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Rencontre Trans à Versailles: Espaces Prisés


by Vanessa Charles


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Le meilleur site pour rencontrer des transsexuelles à Versailles

Testé et approuvé par mes soins et surtout mes lecteurs de la communauté LGBT à Versailles, il est incontournable pour faire des rencontres trans sans prise de tête !

As an expert in dating and seduction, I'm Vanessa, and I'm delighted to guide you through the must-see places to meet the trans community in the vibrant city of Versailles. Whether you're looking for a lively evening or a more intimate moment, these establishments will meet your expectations.

EstablishmentTypeShort presentationAddressNeighborhood
Le BraséroBarFriendly, inclusive bar, ideal for trans encounters.15, Rue du Peintre Lebrun, 78000 Versailles, FranceVersailles
Les Caves Du Roi SoleilLounge barHistoric and modern ambience, theme evenings.5 Pass. de la Geôle, 78000 VersaillesVersailles
Dorian's PubPubCosy pub with coffee games, for relaxed get-togethers.Place Du Marche Notre Dame, 12 Rue André Chénier, 78000 Versailles, FranceVersailles
Pub O'ParisIrish pubBeer and whisky selection, sports evenings.15 Rue Colbert, 78000 VersaillesVersailles
La PirogueCocktail barCocktails in a cosy, woodsy atmosphere.24 Rue Baillet Reviron, 78000 VersaillesVersailles
The MenschBarDynamic venue for late-night meetings.34 Rue Charlot, 75003 ParisLe Marais, Paris
Bear bar El HombreGay barHouse cocktails, disco, terrace, theme nights.15 Rue de la Reynie, 75004 ParisLe Marais, Paris
Sector XGay barGay bar with happy hour, relaxed atmosphere.49 Rue des Blancs Manteaux, 75004 ParisLe Marais, Paris
Bears' denGay barCosy atmosphere, outdoor terrace, excellent cocktails.6 Rue des Lombards, 75004 ParisLe Marais, Paris
Lieux de rencontre transgenre à Versailles
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Where to meet trannies in Versailles?

Les Caves Du Roi Soleil

2023 05 25 1

In the elegant setting of Versailles, Les Caves Du Roi Soleil stands out as a privileged meeting place for the trans community. This lounge bar, nestled in an ancient building with exposed beams, offers a historic yet modern ambience, ideal for unforgettable encounters.

What makes Les Caves Du Roi Soleil so special is its unique blend of tradition and modernity. The themed evenings organized here are the perfect opportunity to meet trans people in a festive, open-minded setting. The cocktails, renowned for their excellence, add a touch of sophistication to your evenings, facilitating relaxed, convivial exchanges.

NameLes Caves Du Roi Soleil
Addressbar club irlandais, Les caves du roi soleil, 5 Pass. de la Geôle, 78000 Versailles
Phone number06 11 40 39 91
Opening hours and daysDu mardi au dimanche de 20h00 à 02h00
Website / Social networkwebsite
Notice180 avis 3,9/5
Détails du « Les Caves Du Roi Soleil” à Versailles

Dorian's Pub

sallehaut dorianspub

Dorian's Pub stands out as a favorite spot for the trans community in Versailles. The pub, located on Place Du Marche Notre Dame, offers a warm, lively atmosphere conducive to meetings and exchanges.

The relaxed atmosphere of Dorian's Pub is perfect for those looking to meet trans people in an unpretentious setting. On-site coffee games add a playful touch to the experience, facilitating social interaction in a friendly and inclusive spirit.

NameDorian's Pub
Address Marché Notre Dame, 12 Rue André Chénier, 78000 Versailles
Phone numberNot specified
Opening hours and daysFrom 4 p.m. to 2 a.m.
Website / Social networkFacebook / instagram
Notice460 avis
Détails du « Dorian’s Pub” à Versailles

Pub O'Paris

902298 574474995919769 1185080830 o

Pub O'Paris is a jewel of Versailles, a place where the trans community finds a warm welcome and a friendly atmosphere. This Irish pub, with its rich selection of draught beers and whiskies, is the ideal place for relaxed, authentic encounters.

What makes Pub O'Paris unique is its lively yet intimate atmosphere. The sports nights and games available offer plenty of opportunities to break the ice and strike up natural conversations. The ability to bring in outside food makes it the perfect place for a casual get-together where you can share your favorite snacks while getting to know each other.

NamePub O'Paris
Address15 Rue Colbert, 78000 Versailles
Phone number01 72 78 79 12
Opening hours and daysDu mardi au Dimanche
Website / Social
Notice1 960 avis 4,2/5
Détails du « Pub O’Paris” à Versailles

La Pirogue

2023 06 13

La Pirogue stands out in Versailles as a cocktail bar where the trans community can meet in an atmosphere both cosy and elegant. With its warm interior and subdued lighting, it's the perfect setting for intimate, memorable encounters.

This bar is characterized by its relaxed atmosphere and quality service, offering a meeting experience that is both comfortable and refined. Creative cocktails and happy hour are the perfect moments for bonding and lively conversation. What's more, on-site coffee games add a playful dimension to the social experience.

NameLa Pirogue
Address 24 Rue Baillet Reviron, 78000 Versailles
Phone number01 30 21 44 00
Opening hours and daysDu lundi au dimanche de 18h00 à 01h00
Website / Social networkinstagram
Notice730 avis
Détails du « La Pirogue” à Versailles

The Mensch

unnamed 2

Located in the heart of Paris's Marais district, Le Mensch attracts a diverse clientele, including the trans community. Open late into the evening, this bar offers an ideal setting for evening encounters in an atmosphere that is both dynamic and welcoming.

La particularité du Mensch réside dans son atmosphère unique, mêlant convivialité et mystère. Ouvrant ses portes à 21h00, il invite à des soirées animées où la musique, les rires et les conversations se mêlent dans une harmonie parfaite.
C’est l’endroit idéal pour ceux qui cherchent à rencontrer des personnes trans dans un cadre festif et inclusif.

NameThe Mensch
Address34 Rue Charlot, 75003 Paris
Phone number09 53 53 38 84
Opening hours and daysjeudi 17:00–05:00 vendredi 21:00–06:00 samedi 21:00–06:00 dimanche 17:00–03:00 lundi 21:00–03:00 mardi 21:00–03:00 mercredi 21:00–03:00
Website / Social networkwebsite
Notice80 avis 3,8/5
Détails du « Le Mensch” à Versailles

Bear bar El Hombre

2022 07 01

Bear bar El Hombre, located in the vibrant Marais district of Paris, is a popular meeting place for the trans community. Opening at 4pm, this bar offers a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere for those looking to meet trans people in a friendly setting.

What sets El Hombre apart is its combination of house cocktails, basement disco and varied theme nights. The terrace is an added bonus, offering space for outdoor socializing. It's a place to relax, have fun and network in a respectful, open-minded environment.

NameBear bar El Hombre
Address15 Rue de la Reynie, 75004 Paris
Phone number01 48 87 84 45
Opening hours and daysjeudi 16:00–02:00 vendredi 16:00–05:00 samedi 16:00–05:00 dimanche 16:00–02:0 lundi 16:00–02:00 mardi 16:00–02:00 mercredi 16:00–02:00
Website / Social networkwebsite
Notice209 avis
Détails du « Bear bar El Hombre” à Versailles

Sector X

2021 02 11

Secteur X, located in the vibrant Marais district of Paris, is a gay bar that also welcomes the trans community. Opening its doors at 3:00 pm, it offers a relaxed and inclusive setting for daytime encounters.

What makes Le Secteur X attractive is its relaxed atmosphere and happy hour, which create the perfect setting for casual encounters and open conversation. It's an ideal place for those looking to meet trans people in a friendly, non-judgmental environment.

NameSector X
Address49 Rue des Blancs Manteaux, 75004 Paris
Phone numberNot specified
Opening hours and daysjeudi 15:00–04:00 vendredi 15:00–06:00 samedi 15:00–06:00 dimanche 15:00–04:00 lundi 15:00–04:00 mardi 15:00–04:00 mercredi 15:00–04:00
Website / Social networkwebsite /  f_secteurx / twitter: @Secteurx_Paris
Notice140 avis
Détails du « Le Secteur X” à Versailles

Bears' den

Bears' den, a gay bar located in the heart of Paris' Marais district, is a warm and welcoming place for the trans community. Opening at 4:00 pm, this bar offers a friendly, relaxed atmosphere, perfect for late afternoon or evening encounters.

The cozy atmosphere, outdoor terrace, and selection of excellent cocktails make Bears' den an ideal place to relax and meet trans people in a respectful and inclusive setting. It's a place where diversity is celebrated and everyone can feel free to be themselves.

NameBears' den
Address6 Rue des Lombards, 75004 Paris
Phone number01 42 71 08 20
Opening hours and daysDe 16h00 à 02h00 toute la semaine
Website / Social networkfacebook
Notice290 avis
Détails du « Bears’ den” à Versailles

Le Braséro (closed)

Le Braséro is an iconic venue in Versailles, known for its welcoming and inclusive atmosphere, especially for the trans community. This unique bar offers an ideal setting for meeting trans people, offering both intimacy and festivity. With an average age of between 20 and 30, it attracts a young and dynamic crowd, fostering enriching and authentic encounters.

NameLe Braséro (fermé)
Phone number08 92 60 01 76
Opening hours and daysClosed
Website / Social networkclosed
NoticeNot specified
Détails du « Le Braséro” à Versailles

Must-See Areas in Paris to Meet the Trans Community

Paris, a city of a thousand faces, offers a diversity of neighborhoods where the trans community finds welcome and recognition. Here are five must-see neighborhoods for enriching and authentic encounters within this community:

1. Le Marais

The Marais is undoubtedly the most emblematic district of the LGBT scene in Paris. Known for its bohemian ambience, picturesque alleyways and numerous gay-friendly bars, clubs and boutiques, it's a favorite meeting place for the trans community. The Marais vibrates with an inclusive, festive energy, making every street corner an opportunity for new encounters.

2. The Latin Quarter

The Latin Quarter, with its rich history and youthful, dynamic atmosphere, is another important meeting place for the trans community. The area's many cafés, bars and bookshops provide the ideal setting for cultural exchanges and relaxed encounters.

3. Montmartre

Montmartre, famous for its artistic and bohemian past, remains a charming place for the trans community. With its cobbled streets and hidden cafés, this district offers a romantic, timeless setting, perfect for encounters imbued with poetry and authenticity.

4. The Opera Quarter

The Quartier de l'Opéra, known for its elegance and dynamism, is also a popular place for the trans community. The district's often more sophisticated bars and clubs attract a diverse and open-minded crowd, making the Opera a chic yet welcoming meeting place.

5. Belleville and Ménilmontant

Belleville et Ménilmontant, avec leur esprit village et leur atmosphère multiculturelle, sont des quartiers en plein essor pour la communauté trans.
Ces zones, un peu plus éloignées du centre, offrent un mélange unique d’authenticité, de diversité culturelle et d’art de vivre, créant un environnement parfait pour des rencontres riches et variées.

Paris, a place for Transcendental Encounters

Paris is a kaleidoscope of cultures and opportunities for the trans community. From the vibrant Marais to picturesque Montmartre, each neighborhood offers a unique universe, conducive to discovery and authentic encounters.
These places are not just spaces for socializing; they are symbols of diversity, acceptance and freedom. Whether you're looking for love, friendship or simply a new and enriching experience, Paris is the canvas on which your encounters can be painted with the brightest colors of inclusivity and mutual respect.

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