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Trans encounters in the Occitanie region: the best venues


by Vanessa Charles


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The Occitanie region, with its dynamic cities such as Montpellier, Toulouse, Perpignan and Nîmesoffers a thriving scene for the trans community.
These cities boast a wealth and diversity of venues for trans encounters, from friendly bars to vibrant clubs.

CityCompany nameTypeDescriptionAddressNeighborhood
MontpellierThe CoxxBarA friendly bar with a warm ambience, ideal for trans meetings.5 Rue Jules Latreilhe, 34000 MontpellierSaint Roch
MontpellierThe MoomNightclubLively nightclub with upbeat music, perfect for festive evenings.3 Rue Collot, 34000 MontpellierDowntown
MontpellierThe KonceptSaunaModern sauna offering a relaxing and inclusive setting for the trans community.10 bis Av. de Lodeve, 34070 MontpellierPlan Cabanes
ToulouseQuinquinaBarRetro wine bar, ideal for quiet encounters and deep conversations.26 rue Peyras, 31000 ToulouseSaint-Aubin/Dalbade
ToulouseThe Limelight ClubClubModern club with a youthful atmosphere, heated terrace and a variety of cocktails.23 Bis Boulevard Riquet, 31000 ToulouseSaint-Pierre
ToulouseKS SaunaSaunaSauna offering a relaxing, intimate atmosphere with facilities such as a Jacuzzi and steam room.6 rue Saint Ferréol, 31000 ToulouseSaint Ferréol
PerpignanThe Jet SetWine barOpen, festive atmosphere, themed evenings.4, rue du Général de Labedoyere, 66000Not specified
PerpignanLe Républic'CaféCaféOriginal decor, sunny terrace.2 Place de la République, 66000Not specified
PerpignanThe BackstageGay barFree admission, open daily from 8pm to 2am.1 Rue Pierre Puiggary, 66000Not specified
NîmesLe Pride NimesGay barFriendly gay bar with terrace, ideal for LGBT meetings.1 Rue de Bernis, 30000 NîmesDowntown
NîmesDancin'Gay barDynamic bar offering cocktails and live music, perfect for festive evenings.8 bis Rue Thoumayne, 30000 NîmesDowntown
NîmesLulu ClubDiscothequeVibrant nightclub known for its cocktails and electrifying atmosphere.10 Rue Curaterie, 30000 NîmesDowntown
Transgender dating in Occitania

Meet Transexuals in the region ofOccitanie

montpellier city

Montpellier: A blend of elegance and innovation

The city of Montpellier Montpellier is full of fabulous places to meet trans people, ladyboys, shemales and transvestites. In this article, I'm going to take you on a tour of Montpellier's must-see places for rewarding trans encounters.

Le Coxx, the perfect bar to meet trans people in Montpellier

coxx montpellier lgbt bar

Le Coxx in Montpellier is a friendly LGBT bar, known for its welcoming atmosphere and lively evenings, ideal for transsexual encounters. It's a real gem for Montpellier's LGBT and trans community. Since its renovation in 2016, this bar has created a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, ideal for transsexual encounters.

The Koncept, an innovative sauna for trans encounters

lekoncept montpellier

Le Koncept stands out as a place to relax and meet, offering a unique sauna experience for Montpellier's trans community.

Le Moom, the ideal nightclub for trans encounters

lemoon montpellier

Le Moom, with its electric atmosphere, is the meeting place for trans night owls in Montpellier. A place where music and conviviality meet to create unforgettable nights.

Toulouse: Retro and modern atmospheres

Meet trans people in Toulouse is a rich and diverse experience, thanks to the multitude of welcoming and open-minded venues. Whether you're looking for a lively evening out, a relaxing moment or a more intimate encounter, the pink city has a lot to offer.

Le Quinquina, a retro setting for peaceful encounters

lequinquina toulouse

In the intimate atmosphere of Le Quinquina, lovers of retro ambiances will find what they're looking for. One of Toulouse's oldest wine bars, it's the ideal place for quiet encounters and deep conversation. With a variety of themed aperitifs, the establishment offers a unique experience, far from the hustle and bustle of nightclubs.

The Limelight club, a modern venue for young customers

limelight toulouse

The Limelight club, with its youthful ambience and futuristic decor, is perfect for those seeking a blend of modernity and tradition. The heated terrace and variety of cocktails make it an ideal place to relax and meet trans people in a chic, elegant atmosphere.

The KS Sauna, a relaxing space for intimate encounters

kssauna toulouse

KS Sauna offers a relaxing and intimate atmosphere, ideal for those seeking more private encounters. With facilities including a jacuzzi and steam room, it attracts a diverse clientele of gay and trans people looking for relaxation and conviviality. The KS Sauna offers a relaxing and intimate setting, ideal for discreet encounters within Toulouse's trans community.

Perpignan: conviviality and diversity

In search of trans encounter in Perpignan ? This city, rich in diversity and culture, offers a multitude of opportunities for authentic and memorable encounters.

Le Jet Set, a cosy bar for a wide range of encounters

jet set bar perpignan

Jet Set isn't just a wine bar, it's a melting pot of diversity. Imagine a place where everyone is respected and celebrated for who they are. Here, the atmosphere is always festive, with themed evenings promising encounters as colorful as they are varied.
Trans customers find it a safe, welcoming space, perfect for bonding or simply enjoying a relaxed evening. The décor is both chic and intimate, encouraging sincere exchanges and deep connections.

Républic'Café, a sunny terrace for magical moments

caferepublique perpignan

At Républic'Café, the magic happens as soon as you set foot on its sunny terrace. This café, with its original decor, invites you to relax and chat. Le Républic'Café, in Perpignan, is the ideal place for relaxed get-togethers on its sunny terrace.

Le Backstage, L'Épicentre de la Nuit Trans à Perpignan

backstage perpignan

Le Backstage is the place to be for Perpignan's trans community.
This gay bar, known for its free entry and electric atmosphere, is the perfect place to mingle, dance and meet. The atmosphere here is always top-notch, with music that invites celebration and freedom of expression. Le Backstage is a place where everyone can be themselves, fostering authentic encounters and memorable nights.

Nîmes: Fête et Modernité

In search of trans encounters in Nîmes ? The city is full of exceptional places where the diversity and richness of trans identities are celebrated.
Here's a roundup of the best places to meet new people.

Le Pride Nimes

2023 06 17

Pride Nimes, a friendly, festive establishment for the LGBT community. Located in the heart of the city, this gay bar is a haven for trans people, their friends and allies. The atmosphere is warm and inclusive, with a terrace where you can relax in the company of your pet - a luxury in the city center. The bar also offers a unique experience thanks to its welcoming staff and environment conducive to socializing. Whether you're a regular or a newcomer, Pride Nimes is the ideal place to connect with the trans community and expand your social circle.


unnamed 1

Dancin', a not-to-be-missed gay bar in Nîmes, is the place to be for those looking to meet trans people in a festive, welcoming atmosphere.
Renowned for its excellent cocktails and live concerts, this bar offers an electric and dynamic atmosphere. The outdoor terrace is the perfect space for intimate conversations under the stars. Dancin' isn't just a bar, it's an experience in which music, dance and socializing combine to create unforgettable memories.
Dancin' is renowned for its live concerts and electric atmosphere, providing the ideal setting for festive trans encounters in Nîmes.

Lulu Club

2016 10 09

Lulu Club in Nîmes is a dynamic, energetic venue, ideal for those looking to meet trans people in a festive, modern setting. Known for its exquisite cocktails and electrifying atmosphere, this club attracts a diverse and open-minded crowd. The dance floor, often hosted by talented DJs, offers the opportunity to get carried away by the music and bond with other like-minded people. Lulu Club is more than just a nightclub, it's an immersive experience where joy and freedom of expression reign supreme.

Occitanie, a welcoming region for the Trans Community

Occitanie stands out as a warm and inclusive region for the trans community, with dynamic cities such as Montpellier, Toulouse, Perpignan and Nîmes.
These metropolises offer a wealth of meeting places where diversity is celebrated and trans people can find a warm welcome. Whether in Montpellier's lively bars, Toulouse's cultural spaces, Perpignan's chill-out spots or Nîmes' welcoming establishments, the Occitanie region stands out for its commitment to inclusivity and respect for diversity. Each city contributes to creating a safe and vibrant environment for trans people, fostering exchange, acceptance and enriching encounters.

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