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How do you create and manage your personal description on Meetic?


by Vanessa Charles


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The personal description is an opportunity for you to share a glimpse of your personality, your tastes and what you're looking for on Meetic. It's a key element in attracting compatible profiles. In this article, I'll take you step-by-step through the process of creating and managing your personal description on Meetic, whether you're using your computer or your cell phone.

Create and manage your description on the computer

If you use Meetic from a computer, follow these steps to add or modify your description:

  1. Connection Log in to your Meetic account.
  2. Profile access Click on your profile photo.
  3. Edition Click on Edit my profile.
  4. Add description In the Tell us a little about yourself!Write your personal description.
  5. Registration Once you are satisfied with your text, click on Register.
  6. Modification or deletion To make subsequent changes or delete your description, use the icons in the pen ️ or the basket ️.

A little tip Remember not to share sensitive personal information. Meetic cares about your safety!

Create and manage your mobile description

If you prefer to use Meetic via your cell phone, the process is just as simple:

  1. Opening the application Launch the Meetic application.
  2. Access to the Me section Navigate to Me.
  3. My Profile Click on Edit my profile.
  4. Editorial In the field Write a short note that says a lot about you!express yourself freely.
  5. Modification or deletion If you wish to modify or delete your description at a later date, click on the '...' and choose the option that suits you best.

Don't neglect it!

Your personal description on Meetic is your virtual business card. It gives a first impression of who you are and what you're looking for. Take the time to write it well, and make sure you follow the safety instructions. This will increase your chances of making authentic and memorable encounters. Good luck in your quest for love!

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