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Trans dating in Perpignan : Best Places


by Vanessa Charles


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Le meilleur site pour rencontrer des transsexuelles à Perpignan

Testé et approuvé par mes soins et surtout mes lecteurs de la communauté LGBT à Perpignan, il est incontournable pour faire des rencontres trans sans prise de tête !

As Vanessa, an expert in dating and seduction, I'm always on the lookout for the best places to meet trans people in Perpignan.
This city, rich in diversity and culture, offers a multitude of opportunities for authentic and memorable encounters.

EstablishmentTypeShort presentationAddressNeighborhood
The Jet SetWine barOpen, festive atmosphere, themed evenings.4, rue du Général de Labedoyere, 66000Not specified
Le Républic'CaféCaféOriginal decor, sunny terrace.2 Place de la République, 66000Not specified
The EpicureansRestaurantCatalan bistro cuisine in a family atmosphere.14 Rue du Théatre, 66000Not specified
Le GastroRestaurantNot specified15 rue Jean Paira, 66000Not specified
The BackstageGay barFree admission, open daily from 8pm to 2am.1 Rue Pierre Puiggary, 66000Not specified
UBA CLUBDiscothequeGay & lesbian friendly atmosphere, open weekends.5 boulevard Mercader, 66000Not specified
EL MEDIOBar-restaurantLGBT-friendly with outdoor terrace, grills.8 bis, avenue du Palais-des-Expositions, 66000Not specified
La Bouche DiscothèqueDiscothequeGay-friendly evenings, open weekends.955 Av. Julien Panchot, 66000Not specified
Le DéstressiumSaunaOpen until 19:00.9 Rue Joseph Cugnot, 66000Not specified
2VBVegan snackVegan burgers and gluten-free options.12 rue petite la monnaie, 66000Not specified
Frida'sRestaurantVegan/vegetarian, open for lunch every day.Not specifiedNot specified
Elne CriCriRestaurant-barFestive, gay and gay-friendly atmosphere.55, route nationale, ElneElne
BrunoZen MassageMassageRelaxation, open weekdays and Saturdays.Not specifiedNot specified
Transgender dating in Perpignan

Meet Transexuals in the region ofOccitanie

perpignan city

Where to meet trans people in Perpignan?

In Perpignan, every street corner holds the promise of new encounters. Here's a selection of places where the trans community is welcomed. 

Le Jet Set, a cosy bar for a wide range of encounters

jet set bar perpignan

Jet Set isn't just a wine bar, it's a melting pot of diversity. Imagine a place where everyone is respected and celebrated for who they are. Here, the atmosphere is always festive, with themed evenings promising encounters as colorful as they are varied.
Trans customers find it a safe, welcoming space, perfect for bonding or simply enjoying a relaxed evening. The décor is both chic and intimate, encouraging sincere exchanges and deep connections.

NameThe Jet Set
Address 4 RUE GENERAL DE LA BEDOYERE, 66000 Perpignan
Phone number06 64 62 62 77
Opening hours and daysWednesday Closed Thursday 19:00-02:00 Friday 19:00-02:00 Saturday 19:00-02:00 Sunday 19:00-02:00 Monday Closed Tuesday Closed
Website (or social networking page)website
Notice (with notice source)Not specified
Details of "Le Jet Set" in Perpignan

Républic'Café, a sunny terrace for magical moments

caferepublique perpignan

At Républic'Café, the magic happens as soon as you set foot on its sunny terrace. This café, with its original decor, invites you to relax and chat. The terrace is a haven of peace where trans people can feel at ease, in harmony with their surroundings. Discussions are as luminous as the sun shining on the tables. Républic'Café is the ideal place for a relaxed get-together or a first date.

NameLe Républic'Café
Address 2 Pl. de la République, 66000 Perpignan
Phone number04 68 51 11 64
Opening hours and dayswednesday 08:00-20:00 thursday 08:00-20:00 friday 08:00-20:00 saturday 08:00-22:00 sunday 09:00-12:00 monday 09:00-20:00 tuesday 08:00-20:00
Website (or social networking page)Not specified
Notice (with notice source)Not specified
Details of "La Républic'Café" in Perpignan

Les Epicuriens, a Restaurant for Gourmet Souls

lesepicuriens perpignan

Les Epicuriens is more than just a restaurant; it's an invitation to explore the richness of Catalan bistro cuisine in a warm, intimate setting. For the trans community, it's a place where you can enjoy tasty food while building sincere relationships. The restaurant offers a welcoming, family atmosphere, conducive to lively, enriching discussions. Here, every dish tells a story, as does every encounter.

NameThe Epicureans
Address14 Rue du Théatre, 66000 Perpignan
Phone number 04 68 67 91 54
Opening hours and daysWednesday 09:00-15:00 Thursday 06:00-15:00, 18:00-22:00 Friday 09:00-15:00, 18:00-22:00 Saturday 09:00-15:00, 18:00-22:00 Sunday
09:00-15:00 Monday 09:00-15:00 Tuesday 09:00-15:00
Website (or social networking page)Not specified
Notice (with notice source)Not specified
Details of "Les Epicuriens" in Perpignan

Le Gastro, Un Petit Bijou pour les Rencontres Gastronomiques

More than just a restaurant, Le Gastro is a true ode to gastronomy in an intimate and welcoming setting. For the trans community, it's a place where respect and conviviality are the order of the day. The flavors are as diverse as the people who frequent it, offering a unique culinary experience conducive to warm, sincere exchanges. A dinner at Gastro can easily turn into an unforgettable evening.

NameLe Gastro
Address15 rue Jean Paira
Phone numberNot specified
Opening hours and daysNot specified
Website (or social networking page)Not specified
Notice (with notice source)Not specified
Details of "Le Gastro" in Perpignan

Le Backstage, L'Épicentre de la Nuit Trans à Perpignan

backstage perpignan

Le Backstage is the place to be for Perpignan's trans community. This gay bar, known for its free admission and electric atmosphere, is the perfect place to mingle, dance and meet. The atmosphere here is always top-notch, with music that invites celebration and freedom of expression. Le Backstage is a place where everyone can be themselves, fostering authentic encounters and memorable nights.

NameThe Backstage
Address1 Rue Pierre Puiggary, 66000 Perpignan
Phone numberNot specified
Opening hours and daysOpen every day from 8 p.m. to 2 a.m.
Website (or social networking page)Not specified
Notice (with notice source)4.6 (405 reviews)
Details of "Le Backstage" in Perpignan

La Bouche Discothèque, the Renaissance of Gay-Friendly Nights

labouchedisco perpignan

La Bouche Discothèque, after an enforced break due to Covid, is back in force as a mecca for gay-friendly parties in Perpignan. With limited opening hours on Fridays and Saturdays, it's the perfect time for those looking to mingle with the trans nightlife scene. The atmosphere is electrifying, a true call to freedom and celebration of diversity. La Bouche is a promise of unforgettable nights, where music, dance and encounters merge into a euphoric experience.

NameLa Bouche Discothèque
Address 955 Av. Julien Panchot, 66000 Perpignan
Phone numberNot specified
Opening hours and daysFriday and Saturday from 23:59 to 05:00
Website (or social networking page)Not specified
Notice (with notice source)4.5 (30 Google reviews)
Details of "La Bouche Discothèque" in Perpignan

Le Déstressium, An Oasis of Relaxation and Encounters

Déstressium is much more than just a sauna; it's a place where the trans community can relax and meet in a serene, respectful environment. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming, providing an ideal space for more intimate and relaxed encounters. Whether you come for relaxation or socializing, Le Déstressium is a perfect choice for those looking to escape the daily hustle and bustle and connect with other like-minded people.

NameLe Déstressium
Address 9 Rue Joseph Cugnot, 66000 Perpignan, France
Phone number06 60 77 41 30
Opening hours and daysOpen until 19:00
Website (or social networking page)Not specified
Notice (with notice source)4.9 (32 Google reviews)
Details of "Le Déstressium" in Perpignan

2VB, a Vegan Snack Bar for Healthy and Tasty Meetings

2VB perpignan

2VB stands out as a gem for vegan food lovers in Perpignan. This snack bar, offering vegan burgers and gluten-free options, is the ideal place for those looking to combine healthy encounters with gustatory pleasures. The trans community will find it a welcoming and respectful space, perfect for enriching exchanges over delicious, conscious cuisine. 2VB is the perfect place for a casual lunch or a tasty get-together.

Address12 Rue Petite la Monnaie, 66000 Perpignan
Phone number09 71 56 75 16
Opening hours and daysNot specified
Website (or social networking page)[email protected]
Notice (with notice source)4.9 (67 reviews)
Details of "2VB" in Perpignan

Frida's, an Ode to Vegan Cuisine for Rencontres Engagées

Frida's, more than a vegan restaurant, is a crossroads for vegan and trans culture in Perpignan. Open for lunch every day, it's the ideal place for authentic encounters in a setting that respects the environment and diversity. The food is prepared with love, reflecting a passion for healthy, delicious food. Frida's is the perfect place for a first date or to bond with the trans community around shared values.

Address 24 Pl. Hyacinthe Rigaud, 66000 Perpignan
Phone number06 16 97 10 29
Opening hours and daysOpen for lunch Monday to Sunday
Website (or social networking page)Not specified
Notice (with notice source)Not specified
Details of "Frida's" in Perpignan

Elne CriCri, a Restaurant-Bar for lively evenings

chezcricri perpignan

Elne CriCri is a gem for the trans community looking for a festive atmosphere and a warm welcome. Known for its gay and gay-friendly atmosphere, this restaurant and tapas bar is the perfect place for lively evenings and memorable encounters. The terrace provides the perfect setting for chats under the stars, while the delicious tapas promise to delight your taste buds. Elne CriCri is synonymous with conviviality and shared joyful moments.

NameElne CriCri
Address55 N Route nationale, 66200 Elne
Phone number04 68 22 34 89
Opening hours and daysNot specified
Website (or social networking page)[email protected]
Notice (with notice source)4.5 (105 reviews)
Details of "Elne CriCri" in Perpignan

BrunoZen Massage, A Space for Relaxation and Connection

brunozen perpignan

BrunoZen Massage offers a haven of peace and relaxation for the trans community in Perpignan. With convenient hours and personalized service, it's the ideal place to relax and reconnect with yourself. Massage sessions are an opportunity to release everyday tensions and promote soothing, regenerating encounters. At BrunoZen, we offer a warm welcome and treat everyone with the utmost respect.

NameBrunoZen Massage
Address 82 Rte de Torreilles, 66430 Bompas
Phone number06 09 67 31 94
Opening hours and daysLun – Ven : 13h – 21h / Sam 10h – 13h
Website (or social networking page)[email protected]
Notice (with notice source)Not specified
Details of "BrunoZen Massage" in Perpignan

UBA CLUB (Closed), A Party Mecca for All

The UBA CLUB is more than just a nightclub, it's a temple to diversity and joy. Open from Friday to Sunday, it's the place to be for those looking to party in a gay & lesbian friendly atmosphere. With its generalist music and live entertainment, the UBA CLUB is perfect for those looking to meet trans people in a cheerful, non-judgmental setting. The relaxed atmosphere is ideal for letting loose and making unexpected encounters.

Address 5 Bd Félix Mercader, 66000 Perpignan
Phone number+33
Opening hours and days11:30 p.m. to 5 a.m. Thursday to Sunday
Website (or social networking page)Not specified
Notice (with notice source)Not specified
Details of "UBA CLUB" in Perpignan

EL MEDIO (Closed), a perfect blend of culture and conviviality

EL MEDIO stands out as a space where LGBT culture and conviviality reign supreme. This bar-restaurant, with its outdoor terrace and summer evening barbecues, is the perfect place for relaxed, authentic get-togethers. The presence of a DJ on certain evenings adds a dynamic touch to the atmosphere. Whether you're trans, gay, lesbian or simply an ally of the community, EL MEDIO welcomes you with open arms, offering a safe and cheerful space to meet and interact.

Address8 bis, avenue du Palais-des-Expositions
Phone numberNot specified
Opening hours and daysNot specified
Website (or social networking page)Not specified
Notice (with notice source)Not specified
Details of "El MEDIO" in Perpignan

Here are five must-see neighborhoods in Perpignan to meet the trans community:

Downtown Perpignan :
The vibrant, historic heart of the city, known for its diversity and welcoming atmosphere.

Saint-Jacques :
A picturesque neighborhood with a bohemian atmosphere, renowned for its open-mindedness.

Moulin à Vent :
A dynamic district, often the scene of various cultural and social events.

Las Cobas:
Residential neighborhood known for its tranquility and warm welcome.

Le Vernet :
A blend of history and modernity, offering the ideal setting for a wide range of encounters.

Perpignan: A city of encounters for the Trans Community

Perpignan stands out as a privileged place for the trans community, offering a range of welcoming and diverse venues. From friendly cafés to dynamic clubs, each establishment contributes to the city's rich social experience.
The varied neighborhoods, from the historic city center to more modern areas, reflect Perpignan's diversity and inclusiveness.

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