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How do I find singles on Meetic?


by Vanessa Charles


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Love could be just a few clicks away! Meetic is one of the leaders in the world of online dating and can help you find the partner you're looking for. Let's take a look at how to find singles on Meetic.

Which platforms to search?

For computers :

  1. Go to the Search at the top of the page.

For mobiles and applications :

  1. Go to Discover.
  2. Then click on Your research.
  3. Select Search.

Adjust your search criteria

Once on the search page, you have the freedom to adjust several criteria to refine your results:

  • Geographical distance You can search for singles nearby or extend your search up to 500 km.
  • The city Please specify the city you are interested in.
  • Age range Select the minimum and maximum age of your ideal partner.
  • Profiles with or without photo.
  • Profiles online or offline To chat immediately or see who has recently visited the site.
  • Advanced filters : They allow you to be even more precise in your searches.

If you're open to suggestions, or would prefer Meetic to do some of the work for you, go to the Discover.

What if your search returns no results?

Don't panic! Online dating is a game of patience. If your first attempts don't produce any results, I advise you tobroaden your search criteria or your geographical area. The right person for you may be a little further away than you thought. After all, love has no borders, does it?

It's up to you!

Finding singles on Meetic is a simple and intuitive process. With the right search criteria and a dose of patience, you're well on your way to finding your soulmate. Good luck in your quest for love!

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Vanessa Charles

A (very) close friend of Cupid and a true lover of relationships of all kinds, I am the main editor of Give Me Date. I answer your questions about couples, sexuality and dating and I test dating sites to give you a subjective opinion on how to find love or meet new people.

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