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Disons Demain or Elite Rencontre: Pour Qui Bat le Coeur des Seniors?


by Vanessa Charles


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To remember : Disons Demain vs Elite Rencontre

Disons Demain and Elite Rencontre are two distinct dating sites in terms of target audience and features. Disons Demain is aimed specifically at people over 50, offering a simple interface and activities to facilitate dating. Elite Rencontre, on the other hand, targets a more "upscale" audience, with a majority of members holding higher education qualifications, and uses an in-depth personality test for compatible matches. Elite Rencontre's rates are slightly lower than those of Disons Demain.

A comparison of Disons Demain and Elite Rencontre reveals two different worlds of online dating. On the one hand, Disons Demain specifically targets senior citizens, while Elite Rencontre is positioned in a more elitist segment. Let's explore these differences in more detail.

Disons Demain vs Elite Rencontre comparison

CriteriaDisons DemainElite RencontreDifference
Demographics and target audienceOver 50High-income earners, seniors, high-end profilesDisons Demain focuses on seniors, Elite Rencontre on a varied but elitist audience.
Features and InterfaceSimplified interface, activities for meetingsPersonality test, match suggestionsDisons Demain focuses on simplicity, Elite Rencontre on personality analysis.
Cost and subscriptions39.99/month (base rate)39.90/month for 3 months (premium rate)Elite Rencontre offers slightly lower rates.
Security & PrivacyProfessionalism and reliabilityHigh level of safetyTwo serious but different approaches to confidentiality.
Matching efficiencyBased on registration responsesDetailed personality testElite Rencontre uses a more advanced matching system.
User ExperienceEase of use, simple navigationEasy interface, intuitive navigationSimilar user experiences in terms of usability.
Support and Additional ServicesAdvice, suggested activitiesPersonalized coaching, eventsElite Rencontre offers more personalized services.
Diversity and InclusivenessSpecifically for seniorsMore diverse in terms of demographicsElite Rencontre is more inclusive in terms of demographics.
Testimonials and success storiesNot specifiedNot specifiedInformation not available.
User base and ActivityFocus on seniorsLarge, with qualified membersElite Rencontre has a more varied user base.

Differences between Disons Demain and Elite Rencontre

The main differences between Disons Demain and Elite Rencontre lie in their target audience and matching methods. Disons Demain is dedicated to people over 50, while Elite Rencontre targets a more varied audience, including high-end profiles. In terms of features, Disons Demain focuses on simplicity and the organization of activities, while Elite Rencontre concentrates on an in-depth personality test for more precise matches.

Should you choose Disons Demain or Elite Rencontre?

The choice between Disons Demain and Elite Rencontre depends on your age and what you're looking for. If you're over 50 and prefer a straightforward approach, Disons Demain is ideal. On the other hand, if you're looking for high-end potential partners with a high level of education, and enjoy personality analysis to find matches, Elite Rencontre would be more suitable.

Subscription price comparison

Disons DemainElite Rencontre
Free (with limitations)Free (with limitations)
1 month: €39.991 month: €39.90
3 months : Not available3 months: €39.90/month
6 months: €19.99/month6 months: €29.90/month
12 months : Not available12 months: €20.00/month

Demographics and target audience

Disons Demain is specifically designed for the over-50s, offering an experience tailored to this age group. Elite Rencontre, on the other hand, attracts a more diverse audience, including high-income earners and seniors, but also individuals seeking partners with higher levels of education. This difference makes each platform unique in its approach to online dating.

Features and Interface

Disons Demain's interface is simple and easy to use, even for Internet beginners. Elite Rencontre offers a more refined experience, with a detailed personality test for more accurate matches. Both sites offer a fluid user experience, but with different methods and objectives.

Cost and subscriptions

Disons Demain is slightly more expensive than Elite Rencontre. However, both sites offer free basic subscriptions, allowing users to test the platforms before committing.

Security & Privacy

Let's say Demain and Elite Rencontre both take security and privacy seriously, but Elite Rencontre offers a higher level of privacy and security, which is consistent with its more elitist positioning.

Matching efficiency

Disons Demain offers matches based on the answers provided at registration, while Elite Rencontre uses a personality test based on the Big Five traits for a more sophisticated matching approach.

User Experience

Both sites are known for their ease of use and intuitive navigation, offering a pleasant user experience, although their target audiences differ.

Support and Additional Services

Elite Rencontre stands out for its personalized coaching and access to exclusive events, while Disons Demain offers advice and organizes activities to facilitate meetings.

Diversity and Inclusiveness

Elite Rencontre attracts a more diverse demographic in terms of age, education and income, while Disons Demain focuses exclusively on people over 50.

Testimonials and success stories

Specific information on testimonials and success stories is not available for either site.

User base and Activity

Elite Rencontre has a broader, more diversified user base, while Disons Demain focuses on a specific segment of the online dating market.

Similarities between Disons Demain and Elite Rencontre

Despite their differences, the two sites share certain similarities:

  • Commitment to Serious Relationships : Both platforms encourage serious, long-term relationships.
  • User interface Both offer a user-friendly, easy-to-navigate interface, although their approaches differ.
  • Free registration Both offer free registration options, enabling users to discover the sites before committing to a paid subscription.

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