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Is eDarling reliable?


by Vanessa Charles


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Key Points
eDarling is a dating site with mixed reviews.
Some users find it ideal for serious encounters, while others report low activity and limited interaction with profiles.
It mainly targets an over-40s audience with a reliable personality test.

Are you wondering whether eDarling is a reliable platform for online dating? It's a valid question, especially with the constant evolution of dating sites. 

Explanations about eDarling

eDarling is a dating site that has been around for several years and has evolved over time. Opinions on this site are quite varied:

  • Qualities : Some users consider eDarling to be an ideal site for finding a serious partner for life, with satisfactory ergonomics and functionalities and notable seriousness in the profiles offered.
  • Defects : Other users report a less positive experience, with criticism of the cost of registration, perceived low activity on the site, and limited interaction with other members.

How can I assess eDarling's reliability?

To evaluate the reliability of eDarling, it is important to consider several aspects:

  • User activity : Some reviews mention low activity and little interaction with other members. It's essential to check whether the site is dynamic in your region or for your age group.
  • Profile quality : eDarling targets a mature audience (over 40) and uses a personality test to suggest matches.
    This can be a positive point if you're looking for serious relationships with people with a certain level of education and maturity.
  • Rates : One factor to consider is the cost of registration. Compare rates with other dating sites to see if they match your budget and expectations.

If you can't make up your mind on eDarling

If you're still hesitating about registering with eDarling, here are some alternatives:

  • Test the site for free : Many dating sites offer a free trial period or basic features free of charge.
  • See other reviews : Explore various forums or review sites for additional feedback.
  • Compare with other sites: Look at other online dating options that might better match your expectations in terms of dynamics, cost and type of relationship desired.

Similar problems and related issues

  • How to recognize a serious profile on a dating site?
    Look at the quality of the information provided, the authenticity of the photos and the consistency of the exchanges.
  • Is it safe to pay for a membership on a dating site? Make sure the site uses secure payment methods and has a clear privacy policy.
  • How effective are personality tests on dating sites? These tests can help you find compatible partners, but they're no substitute for communication and personal interaction.


In conclusion, eDarling has both positive and negative aspects according to the 2023 reviews. It stands out for its targeted approach to a mature audience and its personality test, which may be ideal for those looking for serious relationships.

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