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Attractive World : Prices & Subscription Details


by Vanessa Charles


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To remember: Rates and subscriptions

Subscription prices :

  • 1 month: €79.90/month
  • 3 months: €59.90/month
  • 6 months: €39.90/month

Subscription types :

  • Classic Free, access to profiles and voting for new members.
  • Premium For a fee, all features included, with a sliding-scale price scale according to duration.

This article aims to enlighten future users about Attractive World's subscription structure, to help them choose the option best suited to their romantic aspirations.

Attractive World subscription price list

Subscription durationPrice per monthTotal priceDiscount on monthly rate
1 month79,90 €79,90 €0 €
3 months59,90 €179,70 €60 € (20 € x 3)
6 months39,90 €239,40 €240 € (40 € x 6)
How much do Attractive World memberships cost?

Subscription benefits

View profiles✔️✔️
Voting for new members✔️✔️
Send messages✔️
Read your messages✔️
Find out who bookmarked you✔️
Organize and participate in events✔️
Attractive World subscription features

Classic subscription

This is the basic access to thefree offer from Attractive World.
You can register, create your profile and browse other members' profiles. It's a great way to get a feel for the site!

Classic subscription features

  • View profiles : Browse and discover the site's members.
  • Voting for new members : Help welcome new members.

Premium subscription :

This paying plan is the one that opens the door to all the features. You can read and send messages, see who's added you to their favorites and even organize or take part in events for more convivial encounters.

Premium subscription features :

  • View profiles : Unlimited access to member profiles.
  • Voting for new members : Your vote counts for the admission of new members.
  • Sending messages : Start a conversation with members who interest you.
  • Read your messages : Discover and respond to the messages you receive.
  • Find out who bookmarked you : See who's interested in you.
  • Organize and participate in events: Take advantage of opportunities to meet other singles in person.


Does Attractive World have different rates for men and women?

No, Attractive World charges the same rates for men and women.

Do prices differ according to age group?

No, Attractive World's rates are standard and do not vary according to the age of the user.

Is Attractive World free?

Yes and no. Registration is free with the Classic package, but to access all the features, you need to subscribe to the Premium package.

Are there any coupon codes or free offers for Attractive World?

Attractive World has a number of promotional offers. For example, one offer offers a cashback of 10.40% on all your purchases, valid all year round, plus a 3€ sign-up bonus.

What payment options does Attractive World offer?

Only credit card payment is available.

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