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How can I benefit from Meetic's special offers?


by Vanessa Charles


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Meetic's special offers are designed to help those looking for love online find their ideal partner. These offers can be very attractive, especially if you're new to the platform or want to explore more features. Here's how you can benefit from these special offers and some important notes to keep in mind.

Step by step to benefit from the offer

Activate the sending of Meetic Offers

  1. Go to your Meetic account
  2. Click on your profile picture and then on "My Account".
  3. Click on "Notifications" and scroll down until you find "Promotional offers".
  4. All you have to do is tick the settings you want!
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Find the Offer in Your E-mail

  1. Open the e-mail you received from Meetic containing the special offer. If you can't find this e-mail, check your spam or promotions folder.
  2. Click on the link provided in the e-mail to access the offer. This link will redirect you to the specific offer page on Meetic.

Verification of the validity of the Offer

Before proceeding, it is crucial to check that the offer is still valid. Special offers usually have a limited duration, so be sure to check the expiry date.

Subscribe to Meetic

Once you've checked the offer, it's time to subscribe to Meetic. Follow the instructions on the page to subscribe and take advantage of the special offer.

Important information to note

  • Limited Period of Validity: All special offers have a limited validity period, so don't delay too long to take advantage of this offer.
  • Customer ServiceIf you have any questions about the offer, or if you have subscribed to an offer but paid the full rate, contact Customer Service from Meetic for help. They're here to support you every step of the way in your online dating experience.

One step closer to love!

Taking advantage of Meetic's special offers can be a great way to start your journey in the search for love online. As I've guided you through this process, feel free to revisit these steps if you need to. The key is to react quickly and understand all the conditions associated with the offer. Good luck in your quest for love, and may these special offers make your Meetic experience even more enjoyable!

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