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Meet Transsexuals in Rouen : Lieux Tendances


by Vanessa Charles


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The best site to meet transsexuals in Rouen

Tested and approved by myself and, above all, by my readers in Rouen's LGBT community, it's a must for headache-free trans dating!

As Vanessa, your seduction guide and dating expert, I'm taking you today to Rouen, a city rich in culture and diversity, ideal for exciting and memorable trans encounters. Whether you're looking for new friends or something more, Rouen is full of welcoming and inclusive places.

EstablishmentTypeShort presentationAddressNeighborhood
The MilkBarWarm bar, original cocktails, relaxed atmosphere.1 bis rue du Père Adam, RouenDowntown
XXL DiscothèqueClubFestive club ideal for dancing, energetic atmosphere.25-27 rue de la Savonnerie, RouenDowntown
Le Bar'oufBarMusical atmosphere, good rum, friendly place.Unspecified, RouenNot specified
Le Bar FlowerBarGay-friendly bar, cosy and serene setting.21 rue du Grand Pont, RouenDowntown
The Palace ClubClubVibrant club for an exhilarating nightlife experience.2 rue Malherbe, RouenDowntown
Samesexx @ D3ClubLively gay night, electric atmosphere.105 boulevard de l'Yser, RouenNot specified
Bar Brasserie Le Saint Nicolas (closed)BarFriendly, welcoming bar-brasserie.70 rue Saint Nicolas, RouenDowntown
Sauna Le SquareSaunaGay sauna with steam room, dry sauna and relaxation cabins.39 rue Saint-Nicolas, RouenDowntown
Le Rive Droite (Sauna)SaunaRelaxing gay sauna with various facilities.177 Route de Paris, RouenAmfreville-la-Mi-Voie
Le TriplexClubMixed club with three different atmospheres.177 route de Paris, Amfreville la mivoieAmfreville-la-Mi-Voie
L'InsoliteBarSmall, intimate LGBT bar, warm atmosphere.58 rue d'Amiens, RouenDowntown
Le Tenden'sBarNew LGBT bar, open in the afternoon, themed evenings.39 Rue Saint étienne des tonneliers, RouenDowntown
Le Chakra ClubClubModern club with electronic music, trendy atmosphere.4 bis Boulevard de lesseps, RouenDowntown
Transgender dating in Rouen
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Where to meet trans people in Rouen?

The Milk

lemilk rouen

Le Milk isn't just a bar, it's a meeting place for Rouen's trans and LGBT community. Here, the atmosphere is relaxed and welcoming, perfect for relaxing and making new acquaintances. With its heated terrace and stylish decor, it's the perfect place to socialize. Original cocktails and themed evenings create the perfect opportunity to break the ice and strike up a conversation. Whether you're a regular or a newcomer, you'll immediately feel at home at Milk.

NameThe Milk
Address 1 bis Rue du Père Adam, 76000 Rouen
Contact[email protected]
Opening hours and daysTuesday to Sunday, 6 p.m. to 2 a.m.
Notice458 reviews : 4,7/5
Details of "Le Milk" in Rouen

XXL Discothèque

lexxl rouen

La XXL Discothèque is the perfect place for those who like to dance and meet trans people in a festive atmosphere. This laid-back club offers a vibrant and energetic atmosphere, ideal for letting loose and enjoying the music. Theme nights attract a diverse crowd, including many members of the trans community, creating an inclusive space for all. If you're looking for fun and maybe more, XXL is the place to be.

NameXXL Discothèque
Address 25 Rue de la Savonnerie, 76000 Rouen
Phone number 02 35 88 84 00
Opening hours and daysFriday 22:00-07:00 Saturday 22:00-07:00 Sunday 23:00-05:00 Monday Closed Tuesday 23:00-05:00 Wednesday Closed Thursday 23:00-05:00
Notice193 reviews : 3,1/5
Details of the "XXL Discothèque" in Rouen

Le Bar'ouf

lebarouf rouen

Bar'ouf is known for its great atmosphere and lively music, making it a favorite spot for the trans community in Rouen. It's a space where diversity is celebrated, and where everyone, whatever their identity, can feel welcomed and respected. The evenings are lively and offer a great opportunity to meet trans people in a relaxed and fun setting. With a friendly team and a varied cocktail menu, Le Bar'ouf is the ideal place for unforgettable encounters.

NameLe Bar'ouf
Address 11 Bis Rue Fontenelle, 76000 Rouen
Phone number06 86 11 90 81
Opening hours and daysFriday 19:00-02:00 Saturday19:00 02:00 Sunday Closed Monday Closed Tuesday 19:00-02:00 Wednesday 19:00-02:00 Thursday 19:00-02:00
WebsiteNot specified
Notice513 reviews
Details of "Le Bar'ouf" in Rouen

Le Bar Flower

barflowers rouen

Located in the heart of Rouen, Bar Flower is a haven for the trans community. It's a bar where tolerance and acceptance are the watchwords. Here, you can enjoy a cosy setting and a serene atmosphere to meet new people in complete tranquillity. The friendly staff and diverse clientele make this place particularly conducive to genuine exchange. If you're looking for a place where you can be yourself and meet trans people in a relaxed atmosphere, Bar Flower is your destination.

NameLe Bar Flower
Address36 Pl. des Carmes, 76000 Rouen
Phone number02 35 88 54 09
Opening hours and daysMonday to Saturday 9h00/00h00 and Sunday 10h00/23H00
Details of "Le Bar Flower" in Rouen

The Palace Club

The Palace Club is a must for those seeking an exhilarating nightlife experience. The club attracts an eclectic crowd and is particularly popular with the trans community. With its upbeat music and electric atmosphere, it's the ideal place to dance the night away and make memorable encounters. The atmosphere here is both vibrant and inclusive, offering a safe space where everyone can express themselves freely and meet other trans people in a festive environment.

NameThe Palace Club
Address2 Rue de Malherbe, 76100 Rouen
Phone number02 35 03 10 10
Opening hours and daysThursday to Saturday 23:00/6:00
Details of "Le Palace Club" in Rouen

Samesexx @ D3

Samesexx @ D3 is a new gay night in Rouen, but it's rapidly gaining in popularity, particularly with the trans community. Located in the D3 club, this party offers the perfect mix of music, dance and dating opportunities. The atmosphere is electric, and the diversity of the guests creates a welcoming environment where everyone, including trans people, can feel free and respected. It's the perfect place for those looking to meet interesting people in a festive and dynamic setting.

NameSamesexx @ D3
Address105 boulevard de l'Yser, Rouen
Phone numberNot specified
Opening hours and daysNot specified
WebsiteNot specified
NoticeNot specified : Score out of 5
Details of "Samesexx @ D3" in Rouen

Sauna Le Square

rouen lighthouse

The all-male Sauna Le Square is the place to be for trans encounters in Rouen. This gay sauna offers a secure, discreet environment for relaxing and socializing. With a variety of facilities including a steam room, dry sauna and relaxation cabins, it attracts a diverse and open-minded clientele. It's the perfect place to unwind and socialize in an intimate and respectful setting.

NameSauna Le Square
Address39 Rue Saint-Nicolas, 76000 Rouen
Phone number 02 35 15 58 05
Opening hours and days12:00 – 20:00 du lundi,mardi,jeudi,vendredi,samedi et dimanche et mecredi fermé
Details of "Sauna Le Square" in Rouen

Le Rive Droite (Sauna)

Located a few kilometers from Rouen, Le Rive Droite is a gay sauna offering a relaxing and friendly setting for trans encounters. Its comprehensive facilities, including a large dry sauna, hammam, Jacuzzi and swimming pool, make it the ideal place to relax and meet others in a welcoming, discreet environment. It's an ideal space for those looking to connect in a more intimate and tranquil setting.

NameLe Rive Droite
Address 177 Rte de Paris, 76920 Amfreville-la-Mi-Voie
Phone number 02 32 12 56 29
Opening hours and days12:00 – 00:00 / 14:00 – 02:00/00:00 du lundi au dimanchr
Details of "Le Rive Droite" in Rouen

Le Triplex (Club)

Le Triplex, located just outside Rouen city center, is a mixed club that attracts a diverse clientele, including the trans community. With three rooms offering three different atmospheres, this venue is perfect for those looking to escape into music and dance. It's a space where freedom of expression and diversity are celebrated, offering a safe and fun setting for authentic and memorable trans encounters.

NameLe Triplex
Address Imp. du Renard, 76000 Rouen
Phone numberNot specified
Opening hours and daysNot specified
WebsiteNot specified
Notice5.0/5 14 reviews
Details of "Le Triplex" in Rouen

L'Insolite (Bar)

L'Insolite is an LGBT bar in the heart of Rouen, known for its warm and welcoming atmosphere. Although small, this bar offers an intimate and friendly setting, ideal for trans encounters in a relaxed atmosphere. It's the perfect place for those who prefer quieter, more personal places to socialize and network.

Address58 rue d'Amiens, Rouen
Phone number08 90 10 73 46
Opening hours and daysTuesday to Saturday: 7pm-2am
WebsiteNot specified
NoticeNot specified : Score out of 5
Details of "Le Rive Droite" in Rouen

Le Tenden'sa friendly and accessible LGBT bar.

letenden rouen

Tenden's is a relatively new LGBT bar in Rouen, known for its relaxed atmosphere and warm welcome. It's the only bar in the region open from the afternoon, offering a pleasant space to relax and meet trans people during the day. With its themed evenings, including one dedicated to women, Le Tenden's is committed to providing an inclusive and entertaining space for all.

NameLe Tenden's
Address39 Rue Saint étienne des tonneliers, Rouen
Phone numberNot specified
Opening hours and daysMonday to Saturday: 2pm-2am, Sunday: 2pm-9pm
WebsiteNot specified
NoticeNot specified : Score out of 5
Details of "Le Tenden's" in Rouen

Le Chakra Club

Chakra Club, located in the heart of Rouen, is a hip, modern venue popular with the trans community. This mixed club, renowned for its selection of electronic and house music, attracts a diverse and open-minded crowd. With a vibrant environment and electrifying atmosphere, Chakra Club is the ideal place for those looking for lively nights out and trans encounters in a dynamic, inclusive setting. Whether you're here for the after-party at the crack of dawn or for a classic night out, this club offers an exceptional nightlife experience, where music, dance and encounters blend in perfect harmony.

NameLe Chakra Club
Address4 Bis Boulevard Ferdinad de Lesseps, Rouen, France
Phone number02 32 10 12 02
Opening hours and daysOpen after hours on Saturday and Sunday mornings
Notice- 2.7 (61 reviews)
Details of "Le Chakra Club" in Rouen

Bar Brasserie Le Saint Nicolas (closed)

Bar Brasserie Le Saint Nicolas is a favorite meeting place for Rouen's trans community. This bar-brewery combines a relaxed atmosphere with warm hospitality, creating the perfect setting for socializing and relaxing. The diversity of the clientele and the welcoming atmosphere make it an ideal place to mingle and meet trans and LGBT people. Whether it's for an afternoon coffee or an evening drink, Le Saint Nicolas is a perfect choice for those looking for a casual yet inclusive venue.

NameBar Brasserie Le Saint Nicolas (closed)
Address70 Rue Saint-Nicolas, 76000 Rouen
Phone number02 35 70 49 06
Opening hours and daysNot specified
WebsiteNot specified
Details of " Bar Brasserie Le Saint Nicolas " in Rouen

Must-See Areas in Rouen to Meet the Trans Community

Rouen, a city rich in history and culture, is also home to dynamic neighborhoods that are welcoming to the trans community. Here are five must-see neighborhoods where encounters and exchanges with the trans community are at their peak:

1. Downtown

Rouen's beating heart, the Centre-Ville, is a meeting place par excellence for the trans community. With its cobbled streets, historic buildings and lively nightlife, the Centre-Ville offers both a traditional and modern atmosphere. Establishments such as Le Milk, Le Bar Flower, and XXL Discothèque are located here, offering diverse opportunities for enriching encounters.

2. Left Bank

Rouen's Left Bank, with its more bohemian and artistic vibe, attracts a young and diverse crowd. It's an evolving neighborhood, where new trans-friendly spaces are emerging, offering a unique blend of culture, art and conviviality.

3. Antique dealers

Close to the city center, the Quartier des Antiquaires is known for its charming alleyways and antique stores. It's an ideal place for quieter, more cultural encounters, where history and art create a romantic, intimate setting.

4. Rouen Sud

Rouen Sud, with its mix of residential and commercial areas, offers a more relaxed atmosphere. Although less frequented by tourists, this area is popular with locals and can be a surprising place for authentic encounters and unexpected discoveries.

5. Saint-Marc / Croix de Pierre district

The Saint-Marc / Croix de Pierre district, known for its vibrant market and neighborhood life, is a popular gathering place. With its cafés and green spaces, it's a perfect neighborhood for relaxed daytime get-togethers.

Rouen: A place for encounters and diversity

Rouen is a veritable crossroads of encounters and diversity, offering a multitude of opportunities for the trans and LGBT community. From the lively historic quarters of the Centre-Ville to the artistic Left Bank and the intimate spaces of the Quartier des Antiquaires, every corner of this picturesque city is fertile ground for authentic and enriching encounters. Establishments such as Le Milk, XXL Discothèque and Le Chakra Club are just a few examples of Rouen's vibrant and inclusive nightlife.
Whether you're looking for lively evenings, relaxing moments or simple daytime encounters, Rouen is a not-to-be-missed destination for those looking to explore and celebrate diversity in all its splendor.

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