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eDarling : Prices & Subscription Details


by Vanessa Charles


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Things to remember: eDarling rates and subscriptions

Subscription prices :

eDarling offers Premium subscriptions with sliding-scale rates according to duration:

  • 3 months at €40.00/month 
  • 6 months at €30.00/month 
  • 12 months at €22.00/month 

Subscription types :

  • Basic : Free, to get started and test services with personality analysis and profile reception.
  • Premium : Pay, for an enriched experience and extended functionality.

Thinking of joining eDarling to find love, but have questions about costs and features?
Find out everything you need to know about eDarling's prices and subscriptions before embarking on your online dating adventure.

Price list for eDarling subscriptions

Duration of the subscriptionMonthly rateTotal priceSavings
3 months (Premium)40,00 €120,00 €-
6 months (Premium)30,00 €180,00 €60.00 (compared to 3-month subscription)
12 months (Premium)22,00 €264,00 €216.00 (compared to 3-month subscription)
eDarling price plan

Subscription benefits

In-depth personality analysis✔️✔️
Profiles selected according to the eDarling compatibility method✔️✔️
Receiving contact requests✔️✔️
Download photos✔️✔️
Send unlimited messages✔️
Unlimited access to photos of your compatible profiles✔️
Access to visitors to your profile✔️
Priority profile placement with other users✔️
Using the Smartphone application✔️
Confirmation of sent messages✔️
Download in-depth personality test results✔️
Now it's your turn! Receive up to 20 additional profiles per day✔️
Features of eDarling subscriptions

Basic subscription (free)

This formula gets you off to a good start with eDarling for free. You get a personality analysis and can receive compatible profiles.
It's ideal for those who want to explore the site before making a financial commitment.

Basic functions : 

This free subscription is your gateway to eDarling. It gives you a taste of our dating services with :

  • In-depth personality analysis: Discover the key aspects of your character for better matches.
  • Selected profiles : Receive suggestions based on compatibility established by eDarling.
  • Receiving contact requests : Be open to initial interactions from interested members.
  • Download photos : Add a face to your profile to increase interest.

Premium subscription

This paid formula maximizes your chances of finding a partner.
In addition to the Basic benefits, you can send unlimited messages, access all photos, see who has visited your profile, and benefit from priority placement.
The rate becomes more attractive for longer commitments, and you receive more compatible profiles on a daily basis.

Premium features :

For those seeking a complete experience, this paid subscription enriches your quest with :

  • All the advantages of the Basic subscription.
  • Send unlimited messages : Communicate with your correspondence without restrictions.
  • Unlimited access to photos : Explore all the profile images that interest you.
  • Access to visitors to your profile : Find out who's interested in you.
  • Priority placement : Increase your visibility to other users.
  • Using the Smartphone application : Stay connected on the move.
  • Playback confirmation : Know when your messages are read.
  • In-depth personality test results for download : Keep a written record of your personality profile.
  • Up to 20 additional profiles per day: Expand your circle of potential matches.


Do eDarling rates vary by gender?

No, eDarling offers identical rates for men and women.

Do package prices differ according to age group?

No, the information available does not indicate any variation in rates according to user age.

Is eDarling free?

L'Registration on eDarling is free, to take the personality test and create a profile. However, to communicate and interact fully with other profiles, a paid subscription is required.

Are there any coupon codes or free offers for eDarling?

It's common for promotions to be offered from time to time, so it's a good idea to check the eDarling site or sign up for the newsletter for any offers.

What payment methods are accepted?

  • Credit card: You can pay with Visa, MasterCard or American Express.
  • Online payment via PayPal: This allows secure payment directly from your PayPal account.

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