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Disons Demain or Nos Belles Années: Quest for Love After 50


by Vanessa Charles


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disonsdemain nosbellesannees comparison

To remember : Disons Demain vs Nos Belles Années

Disons Demain and Nos Belles Années are two dating sites for the over-50s. Disons Demain, launched by Match Group (owner of Meetic), focuses on profile quality and a simple interface. Nos Belles Années, the French version of Silversingles, stands out for its affinity-based dating service, based on a personality questionnaire. Disons Demain is renowned for its award-winning customer service and offers face-to-face activities to facilitate dating.

Today, I'm going to guide you through the jungle of dating sites for seniors, highlighting the special features of Disons Demain and Nos Belles Années. How do you choose between these two platforms? What's so special about them? Let's find out together.

Disons Demain vs Nos Belles Années comparison

CriteriaDisons DemainNos Belles AnnéesDifference
Demographics and target audienceOver 50Over 50Similar, but Disons Demain attracts more serious relationship seekers
Features and InterfaceClear, bright interface, precise search optionsMobile application, personality questionnaire for affinitiesNos Belles Années focuses on matchmaking, Disons Demain on ease of use
Cost and subscriptions39.99/month for 1 month, 14.99/month for 3 months, 9.99/month for 6 months79/month for 1 month, 39/month for 3 months, 22/month for 6 months, 20/month for 12 monthsDisons Demain is more affordable in the long term
Security & PrivacyQuality customer service, user safety-Disons Demain is appreciated for its customer service and security
Matching efficiencyBased on answers to registration questionsAdvanced matchmaking systemNos Belles Années offers a more personalized approach to matching
User ExperienceActive community, many organized activitiesPractical mobile applicationDisons Demain offers more in-person activities
Support and Additional ServicesAward-winning customer service-Disons Demain to better customer support
Diversity and InclusivenessSpecifically for seniors-Information not available
Testimonials and success storiesMany success stories-Information not available for Nos Belles Années
User base and ActivityOver 2 million members, active community-Disons Demain to a broader, more active user base

Differences between Disons Demain and Nos Belles Années

Disons Demain stands out for its high-quality customer service, easy-to-access interface and real-life activities for its members. Nos Belles Années, on the other hand, focuses on a matchmaking system based on a personality questionnaire, offering a more personalized experience.

Should you choose Disons Demain or Nos Belles Années?

Choosing between Disons Demain and Nos Belles Années depends on your personal preferences. If you value award-winning customer service, an accessible user interface, and the opportunity to participate in in-person events, Disons Demain could be your ideal choice. If, on the other hand, you're looking for a more personalized approach based on an advanced matchmaking system, then Nos Belles Années is probably more suited to you.

Subscription price comparison

Disons DemainNos Belles Années
39.99€ for 1 month79€ for 1 month
14.99/month for 3 months39/month for 3 months
9.99/month for 6 months22/month for 6 months
Not available20/month for 12 months

Demographics and target audience

Disons Demain and Nos Belles Années target singles over 50. However, Disons Demain is more oriented towards serious relationships, while Nos Belles Années uses a matchmaking system to connect people with similar affinities.

Features and Interface

Disons Demain offers a clear, easy-to-use interface, with precise search options. Nos Belles Années, on the other hand, features a detailed personality questionnaire to facilitate affinity matching.

Cost and subscriptions

Disons Demain is more affordable, especially for long-term subscriptions. Nos Belles Années is a little more expensive, but offers a more personalized approach thanks to its matchmaking system.

Security & Privacy

Disons Demain is renowned for its quality customer service and offers users a sense of security. Specific security information about Nos Belles Années is not available.

Matching efficiency

Nos Belles Années stands out for its approach based on a personality questionnaire, while Disons Demain relies on answers to questions during registration to suggest matches.

User Experience

Disons Demain offers an enriched user experience with numerous in-person activities, while Nos Belles Années offers a practical mobile application for staying connected.

Support and Additional Services

Disons Demain excels with its award-winning customer service, something not mentioned for Nos Belles Années.

Diversity and Inclusiveness

Information on diversity and inclusiveness is not available for either site.

Testimonials and success stories

Although Disons Demain features many success stories, this information is not available for Nos Belles Années.

User base and Activity

Disons Demain has a larger and more active user base, with over 2 million subscribers.

Similarities between Disons Demain and Nos Belles Années

Both sites target singles over 50 looking for serious relationships, and offer both free registration and paid subscriptions.
They also offer a mobile application for easy user access.

In conclusion, Disons Demain and Nos Belles Années have their own strengths, and differ in their approach and functionalities. Your choice will depend on what you're looking for in a dating platform for seniors.

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