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Biker Planet
Biker Dating Sites

Meet other single bikers on Biker Planet

Looking to meet other people who share your passion for motorcycles? Biker Planet is the dating site for you. With an online community of biker singles, you can easily find new people to share your love for two-wheelers with.

Why use Biker Planet?

  • Thousands of active profiles
  • An advanced matching system
  • An easy to use interface
  • Verified profiles

How to register?

Simply fill out our online registration form by entering your personal information and your nickname. You will then be able to create your profile and start browsing the site.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information

If you have any questions or need more information, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to help you find love or new friendships on Biker Planet.

Active members

990 000



Average age

20-23 years old



I register for free ->


  • Highly detailed profiles in most cases
  • You can adjust the site according to your choices in most aspects
  • The registration is free
  • The customer service is accessible 24/7
  • There are many security features at your disposal


  • Excessive advertising on the main site
  • Poor performance of the mailbox

Biker Planet


As a good biker, I wanted to meet a future riding companion. So I went to Biker Planet to find maybe the biker of my dreams...

I appreciate that Biker Planet has an interface exclusively dedicated to motorcycle lovers. I can easily browse through the biker profiles and filter my searches according to my preferences.

Another positive point of Biker Planet is that the community is very engaged and active. Users of the site are passionate about motorcycles, which makes conversations more interesting and authentic. In addition, most of the profiles are detailed and contain information about each member's hobbies, preferences and expectations, making it easier to find potential matches.

However, this can be a disadvantage because your quest for true love will be restricted. The number of members on Biker Planet is quite limited, compared to other more general dating sites. This can make the search more difficult and reduce the chances of finding a compatible partner. In addition, the cost can be a hindrance for users who are looking for a more affordable option to meet motorcycle fans.

I think that Biker Planet is a good choice for connecting motorcycle enthusiasts looking for romance or friendship with like-minded people. However, I feel like this site is more of a moterd(e)s list, most go directly to other means of communication.



Biker Planet is an online dating site specialized for bikers. It was founded in 2006 and has since become one of the leading dating sites for motorcycle enthusiasts.
The site is designed for people who love life on two wheels and are looking to meet other bikers for dating or simply for companionship.

Biker Planet has thousands of members worldwide, primarily in the United States and Canada. Users can create a free profile and access several features, including member search, instant messaging and live chat. Members can also upload photos and videos to personalize their profile.

Biker Planet offers advanced search tools to help members find potential matches. Users can search for members based on location, age, gender, preferred motorcycle type, interests and many other criteria.

The site is also equipped with a committed community of bikers that share information on upcoming events, new motorcycles, popular motorcycle destinations, scenic routes and more.

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Promo code

Although Biker Planet offers a unique dating experience for single bikers, the cost of the paid membership may be a deterrent for some users.
However, there is a solution to reduce the cost of the subscription: promo codes.

These codes can be found online or sent directly from Biker Planet to registered users. They offer a cost-effective solution for users looking to save money while enjoying the unlimited features offered by the paid subscription, such as unlimited messaging, advanced search and the ability to see who has viewed their profile.

However, it is important to note that promo codes are not always available and may have a limited duration. Users should therefore be careful and take advantage of these offers as soon as they are available.

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There is a subscription on Biker Planet :

The advantages

  •  Unlimited Emails & Flirting
  •  Instant messaging
  •  Activate the invisible mode
  •  Access all the members' photos

The price

3 months21,65 € / month (64.95 € billed every 90 days)
1 month 39,95 € / month (39.95 € billed every 30 days)
5 days access1.00 € / day (5.00 € for 5 days trial rebilled at €41.95 every 30 days)


Biker Planet has many features, which will allow you to find the biker who will accompany your next trips!

Quick search

Make a targeted search on the biker you are interested in, using the criteria you have chosen. You can search by age, gender, place of residence, maximum distance from that place. You can also choose to find only profiles with photos.

Premium Search

With this premium search, you can:

  • Find MORE compatibilities in LESS time
  • Access 31 BONUS search options

This feature is only available if you have an "optimized" account. You will have to use the premium rates for this.

Find a member

Thanks to this feature you will be able to find a particular member with his username.

A flirt

Thanks to the "flirting" feature, you will be able to interest the member by sending him/her predefined phrases. You will have the choice between several themes of sentences like :

  • Icebreakers
  • Funny
  • Passionate
  • Expressive

With these phrases, you will be able to start a conversation without thinking about what you can say.


To receive or send a message to one of the members, you will only have the right to a restricted number of messages when you register. You will then have to purchase a Premium account.


On Biker Planet, you can have access to a bank of images of all the members. You will be able to find in this bank, a photo of the member, photos of motorcycle... It is also possible to see all the photos of a member if you click on his profile.

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Ask if he/she is interested

With this feature, the platform will be able to send a message on your behalf, to see if the member you selected is interested in you.

Voice & video call

It is possible on the platform to communicate with a member in person, or in video thanks to an audio and/or video call proposed directly on each profile.


Bookmark the biker you are interested in. You will then be able to find him/her in the favorites section in order to send him/her a "flirt", or a personalized message...

Quick result

The "Quick Result" feature is a match system that presents you with several members. It is up to you to choose if you are interested in proceeding to a match or ignoring it.


In the "Visits" section, find all the members who have visited your profile, and all the ones you have visited so you don't miss out on any opportunities find your future road partner.

Blocked members

If a member does not respect your terms, and becomes disrespectful, you have the possibility to block him/her.

Mobile application

Biker Planet is available as a mobile app so users can access the site from their cell phone or tablet. The app is available on iOS and Android platforms, and can be downloaded for free from the App Store or Google Play Store.

With Biker Planet's mobile app, you can easily create a profile, browse other users' profiles, send messages and flirt with people who interest you. You can also use the geolocation feature to find people nearby who share your passion for motorcycles.


How to register on Biker Planet?

For register on Biker Planet It's very simple, you just have to fill in the registration form. However, the form is a bit long, but it allows you to have the most information about who you are and what you are looking for.

How to delete my account on Biker Planet?

To deactivate your account, please follow these instructions:

- Log in to your account on Biker Planet
- Click in the section " Settings
- Click on " Deactivate my account
- Choose the reason for this departure, and confirm the deletion of your account.

An email confirming the deactivation of your account will be sent to you. You will just have to click on the link sent to permanently deactivate your account.

How to reactivate my account on Biker Planet?

To reactivate your account on Biker Planet, it is very simple:

- Go to the Biker Planet website or application
- Click on the button " Re-activate the account" .

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