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Meetic or Disons Demain: Mature or general dating?


by Vanessa Charles


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To remember: Meetic vs Disons Demain

Meetic is a generalist site that caters for a wide variety of singles, while Disons Demain focuses on singles aged 50 and over. Meetic therefore attracts a younger audience on average. Both sites belong to the same group, the Match Group, and share similar interfaces.
However, Disons Demain offers a more senior-friendly environment, with a predominantly female demographic, whereas Meetic has a more even gender balance.
Subscription rates are relatively similar, although slightly higher for Disons Demain.

Today, let's compare Meetic and Disons Demain, two giants of the online dating world. On the one hand, Meetic, a well-established, generalist site, and on the other, Disons Demain, dedicated to the over-50s. What are the notable differences between these two platforms?

Meetic vs. Disons Demain

CriteriaMeeticDisons DemainDifference
Demographics and target audienceAll ages, most represented by 25-34 year-oldsSeniors (50+), most represented 65+ age groupMeetic is more generalist, Disons Demain specific to seniors
Features and InterfaceGeneral interface, wide range of functionsSimilar interface for seniorsDisons Demain is a senior version of Meetic
Cost and subscriptionsEssential: 1 month €19.99, 6 months €9.99/month; Premium: 1 month €27.99, 6 months €14.99/monthEssential: 1 month €39.99, 6 months €19.99/month; Premium: 1 month €49.99, 6 months €24.99/monthSlightly higher rates for Disons Demain
Security & PrivacyHigh safety standardsHigh safety standardsEquivalent, with low risk of false profiles
Matching efficiencyWide range of ages and interestsTargeting seniorsDisons Demain is more specialized
User ExperienceFun for all agesSenior-friendlyDisons Demain tailored to the needs of seniors
Support and Additional ServicesCustomer support, singles eventsCustomer support, singles eventsSimilar, with events tailored to the target audience
Diversity and InclusivenessWide range of ages and orientationsMainly seniorsMeetic more diverse in terms of age and orientation
Testimonials and success storiesVarious testimonialsTestimonials from seniorsDisons Demain focuses on seniors' successes
User base and ActivityMore members and unique visitorsFewer but very active membersMeetic has a broader user base

Differences between Meetic and Disons Demain

The key differences between Meetic and Disons Demain lie in their target audience and community. Meetic is aimed at a broader, younger audience, while Disons Demain focuses on seniors. Disons Demain has a higher proportion of women and more active members. The functionalities and interface of the two sites are very similar, but Disons Demain offers an experience better adapted to the needs of seniors.

Should you choose Meetic or Disons Demain?

The choice between Meetic and Disons Demain depends mainly on your age and what you're looking for in a relationship. If you're under 50 and looking for someone in that age bracket, Meetic is probably the best choice.
On the other hand, if you're over 50 or looking for a partner of that age, Disons Demain will be more suitable. Both sites offer safe and welcoming environments, but with different demographics and expectations. Ultimately, the choice depends on your personal preferences and what you're looking for in a relationship.

Subscription price comparison

MeeticDisons Demain
9.99/month (6 months)19.99/month (6 months)
14.99/month (6 months Premium)24.99/month (6 months Premium)

Demographics and target audience

Meetic attracts a wide range of ages, while Disons Demain focuses on the over-50s. This makes Disons Demain an ideal choice for seniors looking for serious relationships with peers.

Features and Interface

The functionalities of Meetic and Disons Demain are similar, offering a user-friendly experience. However, Disons Demain limits its interactions to senior profiles, which can be an advantage for targeted users.

Cost and subscriptions

Cost is a key factor. Meetic's subscription is considerably cheaper than Disons Demain's, which can be a determining factor for budget-conscious users.

Security & Privacy

Both sites offer comparable levels of security and privacy, ensuring a safe dating experience.

Matching efficiency

Meetic, with its larger user base, offers a wider range of potential matches. Disons Demain, meanwhile, provides a matching service specifically for seniors.

User Experience

The user experience is similar on both platforms, with an easy-to-navigate interface and user-friendly features.

Support and Additional Services

Meetic and Disons Demain offer similar customer support services and activities for singles, although Disons Demain's events are specifically designed for seniors.

Diversity and Inclusiveness

Meetic offers greater diversity in terms of age and preferences, while Disons Demain focuses on a senior demographic.

Testimonials and success stories

Testimonials and success stories differ from site to site, reflecting their respective target audiences.

User base and Activity

Meetic benefits from a broader, more active user base, while Disons Demain focuses on a specific age group, offering a more targeted, but less diverse community.

Similarities between Meetic and Disons Demain

  • Belonging to the same group.
  • Comparable security and confidentiality measures.
  • Similar user interfaces.

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