29.99 (Premium)
  • 12 months : Not specified


  • Free
  • 1 month: €13.49 (Plus) / €22.49 (Gold) / €26.99 (Platinum)
  • 3 months : Not specified
  • 6 months: €6.75 (Plus) / €11.25 (Gold) / €13.50 (Platinum)
  • 12 months: €4.50 (Plus) / €7.50 (Gold) / €9.00 (Platinum)

Demographics and target audience

Meetic attracts an older audience, often looking for serious relationships. Tinder, on the other hand, is more popular with young adults, frequently interested in lighter, quicker encounters.

Features and Interface

Meetic offers an intuitive interface with features geared towards serious and lasting encounters, while Tinder focuses on speed and spontaneity with its swipe and geolocation system.

Cost and subscriptions

Meetic offers relatively more expensive subscriptions, reflecting its positioning on serious dating. Tinder, on the other hand, offers more affordable options, especially for younger users.

Security & Privacy

Meetic makes a point of verifying profiles and ensuring the safety of its users, while Tinder also ensures a certain reliability of profiles while using geolocation to facilitate dating.

Matching efficiency

Meetic uses advanced algorithms for thoughtful matches, while Tinder favors quick matches based on geographic proximity.

User Experience

Meetic offers a complete and serious user experience, while Tinder is renowned for its ease of use and entertaining approach.

Support and Additional Services

Meetic stands out for its customer support and advice from dating coaches, offering more services and support than Tinder.

Diversity and Inclusiveness

While Meetic is more generalist, Tinder stands out for its diversity and appeal to a younger audience.

Testimonials and success stories

Meetic users often share stories of lasting relationships, while Tinder users tell of lighter, fun encounters.

User base and Activity

Meetic has an older, more serious user base, while Tinder is more active among young adults.

Similarities between Meetic and Tinder

  1. Large Community : Both sites have a vast user base, offering a wide variety of profiles to explore.
  2. Digital Orientation: Meetic and Tinder both offer a digital-centric experience, with mobile applications and user-friendly interfaces.

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