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Meetic or Badoo: Comparison of the Dating Mastodons


by Vanessa Charles


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meetic badoo comparison

To remember:
Meetic is ideal for those looking for serious relationships, with verified profiles and paid services offering advanced features.

Badoois more geared towards casual encounters, with a freer user experience and less expensive membership.
The key difference lies in the intention of the users: serious and committed for Meetic, relaxed and flexible for Badoo.

A comparison of Meetic and Badoo reveals two distinct philosophies in the world of online dating. On the one hand, Meetic focuses on long-term relationships, while Badoo offers a more casual approach. This comparison aims to shed light on the particularities of each to help you choose the site that best matches your expectations.

Meetic vs Badoo comparison

Demographics and target audienceAdults looking for serious relationshipsYoung adults for friendships or fleeting encountersDifferent user orientations
Features and InterfaceAdvanced search tools, chat, singles eventsChat, quick meetings, simple filtering optionsMore targeted features on Meetic
Cost and subscriptionsMore expensive subscriptions with full optionsCheaper subscription with basic optionsMeetic is more expensive, but offers more features
Security & PrivacyRigorous profile checkingMore flexible verificationMeetic offers greater security
Matching efficiencyBased on compatibility and common interestsBased on physical attraction and proximityDifferent approaches to matching
User ExperienceElegant interface and organized eventsColorful interface and fun featuresMeetic more formal, Badoo more casual
Support and Additional ServicesAward-winning customer service, personalized adviceFewer additional servicesMeetic offers more support and services
Diversity and InclusivenessLess diverse, targets an older audienceMore diversified, targeting a younger audienceBadoo offers greater diversity
Testimonials and success storiesTestimonials from serious relationshipsTestimonials from casual encountersDifferent types of successful relationships
User base and ActivitySerious, older usersYoung, active usersDifferent target audience

Differences between Meetic and Badoo

Meetic and Badoo differ mainly in their target audience and their approach to online dating. :

  • Meetic targets adults looking for lasting relationships, with carefully vetted profiles and comprehensive paid services.
  • Opposite, Badoo attracts a younger audience, interested in friendly or ephemeral encounters, offering a freer, lower-cost user experience.

Should you choose Meetic or Badoo?

Your choice between Meetic and Badoo will essentially depend on your online dating intentions. :

  • If you're looking for a serious, long-term relationship, Meetic, with its mature user base and advanced features, is probably the best choice.
  • On the other hand, if you're looking for more casual encounters, with no long-term commitment, Badoo, with its more relaxed approach and less expensive membership, might be better suited to you.

Subscription price comparison

1 month: EUR 39.991 month: EUR 9.99
3 months: EUR 28.99 / month3 months: EUR 14.66 / month
6 months: EUR 19.99 / month6 months: EUR 11.00 / month
12 months : Not available1 Lifetime Membership: 129.99 EUR
Price comparison between Meetic and Badoo

Demographics and target audience

  • Meetic mainly attracts adults looking for serious, stable relationships. Users tend to be established professionals with an affluent lifestyle.
  • Badoo, on the other hand, attracts a younger clientele, often students or young professionals, interested in friendly or ephemeral encounters.

Features and Interface

  • Meetic offers an elegant, sophisticated interface with advanced search tools, enabling targeted searches and more serious encounters.
  • Badoo offers a more colorful, playful interface, with features geared towards quick, casual encounters.

Cost and subscriptions

  • Meetic subscriptions are more expensive, but offer a full range of services and features.
  • Badoo offers less expensive subscription options, but with more basic functionality.
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Security & Privacy

  • Meetic stands out for its rigorous profile checking, offering greater security and protection against unpleasant surprises.
  • Badoo takes a more flexible approach to verification, which can sometimes lead to an increased presence of fake profiles.

Matching efficiency

  • Meetic uses a matching system based on personality compatibility and common interests.
  • Badoo, on the other hand, is based on a matching system more focused on physical attraction and geographical proximity.
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User Experience

  • The user experience on Meetic is more formal, with features designed to facilitate serious encounters.
  • Badoo offers a more relaxed and playful user experience, ideal for lighter encounters.

Support and Additional Services

  • Meetic provides quality customer service, with personalized advice and organized events for singles.
  • Badoo offers fewer additional services, focusing mainly on the ease of online dating.

Diversity and Inclusiveness

  • Meetic appeals to a less diverse audience, targeting mainly older adults.
  • Thanks to its more open approach, Badoo attracts a younger, more diverse audience.

Testimonials and success stories

  • Testimonials on Meetic often include stories of serious, long-lasting relationships.
  • Badoo, for its part, shares stories of lighter, more ephemeral encounters.

User base and Activity

  • Meetic has an older, more serious user base, looking for long-term relationships.
  • Badoo attracts younger, more active users interested in more casual encounters.

Similarities between Meetic and Badoo

Despite their differences, Meetic and Badoo share certain similarities:

  • Free registration Both platforms offer free registration, enabling users to create a profile and browse the profiles of other members.
  • Mobile application Meetic and Badoo both have a mobile application, making it easy to access and use the services from anywhere.
  • Messaging options Both sites offer messaging options for communicating with other users, although full access to these features may require a paid subscription.

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